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Word and Music Studies: Assessing an Interart Discipline
Graz, May-June 1997

PROGRAMME International Conference "Word and Music Studies: Assessing an Interart Discipline" May 29-June 1, 1997 Graz, Austria
Steven P. Scher (Hanover, NH): "Melopoetics Revisited: On Theorizing Word and Music Studies" Suzanne M. Lodato (New York, NY): "Recent Analytical Research in Text-Music Relationships" Lawrence Kramer (New York, NY): "Interpretive Dramaturgy: Text, Music, and Performance in the Lied" Aubrey S. Garlington (Greensboro, NC): "Music, Word, Performance: Sounds of Meaning" David L. Mosely (Goshen, IN): "Philosophy and Music: Mapping a Melopoetic Field That Was Always Already There" Timothy R. McKinney (Arlington, TX): "The Influence of Literary Style and Structure: A Direction for Future Research" Siglind Bruhn (Ann Arbor, MI): "Piano Poems and Orchestral Narrations: Instrumental Music Speaks to a Literary Text" Walter Bernhart (Graz): "Some Reflections on Literary Genres and Music" Ulrich Weisstein (Graz/Bloomington, IN): "What One Can't Talk About One Must Pass Over With Singing: The Dramaturgical and Melo-Dramaturgical Function of Vocal Utterance in Opera" Michael Halliwell (Sydney): "The Space Between: Opera and the Novel" Juergen Maehder (Berlin): "'Uno dei piu' bei libretti, salvo i versi' - Linguistic and poetic Structures Versus 'Librettologia'" Lars Ellestroem (Lund): "Word and Music Studies and the Question of Terminology" Harai Golomb (Tel Aviv): "The Concept of 'Theme' In Language, Music and Literature: A Functional Approach to Interart Terminology and Methodology" Jean-Louis Cupers (Brussels): "Musico-Poetics + Musico-Linguistics = Melopoetics? Some Reflections on a Forschungsbericht" Joergen Larsson (Goteborg): "The Experience of Meter in Music and Texts - Similarities and Differences" Kii-Ming Lo (Taipei): "Music and Its Function in Chinese Classical Literature" Anja Mueller (Landau): "A Humorous Assessment of Word and Music: Anthony Burgess's Mozart and the Wolf Gang" William E. Grim (Worcester, MA): "Principles of Musical Form in Literary Criticism" Werner Wolf (Graz): "Investigating Musicalized Fiction - Aspects of Research" Ulla-Britta Lagerroth (Lund): "Reading Musicalized Texts as Self-Reflective Texts: Some Aspects of Interart Discourse" Claus Cluever (Bloomington, IN): "The Musikgedicht: Notes on an Ekphrastic Genre" Lesley A. Wright (Honolulu, HW): "Filling in the Blanks: Some Thoughts on Reading Music Reviews from Nineteenth-Century France" John Neubauere (Amsterdam): "Musico-Literary Relations in an Age of Cultural Studies" Albrecht Riethmueller (Berlin): "National Anthems - A Challenge to the Semantics of Music" Daniel Albright (Rochester, NY): "Untwisting the Serpent: Recasting Laocoon for Modernist Comparative Arts" Cyrus Hamlin (New Haven, CT): "The Romantic Song-Cycle as Genre" Mary M. Breatnach (Edinburgh): "'Pli selon pli': A Conflation of Theoretical Stances" Hans Lund (Lund): "What Can WMA Learn from Ten Years of IAWIS [International Association of Word and Image Studies]?"