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Culture, Communication and Power
New Delhi, April 1997


CULTURE, COMMUNICATION AND POWER Convention Hall, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi (India) 21, 22, 23 April 1997 Seminar organised by: Centre de Sciences Humaines (French Centre for Human Sciences, CSH, New Delhi) and Centre for Cooperative Research in Social Sciences (CCRSS, Pune)
This seminar attemps to respond to the interlinkages of these three concepts, culture, communication and power, and will address: - How basic economic, social, ideological and cultural forces condition communication, and how, in turn, communication reflects and affects our comprehension of these processes; - Secondly, how certain communication practices and theory have evolved within a given system of social relations, and how alternative forms are emerging to activate processes of social, political and cultural transformations. Themes 1. The role of communication in development programs: emerging issues and new challenges - The "message": ideas about development (indicators, paradigms...) - The "source": agencies communicating development (State, NGO's, voluntary organisations) - The "channel": means of communicating developmental messages (mass media, interpersonal, mediators...) - The "reader/audience": beneficiaries of development programmes (individuals, participation of social groups, cooperation of people...) 2. Communication technology: problems and prospects - Communication technology as a source of intervention - Audiovisual media and its interface with traditional forms - Appropriation of communication technology: emancipation or enslavement? 3. Gesture, speech, and image: their status yesterday and today - Identity and cultural expression: language, visual and performing arts... - Myth, history and popular memory in present-day social life - Dialogue with the diversity: cross-cultural experiences, high/low culture, and rural/urban dichotomy Background This seminar is the second in a series of encounters initiated with the international seminar "Communication Processes and Social Transformations" organised in Pune (January 8-13, 1996) by the Centre for Cooperative Research in Social Sciences with support of the Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation. The Pune seminar brought together social animators, scholars and media people eager to investigate practices of communication with regard to their particular dimensions as social processes. The planned seminar will reiterate the exercise of bridging gaps between the academic world and that of social actors concerned with structural change. It is aimed at presenting research prompted by concrete situations in which insights on educational, cultural and development issues are expected to contribute to social transformations. Interdisciplinary contributions are welcome so far as they reflect a commitment to the dynamics of action-research rather than a juxtaposition of theoretical viewpoints. The seminar should activate an analytical process that will not be conducted individually, but rather as a cooperative group process of sharing one's actual experiences. Contributions Contributions are welcome in the form of papers (15 pages), short notes and comments (3 pages), posters and audiovisual material. Acceptance will be notified after receiving a 500-word abstract, which may include copies of audiovisual documents. Papers in final form shall be received before the seminar to ensure circulation among the participants. After the seminar, a selection of papers will be published in book form along with proceedings. Important dates Abstracts and audiovisual material should be received by 31 January 1997. Notification of acceptance will be sent before 15 February 1997. Final papers should be received in print-out and electronic format (floppy disk) before 15 March 1997. (We can make arrangements for converting or creating electronic documents.) Communication media The language for abstracts and final documents is English. We may provide translation facilities for text and verbal communication in a few Indian and European languages. Equipment will be available on site for audiovisual presentations: VHS, Hi-8 video, slides, CD-ROMs, etc. Please send detailed requirements in advance. Contact Bernard Bel CSH, 2, Aurangzeb road, New Delhi 110 011 (India) Fax: (91) 11 301 8480 Email: Guy Poitevin CCRSS, Rairkar Bungalow, 884 Deccan Gymkhana, Pune 411 004 (India) Email: ------------- PLEASE RETURN THIS FORM ------------------------ = I would like to attend the seminar "CULTURE, COMMUNICATION AND POWER" = I wish to present a contribution Theme or title: = I wish to present audiovisual documents Details: = I may not attend the seminar, but I am interested in more information about the event and following publications Name: Occupation: Postal address: Tel: Fax: Electronic mail: Mail to:, --------------------------------------------------------------------