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Music of the Sea
Mystic, CT, June 1997


CALL FOR PAPERS 18th Annual Symposium "Music of the Sea"
We are seeking proposals for papers which fall within such disciplines as *History *Folklore *Literature *Ethnology and which treat some aspect of music or verse of the sea in the Age of Sail or pre-WWII steam navigation. Topics of Particular Interest ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sea chanteys (shipboard work songs) Forecastle songs Verse of the sea Naval ballads and broadsides Nautical themes in popular song Ethnomusicology of seafaring cultures 19th century sheet music/parlor songs Ethnic influences on chanteys Songs of maritime trades (i.e. fishing, whaling, transport) This event is part of the eighteenth annual Sea Music Festival at Mystic Seaport Museum on June 6-8 1997, and is open to museum visitors as well as festival participants. DEADLINE for submission of proposals is MARCH 1 1997 Audiovisually illustrated presentations are welcome. Papers selected must be submitted in publishable form by May 1. Speakers will receive an honorarium, modest travel subsidy, and free admission to the festival. PLEASE SUBMIT PROPOSALS OR ABSTRACTS TO Sea Music Symposium Mystic Seaport Museum, Inc. 75 Greenmanville Ave. PO Box 6000 Mystic, CT 06355-0990 USA FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, send inquiries or call (860) 572-0711 x5037