The International Alliance for Women in Music


The Tenth International
Congress on Women in Music

May 29, 30, 31 & June 1, 1997

at California Institute of the Arts
Professional Career Development and Enhancement

Dear Colleagues:

We are pleased to announce The Tenth International Congress on Women in
Music. This innovative meeting offers opportunities to learn from the world's
leading experts, both women and men, involved with state-of-the art technology,

and from those who are forging careers in new areas, many of which didn't even
exist a decade ago. To prepare us for the new century there will be hands-on
demonstrations of the latest generation of electronic and computer equipment and
techniques, which will inspire us all to begin to dream in new "formats," to
discover the latest delivery systems, and to hone our skills to meet future challenges.

Interspersed with live music and screenings, panel discussions will concentrate
on current issues of concern, from the role of the musical artist in society, the
changing world of music publishing, and the future of concert performances. Workshops
will help us develop stronger skills in contract and fee negotiations, music product
production, dealing with sexual harassment and gender discrimination, and other
aspects of the music business world. We will meet some of the most successful
women music professionals working today in film and television music, who will
talk about how they are building their careers. Musicologists Susan McClary,
Judith Tick, Suzanne Court and composer Ruth Schonthal will present thought-provoking
lectures. Patricia Adkins-Chiti, Virginia Eskin, and Joan Huang will present
lecture-recitals on works by contemporary women composers from around the
world. Many outstanding women will be honored at this conference, including
film composer Shirley Walker, ASCAP's Fran Richard, and recipients of The 1996
Pauline Alderman Awards for New Scholarship on Women in Music.

The evening concerts will feature the CalArts New Century Players and on
Saturday night we will watch dynamo JoAnn Falletta conduct the Long Beach Symphony
including a work by Barbara Kolb. Meals, receptions, and other social events
will give us a chance to better know one another and to build relationships essential
to expanding our professional contacts and personal support. The important work
of the IAWM will be discussed and planned at the Congress, including the 1997
annual Board meeting open to all.

We are very excited about the facilities at CalArts and believe the arrangements
for comfortable no-fuss accommodations and meals provide a conference retreat
environment conducive to discovery, discussion, reflection, and renewal. We
heartily invite you to make plans to join us at CalArts for The Tenth
International Congress on Women in Music. Please support this Congress by taking an ad in
the conference program booklet, by reserving display space at the Congress
Exhibits, and by making an additional contribution. Come alone, bring a friend,
or bring your entire family, for a weekend to remember in sunny Southern

Deon Nielsen Price, IAWM President
Jeannie Pool, ICWM Coordinator


(Details subject to change)

THURSDAY, MAY 29, 1997


Welcome: Deon Nielsen Price, President, International Alliance for Women in
Music; Jeannie Pool, ICWM Coordinator; Introduction of Keynote Speaker

9:45 am Keynote Address: Susan McClary, Professor of Musicology, University of

California, Los Angeles. Susan McClary is the author of the groundbreaking book
Feminine Endings: Music, Gender, and Sexuality (University of Minnesota Press,
1991) and recipient of the much-coveted McArthur grant. Formerly a professor of
musicology at the University of Minnesota, she is currently chair of the UCLA
Musicology Department. She received her Ph.D. from Harvard University in 1976.

10:30 am PANEL DISCUSSION: Music for the 21st Century: A Reality Check
What is the role or purpose of the musical artist and intellectual pursuit in
our society? Has it changed in the last decade? Has the role of the composer
changed? Who is our audience? What are the developing markets? How do we
use the new technology to reach out? How can we begin to think globally?

Nancy J. Uscher, Professor, University of New Mexico, "Career Paths into the
Next Century."

Evelyn Ficarra, faculty of U. of Westminster, London, "Composing As A
Collaborative Art."

Maria Anna Harley, Assistant Professor of Music, University of Southern
California, Director of the Polish Music Research Center, "Striving For A Global Outlook."

Moderator: Carolyn Bremer, School of Music, University of Oaklahoma;
Facilitator: Margaret Shelton Meier, Mt. San Antonio Community College

11:30 am RECITAL: Virginia Eskin, pianist, Boston, Massachusetts
"The MacDowell Connection: Music of Beach, Bauer and Seeger."

Virginia Eskin has recorded more than a dozen records and CDs on the Leonarda,
Genesis and Musical Heritage, Channel Classics, and Northeastern labels. She
specializes in the the music of many American composers including Amy Beach,
Marion Bauer, Ruth Crawford Seeger, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, Joseph Lamb.and
numerous women composers of rags (including the critically acclaimed album
Fluffy-Ruffle Girls on the Northeastern label). She concertizes extensively
throughout the United States and Europe and is heard frequently on radio and on
television, including as a regular commentator on Monitor Radio. Her recording
of Chamber Music from Theresienstadt has received outstanding critical reviews and
widespread attention.

Guest Speaker: Film Composer Shirley Walker, Los Angeles (credits
include: Batman: The Phantasm, Escape from Los Angeles) .
Mistress of Ceremonies: Beverly Grigsby
Facilitator: Lily Hood Gunn, Washington, D.C.
Shirley Walker will receive a special award from the International
Alliance for Women in Music at this event in recognition of her outstanding career and as
a role model for women composers working in film and television.

3:00 pm WORKSHOP I: Contracts and Fees, and the Art of Negotiating
Speakers: Richard Bellis, Film and television music composer, past
President of the Society of Composers and Lyricists, from Santa Barbara, CA;
Fran Richard, ASCAP, Concert Music, New York (founder of Meet the Composer)

This session will be in two parts: first Richard Bellis will concentrate on
film and television music and, second, Fran Richard will speak about the world of concert
music. Then there will be a discussion of the similarities and differences and
what can be learned from hearing about the situation in both areas.

5:00 pm PANEL DISCUSSION: The Future of Concert Music, Its Composers and
Are we destined to produce concerts for 50 people including all our composer
friends, or is there a way we can bring a wider public to the music of contemporary composers? What can we do to improve the situation? Are there new approaches we can take?
Panelists: Fran Richard, ASCAP
Marshall Bialosky, President, National Association of Composers U.S.A.
Patricia Adkins Chiti, Donne in Musica, Rome, Italy
Regina Himmelbauer, flutist, Vienna, Austria, coordinator of Ninth
International Congress on Women in Music
Clare Shore, Concert Coordinator, IAWM, West Palm Beach, Florida
Mark Ruttle, Pacific Composers Forum, Los Angeles
Moderator: Stefania De Kennessey, Professor of Music, New School for
Social Research, New York City
Facilitator: Margaret Shelton Meier

6:00 pm Dinner, CalArts Cafeteria

7:00 pm After Dinner Discussions:
Choral Music, facilitated by Monica Hubbard.
Writing for IAWM Publications, with Sally Reid and Cathy Picard.
Finale Users' Group, with Bonnie Janofsky and Carolyn Bremer.
Orchestral music, with guest conductors, with facilitator Lily Hood Gunn.
Teaching Materials by Women Composers, with facilitator Gertrude Firnkees
(more topics may be added)

8 pm Evening Concert with the CalArts' New Century Players. IAWM 1996 Search
for New Music prize-winning compositions by Gabriela Lena Frank and Heather
Schmidt, Jacqueline Bobak, Sofia Gubaiulina, and Laura Karpman. The MOD
Theater, Cal Arts.

10:30 pm Coffee House, with live music, with Lynne Westendor

FRIDAY, MAY 30, 1997

Topic: Madeleine Schwab's workshop on David Viscott's Action Board, a
system for clarifying your intentions related to your life's work and your

9:30 am LECTURE: Judith Tick, Northeastern University, Boston, "The Life of
Crawford Seeger." Her book Ruth Crawford Seeger: A Composer's Search for
American Music published by Oxford University Press, 1997. Special Guest: Bess
Lomax, ethnomusicologist and student of Ruth Crawford Seeger

10:30 am WORKSHOP II: Women Compare Equipment: New Bells, Whistles and
Electronic Tools
This session includes women who are leading experts in electronic/computer
music, both in the commercial world of film and television music and in
academia. They will discuss the pros and cons of the equipment and software they are now
using and will play samples from their own compositions.

Laura Karpman, composer, Los Angeles, often referred to as the Queen of MOWs
(Movie of the Week) her credits include Woman of Independent Means,
Miriam Cutler, composer Los Angeles, known for her music for the Witchcraft series.
Alex Shapiro, composer Los Angeles,
Kristine Burns, Dartmouth College
Emma Lou Diemer, UCSB, Professor Emerita
Moderator: Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, IAWM Liaison for Women in Technology
Respondent: Barry Schrader, faculty, School of Music, CalArts
Facilitator: Sally Reid, Professor of Music, Abilene Christian University, Texas

11:30 am RECITAL: Asian Women Composers' Compositions. Organized by
Joan Huang.

Special Guest Speaker: Fran Richard, ASCAP

Fran Richard will be presented a special award from the IAWM for her outstanding

Hansonia Caldwell will also speak on advocacy for Black American Music

3:00 pm WORKSHOP III: Producing Your Own Compact Disc: Paths and Pitfalls
Today a compact disc is like a business card for composers and performers. If
you can't get a major label interested in producing your's, should you do it
What are the problems and the possibilities? What about distribution of a
self-produced cd? What about clearance of the rights? This discussion could
save you thousands of dollars if you are planning to do a compact disc.
Speakers: Gregg Nestor, Glendale, California,
"Preparation for Editing and Mastering of a CD."
Lance Bowling, Cambria Master Recordings, Lomita, California,
"Packaging, Marketing and Distribution of a CD"
Respondent: Nancy Bloomer Deussen, composer, Palo Alto, California

3:45 pm Mark Waldrep, President, Pacific Coast Sound, Los Angeles, California
and music faculty, California State University Dominguez Hills:
"DVD: The Future of Digital Delivery, the next generation."
A demonstration of and discussion of new digital delivery systems. How
to think about producing for them now. What is the creative/artistic potential
of these new formats?


What is going on in music publishing? Will point-of-purchase publication (and
other electronic distribution) become an important part of the music publishing
business and if so how can composers prepare for this shift? What is the role
of a music publisher? What should a composer expect (demand) from a publisher? Is
self-publishing a viable alternative? What are the problems of distribution and

Christine Clark, Vice President, Theodore Front Musical Literature, Inc., Van
Nuys, California
Sylvia Glickman, President, Hildegard Publishing, Wynnewood, PA
Renate Matthei, Furore Publishing, Kassel, Germany
Elizabeth Vercoe, Arsis Press, Boston, Massachusetts
Moderator: Deon Nielsen Price, IAWM President and President, Culver Crest

6 pm Dinner, Cal Arts Cafeteria

7 pm After Dinner Discussions:
Teaching Women in Music as a College Course, with Susan Wheatley, Professor of
Music, Indiana University of Pennsylvania; facilitated by Deborah Kavasch, IAWM
Education Liaison.
Music by Women on Radio, faciliated by Jeanne Shaffer.
The IAWM WEB SITE, with Sally Reid, Professor of Music, Abilene Christian
University, Texas.
(more topics may be added)

8 pm Evening Concert with the CalArts' New Century Players and Friends.
Performing Works by IAWM Members. The MOD Theater, Cal Arts. Dedicated to the
memory of Tera de Marez Oyens. Works by Susan Allen, Jane Brockman, Hye
Kyung Lee (IAWM 1996 Search for New Music prize winner), Maria Newman, Ruth
Lomon, Ludmila Ulehla, Tera de Marez Oyens and Marta Ptaszynska. Special guest
artists Marta Ptaszynska, percussionist and soprano Patricia Chiti.

10:30 pm Coffee House, with live music.

SATURDAY, MAY 31, 1997

Topic: How to Get Commissioned or To Commission a New Work with J. Michele
Edwards, Professor of Music, Macalester College and Fran Richard, ASCAP

9:30 am LECTURE-RECITAL with Tenor DARRYL TAYLOR on Art Songs by Black American

Date: 17 Apr 97 17:28:59 EDT
From: "Jeannie G. Pool" <73201.2211@CompuServe.COM>
To: Sally Reid <>
Subject: ICWM Schedule announcement

Women Composers, with Deon Price, pianist. Music by Zenobia Powell Perry,
Margaret Bonds, Lena McLin, Harriette Davison, Florence Price, and an
arrangement by Camille Nickerson.

10:30 am WORKSHOP IV: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee: Dealing With Sexual
Harassment and Gender Discrimination

This session is being organized and presented by the members of WAGE (We
Advocate Gender Equity), coordinated by Sue DeVale, formerly a professor of
ethnomusicology of UCLA. The session will cover issues related how to identify
sexual harassment and gender discrimination, the importance of labeling what it
is when it happens and how to deal with and document it. What are your rights and
responsibilities? The session will include some role-playing with UCLA Music
Librarian Stephen M. Fry and our panelists. Learn what the laws are now and
what is being done in the courts to remedy the situation.

Respondent: Lucille Field Goodman, IAWM Board Member at Large, Professor
Emerita, Brooklyn College of the City University of New York.

11:30 am LECTURE/RECITAL: Patricia Adkins Chiti, Donne in Musica, Rome, Italy.
"Music by European Women Composers."

Special Guest Speaker: Ruth Schonthal, composer, New York City
"What It Means To Be A Woman If One Is A Composer and What It Means
To Be A Composer If One Is A Woman."
Presentation of Pauline Alderman Award for New Scholarhship on
Women in Music, with Stephen M. Fry, hairman; report from Nancy Bloomer
Deussen on the IAWM Search for New Music; and Other Awards by Executive
Committee of IAWM; Mistress of Ceremonies: Jeannie Pool, ICWM Coordinator

2:00 pm WORKSHOP V: Music Supervisors, Producers, Licensors,Orchestrators,
Arrangers, and Other Careers for Composers and Musicians
Denise Carver, Paramount Pictures, Music Clearance (DMA, from the University of
California, Santa Barbara)
Bonnie Janofsky, secretary of the American Society of Music Arrangers and
Composers (ASMAC), composer, orchestrator, arranger and copyist.
Marilee Bradford, independent compact disc producer
among others to be announced.


3:00 pm Report on the IAWM Protests Against the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra's
United States Tour with Nora Graham, Monique Buzzarte, Cathy Picard, and Regina

3:30 pm PANEL DISCUSSION: Gazing into a Crystal Ball: The Future for Women
in Music
Patricia Adkin-Chiti, Donne in Musica, Italy
Ellen Grolman-Schlegel, IAWM Press Liaison, Associate Professor of
Music, Frostburg State Unviersity, Maryland, "Young Composers"
Anne Deanne, Vice President and Director of Development and Public
Relations, The Walden School, Santa Barbara, California
Susan Wheatley, Professor of Music, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Judith Lang Zaimont, Professor of Music, University of Minnesota
Moderator: Sally Reid, IAWM Vice President and Professor of Music,
Abilene Christian University, Texas

4:45 pm Bus departs CalArts for Long Beach, California

5:45pm Long Beach Harbor Cruise and Refreshments

7:00 pm Concert Preview with JoAnn Falletta and Barbara Kolb at the Terrace

8:00 pm EVENING CONCERT with the Long Beach Symphony: Barbara Kolb's All
in Good Time; Beethoven, Piano Concerto No. 3 in C minor (Jon Kimura Parker,
piano); Rachmaninoff, Symphonic Dances. JoAnn Falletta conducting.
After the concert, there will be a private reception for IAWM members with JoAnn
Falletta and Barbara Kolb. Bus departs for Cal Arts at 11:15 pm.

SUNDAY, JUNE 1, 1997

Topic: Developing a Personal Support Network
Moderator: Nancy Uscher

Presentation by Nancy Fierro, csj, Los Angeles

9:45 am The Music of Hildegard Von Bingen, performed by Vox Femina, conducted
by Iris Levine, with audience participation. Coordinated by Monica J. Hubbard of
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena.
Followed by refreshments in the foyer, and official adjournment of conference.

10:30 am International Alliance for Women in Music Board Meeting. (Open to all
members of IAWM, agenda available for review May 1, 1997 from IAWM Secretary
Susan Wheatley, Indiana, Pennsylvania. Formal meeting will conclude at 2 pm,
followed by committee meetings if necessary until 4 pm.)

Please note: Several other speakers who have been invited have not yet confirmed
their participation, but hopefully will be added to the program in the future.
Updates will be available at the IAWM WEB Site (http://music/
and on the IAWM Discussion List (to subscribe, send an e-mail message to: and include no subject). In the body of the
message type, "subscribe" without using quotes. We are also hoping to offer
some of these sessions on-line during the Congress for those who are unable to
attend. More details to follow.


The International Alliance for Women in Music is devoted to fulfilling the
purposes of the three organizations it unites. Created on January 1, 1995, through the
uniting of the International Congress on Women in Music, the American Women Composers
and the International League of Women Composers, the IAWM celebrates the
contributions of all women musicians, past, present and future.

A coalition of professional composers, conductors, performers, musicologists,
educators, librarians and lovers of music, men as well as women, the IAWM
encourages the dissemination of music by women composers:

--by supporting performances and recordings of women composers.
--by fostering scholarly research on women-in-music topics.
--by facilitating communication among members and with other organizations.
--by implementing various broadcast series, competitions and educational
--by encouraging member participation in other composer groups.
--by continuing the International Congresses on Women in Music.
--by initiating advocacy work on behalf of women in music.
--by actively seeking minority participation on the Board and in IAWM projects,
activities and events.

Additional Information:

There is reasonably priced van service to CalArts from both LAX and Burbank
airports (Burbank is much closer!).


Please note that some student and low income scholarships will be available on a
first-come, greatest need basis. Please contact Jeannie Pool or Jenice Rosen at
the address given below.


Please let us know if you intend to bring your family, and especially if you
need childcare during the conference sessions and events. If there is a enough
demand, the ICWM will make reasonably priced child care available during that
weekend, but we must hear from you by April 15. We are working on special rates
for accommodations and meals with CalArts for children. Close to CalArts is Six

Flags Magic Mountain amusement parks (famous for roller coasters), plus
Universal Studios is only about 30 minutes away, plus there are plenty of other
sites to see in the greater Los Angeles area.


The Hampton Inn in Valencia offers a CalArts discount rate and they are located
one exit south on the 5 Freeway from CalArts. Their phone number for
reservations is 1-805-253-2400 or FAX 805-253-1683. Ask for the special CalArts rate of
$59.00 per night.


All ICWM participants are welcome to display perusal copies of publications and
other materials during the conference weekend along with flyers and brochures.
ICWM will not be responsible for their security and all items should be picked
up by 12 noon on Sunday, June 1, 1997.


Exhibitors' tables will be available during the Congress weekend in the main
foyer at CalArts, adjacent to the Main Gallery. where all of the day-time sessions
will take place. Security will be provided during the luncheons each day, and secured
overnight storage will be provided for exhibitors at CalArts. Fees are $200 for
three days, or $75 for a single day. These fees do not include admission to Congress
events. Exhibition Hours: Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm (closed
for luncheons 12:30-2 pm)

We are particularly interested in hearing from software companies and electronic
and computer equipment manufacturers and distributors who would like to have
their products on hand at the conference to demonstrate for the participant.
The Congress offers an opportunity to reach a large audience of music professionals,
including the education market. Please contact Jeannie Pool at 818-248-5775 for
more information.


(Please register by April 25, 1997 or pay an additional 10% on the registration
fee and for accommodations.)

I enclose $175 ($200 for non members) for Weekend Conference Registration for
the 10th International Congress on Women in Music to take place May 29, 30, 31
and June 1, 1997 at California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California. I understand that this fee covers admission to all conference events to be held at CalArts and that a separate ticket needs to be purchased for the Long Beach Symphony Concert

planned for Saturday night May 31. (See below for ordering instructions.) This fee also includes the Saturday evening bus to Long Beach and the Harbor Cruise.

I cannot attend the entire weekend, but enclose $60 ($75 for non members) each
for _____ Congress day passes for
(circle the days) Thursday Friday Saturday.
I understand these day passes do not cover meals or evening concert tickets.
[Please order meals on the next page.]

(Admission to individual sessions is available at $5 each session at the door.)


Long Beach Symphony concert tickets for Saturday night May 31, 1997 may be
purchased directly through IAWM at a 20% discount price, as follows:

Saturday evening Long Beach Symphony Concert Tickets:

Number of tickets ________ @ (circle price): $10 $22 $30
$38 =


Thursday evening concert: Number of tickets _________@ $10 each for a total of
Friday evening concert: Number of tickets ___________@ $10 each for a total of

Extra ticket for Bus Trip to Long Beach and Harbor Cruise:
Number of tickets @ $_________ for a total of _____


SINGLE ROOM: I would like to take advantage of CalArts' offer for a single room
and meals for the conference weekend. I understand that I can arrive as early
as 6 pm on Wednesday, May 28, 1997 and must check out by noon on Sunday, June 1,
1997. The fee includes meals as follows: Breakfasts on Thursday, Friday,
Saturday and Sunday; Lunches on Thursday, Friday and Saturday; Dinners on
Thursday and Friday. My enclosed check or credit card instructions include $235
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DOUBLE ROOM: I would like to take advantage of CalArts' offer for room and
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Dinners on Thursday and Friday. My enclosed check or credit card instructions
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[Please note that there are conference sessions which will take place during
meals (Power Breakfasts and Luncheons). If you are not staying overnight at CalArts,
we encourage you to purchase this meal ticket for the weekend. However, these
meals are available on a per meal basis at a cost of $5 for breakfast, $8.50 for
lunch; $8.50 for dinner.]


I enclose an additional donation to help defray the expenses of this Congress
and to assist students and low-income IAWM members with their registrations fees.

PLEAE add 10% if paid after April 25, 1997 _____________

IAWM Membership Fees

I enclose $40 for renewal of my 1997 membership dues for the IAWM.


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Credit card payment:

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Additional comments or

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International Congress on Women in Music
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