Society of Dance History Scholars 1997 Conference,

      '79 / '97: Reflecting our past, Reflecting on our Future
      Barnard College, June 19-22, 1997

      Provisional Program

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Day and Date




Thursday, June 19

3:30-7 PM


McIntosh Center


5-7 PM

Welcoming Reception

Altschul Atrium


Day and Date





Friday, June 20



Modern Dance Pioneers;

Chair: Janet Adshead-Lansdale



Ted Merwin.

"Backwards and forwards: Loie Fuller and the origins of futurist dance"



Garry Lester

"Margaret Barr: epic individual and fringe dweller"



Ramsay Burt

"Laban in Yorkshire: interrogating the grand narratives of dance scholarship"


Coffee Break





Nancy Ruyter

"The influence of Genevieve Stebbins on the work of Hade Kallmeyer and Bess Mensendieck"



Lynne Conner and Susan Gillis

"The Early Moderns: writing dance history for a multi-media CD-ROM" (lecture-demonstration)



Chair: George Dorris

Image, Film, and Iconography



Barbara Sparti

"What can pictures tell us (and not tell us) about dance? Reading Italian Renaissance dance iconography"



Lynn Matluck Brooks

"Bodily depictions: clues for evolving style in dance performance from 17th-c. Spain"



Judy Van Zile

"Dance inspires art inspires dance: who choreographed Ch'oyongmu?"



Coffee Break




Marcia Citron

"Dance and film-opera: the Powell-Pressburger Tales of Hoffmann"



Michelle Heffner

"Blood Wedding: tradition and innovation in contemporary flamenco"



Chair: Joellen Meglin

Social Dance as Theatrical Practice;



Libby Smigel

"Masquerading intentions: the bal masqué in Victorian perception and practice"



Amy Koritz

"Dangerous dancing: Martha Graham and the Charleston"



Susan C. Cook

"Tango lizards and girlish men: performing masculinity on the social dance floor"



Chair: James P. Cassaro

Dance, Politics, and Culture in 17th-Century England



Anne Daye

"The sun-king eclips'd"



Juliette Willis

"Dancing cultural identity: grotesque bodies and liminoid spaces at London's Bartholomew Fair"

Friday, June 20




SDHS Business Meeting (with Brown Bag Lunch)

Friday, June 20



Chair: Deborah Jowitt

Convergence of Cultures and Identities




Guadalupe Garcia-Vasquez

"Saints and devils: dancing the diaspora in Guerrero, Mexico"




Anita Gonzalez

"Re-configuring African slave dancing in Mexico: popular imaginations of Jarocho"




Kim Chandler Vaccaro

"The contribution of jazz dance to a new conception of the social dancing body as perceived by Mura Dehn"




Chair: Chrystelle Trump Bond

Reconstructing Baroque Choreographies




Deda Cristina Colonna

"Comparative study of different choreographies of the Passacaille d'Armide" (lecture-demonstration)




Paige Whitley-Bauguess (with Thomas Baird and Hugh Murphy)

"Same music, different dance: choreographies by Pécour and L'Abbé set to the same music" (lecture-demonstration)




Thomas Baird and Hugh Murphy

"The practical application of 18th-century French music treatises to the reconstruction of virtuosic solo dances" (lecture-demonstration)




Chair: Sondra Lomax

Ballet in the 1920s




Charles Batson

"Exactly what world was created in the Ballets Suédois' La Création du monde?"




Patrizia Veroli

"Walter Toscanini's dance vision"

Friday, June 20



Workshop: Marjorie Perces and Ana Marie Forsythe

"Lester Horton warm-up"




Shelley Berg, chair

Working Group on Reconstruction




Joan Erdman, chair

Working Group on Ethnicity and Dance

Friday, June 20



Memorial in honor of Cynthia Jean Cohen Bull (Cynthia Novack)

Concert by the Richard Bull Dance Theater




Roundtable, Susan Foster, chair

"The work of Cynthia Jean Cohen Bull"

Saturday, June 21



Chair: Maureen Needham

19th-Century Ballet;




Judith Chazin-Bennahum

"Fashion, costume, and the appearance of things"




Lisa Arkin

"The Mazourka and the Krakovia: two Polish national dances in Michel St. Léon's dance notebooks, 1830" (lecture-demonstration)




Sandra Hammond

"Windows into romantic ballet: content and structure of four early 19th-century pas de deux"



Coffee Break






Brady Earnhart

"Giselle's onstage audience"




Giannandrea Poesio

"Galop, gender and politics in the Italian ballo grande"




Iro Tembeck

Dance in Post-War Germany; Chair




Claudia Jeschke and Betsy Fisher

"Marianne Vogelsang: Ausdruckstanz choreographer in the German Democratic Republic" (lecture-demonstration)




Karen Mozingo

"Fractured images: montage and gender in Pina Bausch's Tanztheater"




Roundtable: Electronic Access to Dance Sources

Patricia Rader (Dance Collection, New York Public Library), chair, with Stephanie Schroedter (Derra de Moroda Dance Archives), Joseph A. Casazza (Library of Congress), Elizabeth A. Cain (Washington, D.C.), and Madeleine Nichols (Dance Collection, New York Public Library)

This roundtable raises issues surrounding electronic access to sources in library collections. Case studies to be discussed are: 1) a database concerning dance literature from the late 17th to the early 19th century at the Derra de Moroda Dance Archives; and 2) plans for the electronic transmission of an important 16th-century dance treatise ("Il Papa") in the collection of the New York Public Library.




Chair: Barbara Palfy

Dance Institutions in New York City




Janet Mansfield Soares

"Barnard's 1932 and 1933 dance symposiums: bringing dance to the university"




Naomi Jackson

"Modern or postmodern? Dance at the 92nd Street Y, 1935-1960"




Chair: Genevieve Oswald

New Discoveries in Early Dance;




Katherine McGinnis

"At home in the 'Casa del Trombone': a social-historical view of 16th-century Milanese dancing masters"




Sibylle Dahms

"New light on 18th-century social dance in Germany"

Saturday, June 21





Saturday, June 21



Chair: Linda Tomko

 Baroque Notation Re-examined and Re-imagined;




Ken Pierce

"Dance vocabulary in the early 18th century as seen through Feuillet's step tables"




Carol G. Marsh

"'Regular and irregular figures': symmetry in Baroque dance choreographies"




Karen Woods and Nena Couch

"The Rape of the Lock, a ballet in the 18th-century style" (lecture-demonstration)




Chair: Carol Martin

 Stepping Up and Out: Social Dance Training and the Performance of Cultural Assimilation;




Julie Malnig

"One-stepping up: women in social dance of the 1910s"




Barbara Stratyner

"Wallflower at the cotillion"




Marcia B. Siegel with Beth Lessard.

"Olympian romance"




Writing Biography Barbara Barker

"A telling life: writing of Agnes George de Mille"




Joan L. Erdman

"Cross-cultural discourses: writing of Uday Shankar"




Angela Kane

"Paul Taylor" </TR.

Saturday, June 21



Workshop: Doris Green

"Writing, reading and performing African music and dance from the printed page"




Workshop: Sharry Traver Underwood. "Hanya Holm's circle study"





Working Group on Early Dance (Linda Tomko, chair)


Sunday, June 22



New Perspectives on Dances of Social Protest; Chair and respondent: Constance Valis Hill





Susan Manning

"Against lynching: the body politics of protest from leftist culture to the Cold War"




Richard Green

"(Em)bodying political protest: Pearl Primus and the Negro problem in American dance"




Thomas DeFrantz

"To make black bodies strange: social critique in concert dance of the Black Arts Movement"




David Gere

"Unfurling, dancing, reconstructing: performing AIDS in Washington, D.C."




Gesture, Pantomime and Dance Theatre; Chair: Ananya





Karl Toepfer

"The imperial aesthetic of ancient Roman dance"




Bageshree Vaze

"When north meets south: Hindustani music in Bharatha Natyam" (lecture-demonstration)




Marilynn Danitz

"Hadassah's use of traditional movement gesture exemplified by Shuvi Nafshi"




Lori Anne Salem

"Wadeeha Atiyeh and Arab-American performance in the American theater, 1930-1950"




Form in Dance and Dance Music from 1400 to 1720; Chair: Julia Sutton





Ingrid Brainard

"Form in 15th-century dance"




Yvonne Kendall

"Passeggi and mutanze: the choreographic treatment of variation form in the 16th century"




Angene Feves

"Applying theory to practice: reconstructing a hitherto unknown 17th-century manuscript"




Julia Sutton and Carol Pharo

"Cadential formulae in music and dance, 1600 and 1700"




Lecture-Demonstration on 18th-Century Gesture





Catherine Turocy

"Reflections on Gilbert Austin's notation of The Miser"


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