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Medieval Music in Slovenia and its European Connections
Ljubljana, June 1997


International musicological conference MEDIEVAL MUSIC IN SLOVENIA AND ITS EUROPEAN CONNECTIONS Ljubljana, June 19-20, 1997 Organized by The Institute of Musicology, Scientific Research Centre, The Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts Under the patronage of The Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts The Conference is included among the events of the European Cultural Month, Ljubljana 97
Preliminary programme THURSDAY, June 19th 9.30 Academy Hall, Novi trg 3/I Jurij Snoj, Ljubljana The period of the Middle Ages in the history of music on Slovene territory Franc-Martin Dolinar, Ljubljana Secular and monastic clerical communities in the Middle Ages on Slovene territory Natasa Golob, Ljubljana A few codicological details from Slovenian medieval music manuscripts Rudolf Flotzinger, Graz Die notierten Handschriften und Fragmente aus der Kartause Seitz 15. 30 Academy Hall, Novi trg 3/I Marija Bergamo, Ljubljana On defining compositional idiom in early European music Bojan Bujic, Oxford Some thoughts on the definition of the terms 'medieval' and 'late medieval' in the historiography of music Metoda Kokole, Ljubljana Some pictorial and literary evidence concerning European late Medieval dance in Slovenia Janez Höfler, Ljubljana Music in the late Medieval establishments of the clerical profession on Slovene territory 20.00 National Museum, Entrance Hall (Muzejska 1) Clemencic Consort, Vienna (Concert of medieval secular music) FRIDAY, June 20th 9. 30 Academy Hall, Novi trg 3/I Stefan Engels, Salzburg Die Notation der mittelalterlichen Choralhandschriften in Salzburg Katarina Livljanic, Paris Monte Cassino, Archivio della Badia, ms. 542 Hana Breko, Zagreb Das Missale MR 70 der Zagreber Metropolitanbibliothek - Untersuchungen zum Entstehungskontext Galliano Ciliberti, Perugia Alcuni aspetti della diffusione del repertorio musicale centro-europeo nello Stato Pontificio dall'eta dell'Albornoz (1354) al Concilio di Costanza (1414) 15. 30 Academy Hall, Novi trg 3/I Joze Mlinaric, Maribor Two Medieval epics on the life of the Virgin Mary Primoz Kuret, Ljubljana The Dance of Death in Medieval painting from Istria Mira Omerzel-Terlep, Ljubljana Medieval music instruments - between the art and folk traditions Edo Skulj, Ljubljana Modality in Slovene sacred traditional song Ales Nagode, Ljubljana The Plainchant reform on Slovene territory 20.00 Franciscan church (Presernov trg) Singer-Pur, Regensburg (Concert of Medieval sacred music) Contacts: Jurij Snoj, email: