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Music, Time and Measurement
(West Coast Conference of Music Theory and Analysis)
Santa Barbara, CA, April 1997


FRIDAY, APRIL 11 8:30 Registration - Music Building - Coffee or Tea 9:00-12:00 Session I - Karl Geiringer Hall "Metrical Process in the Music of Schumann" Harold Krebs, University of Victoria "The Coordination of Interstream Groups and Intrastream Pulses in Bartók's `With Drums and Pipes'" John Roeder, University of British Columbia "Rhythmic Counterpoint in Steve Reich's `Tehillim'" Gretchen Horlacher, Indiana University "A Theoretical Model of the Swing Impulse" Ken Morrison, University of Washington 12:00-1:00 Lunch Break 1:30-4:30 Session II - Karl Geiringer Hall "Birdsong, Speech, and Music" Peter Marler, UC Davis "The Embodiment of Musical Meter" Candace Brower, Northwestern University "Temporal Disjunction and Centrifugal Organicism: Rhythmic Disruption as a Form of Coherence" Frank Samarotto, University of Cincinnati "Can Questions of Musical Meter Returnith us to Our Senses?" Christopher Hasty, University of Pennsylvania SATURDAY, APRIL 12 8:30 Registration - Music Building - Coffee 9:00-12:00 Session III - Music Room 1145 "Metaphors in Musical Discourse" Annie Cox, University of Oregon "Italo Calvino's `Lightness,' Elliott Carter's `New Classicism'" Ryan Hare, University of Washington "What Hildegard Saw: Arithmetic Organization in Anton Webern's First Cantata" Ralph Converse, UC Davis "The Metaphysical Music Theory of Walter Harburger" Ralph Steffen, UC Santa Barbara 9:00-12:00 Session IV - Karl Geiringer Hall "Schenkerbergian Analysis and Hidden Repetition in Beethoven's Piano Sonata, op. 10, no. 1" Jack Boss, University of Oregon "The Contribution of Gesture to Coherence in Four Movements by Mozart" Steven Edwards, University of Texas at Austin "Structuring the Listener's Time Experience: Beethoven's Piano Sonatas op. 27, 57, and 111" Sandra Brown, UC San Diego SESSION IV (CONTINUED) SATURDAY, APRIL 12 "The Structural Role of the Verse in Selected Songs of Irving Berlin" David Carson Berry, Yale University "Twelve Violin Concertos Opus 8 by Vivaldi: A New Critical Electronic Edition" Eleanor Selfridge-Field, Stanford University David Huron, Stanford University 12:00-1:30 Lunch Break 1:30-4:30 Session V - Karl Geiringer Hall "The Perception and Production of Timing Patterns in Music" Diana Deutsch, UC San Diego "Rhythm and Contour in Music and Poetry" Fred Lerdahl, Columbia University "The Beat Hierarchy in Non-metric, Post-tonal Music" Paul Nauert, UC Santa Cruz "Engaging Temporality: Stravinsky's `Rake's Progress'" Martha Hyde, SUNY at Buffalo 4:30-5:00 Business Meeting - Karl Geiringer Hall 5:30-6:30 Reception - Faculty Club (no host) 6:30-8:00 Banquet - Faculty Club ($25.00) SUNDAY, APRIL 13 -- 9:30 Coffee or Tea 10:00-1:00 Session VI - Karl Geiringer Hall "Hierarchy and Prolongation in Late Boulez" Steve Voigt, UC San Diego "Form and Content in Debussy's Etude `Pour les sonorités opposées'" Pamela Madsen, UC San Diego "Debussy and Stravinsky: New Insight into their Musical Relationship" Mark McFarland, University of Texas at El Paso "The Decimal-Normal Form and Rotation - a Pitch Taxonomy Based on T[n]-Types" John Amnedo, University of Southern California "Contour: New Contexts, New Applications" Joanne Burkholder, Columbia University --------------------------------- Registration Information Advance Registration Fee for all events: $35/General * $30/Students Registration on site: $15/General $7/Students * Banquet: $25 Please send advance check or money order to: Pieter van den Toorn, Department of Music University of California, Santa Barbara 93106-6070 (805) 893-2983 Hotel Information: Pacifica Suites (five minutes from UCSB) Hollister Ave., Goleta, 93ll7, (805) 683-6722 Ambassador by the Sea Motel (20 minutes from UCSB) 202 West Cabrillo Blvd. Santa Barbara, CA 93l0l (805) 965-4577