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TAGS Day for Music Postgraduates

TAGS Day for Music Postgraduates Thursday 22 May 1997, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Department of Music Royal Holloway, University of London
On Thursday 22 May 1997, the Music Department at Royal Holloway will host the next TAGS Day for Theory and Analysis Graduate Students, sponsored by the Society for Music Analysis.
0930-1000 Registration 1000-1005 Welcome 1005-1035 Vania Schittenhelm (Reading) Reading between the lines: the dangerous issue of modern music in the controversy between Busoni and Pfitzner 1035-1105 Laura Tunbridge (Nottingham) Struck dumb: Strauss's Italian flirtation 1105-1140 Coffee 1140-1210 Annette Davison (Sheffield) "What is the role of the quartet?": The soundtrack to Jean-Luc Godard's "Prénom: Carmen" (1983) 1210-1240 Rachel Swindells (Leeds) A song without words? Style and identity in Fitkin's ARACT 1250-1350 Lunch 1400-1430 Richard Evans (Bristol) The role of musical analysis within performance: some observations 1430-1500 Bethany Lowe (Southampton) "One movement or two?" Structural multiplicity in the recorded legacy of Sibelius's Fifth Symphony, first movement 1500-1530 Peter Cornish (Royal Holloway) Structural breathing 1530-1600 Tea 1600-1630 Elizabeth Cox (Sheffield) Visual imagery and musical appreciation 1630-1700 Jane Ginsborg (Keele) Singers learning and memorizing a new song: an observational study