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Music Studies and Cultural Difference
London, July 1997


Conference: Music Studies and Cultural Difference Open University Conference Centre, Grays Inn Rd, London Wednesday 2 July 1997
The aim of the conference is to explore the implications of cultural differences of all sorts for the study of music. At the same time we want to look at how approaches from musicology, cultural studies, popular music studies and ethnomusicology can be brought together to help pursue this aim. The conference is organised by the Musics and Cultures Research Group of The Open University, in association with the International Association for the Study of Popular Music, the British Forum for Ethnomusicology and the Critical Musicology Group. You can find out more about all these organisations at the conference. The conference will take place at the Open University Conference Centre, 344-354 Gray's Inn Road, London WC1 (near King's Cross Railway Station). The registration fee is 7 pounds (students and unwaged - 3 pounds). This includes tea and coffee but not lunch. You can buy food in the Conference Centre restaurant. There are also several restaurants and pubs nearby, or of course you can bring your own snack. You can register on the day, but it will help our planning if you register beforehand. You can do this by printing and completing the booking form below. Send this to Kath Avery, The Open University North Region, Eldon House, Regent Centre, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 3PW. Kath Avery can also supply any further information (phone +44(0)191-202-6989; fax +44(0)191-284-6592; e-mail The Musics and Cultures Research Group's web site is: and information about the conference is posted at: *************************************************************************** Booking form I wish to register for the Music Studies and Cultural Difference conference. I enclose payment of 7 pounds / 3 pounds (cheques should be made payable to The Open University; non-UK residents may prefer to pay on the day in cash to avoid currency exchange, but in that case it would be helpful if you let us know in advance of your intention to come). Signed: Address: Telephone: E-Mail: *************************************************************************** MUSIC STUDIES AND CULTURAL DIFFERENCE PROGRAMME 10.00 Registration and Coffee 10.30 John Baily (Goldsmith's College, London): Messiaen's 'Le Loriot' and the Afghans: Investigating Inter-cultural Music Perception 11.15 Denise Pilmer Taylor (University of Michigan): La Musique pour Tout le Monde: Jean Wiener and French Jazz between the Wars 12.00 Martin Scherzinger (Columbia University, New York): The Potential Value of 'Western' Analytic Models for African Music: Analysing a Fragment of Shona Mbira dza Vadzimu Music 12.45 Lunch 2.00 Keith D. Harris (Goldsmith's College, London): Roots? The Paradoxical Career of a Brazilian Death Metal Band within a Global Music Scene 2.45 Nanette de Jong (University of Michigan): Curacao and the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians: The Re-invention and Absence of Africa 3.30 Tea 4.00 Round Table: Authority, Discipline and the Study of Musical Difference Derek Scott (University College, Salford - Chair), John O'Connell (University of Limerick), Kevin Dawe (The Open University), Beverley Diamond (York University, Ontario), Stan Hawkins (University of Oslo) --------------------------------------------------------------------------