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Periodization in History and Historiography: An Intercultural Comparison
Budapest, July 1997


Commission on the History and Theory of Historiography Periodization in History and Historiography An Intercultural Comparison
Conference sponsored jointly by: - the Commission on the History and Theory of Historiography (an affiliate of the Comite International des Sciences Historiques) - the Institute of History of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences - the Europa Institute Budapest Place: Europa Institute, Budapest Dates: July 4 to 6, 1997
Conference program: Evening session, Friday, July 4, 19:00 Welcome by Ferenc Glatz, President, Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Zoltan Szasz, Director, Institute of History of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Brief Introduction: Georg G. Iggers (Buffalo), as president of the Commission. Session A: 19:30 to 21:30 "Periodization from a Comparative Perspective" Chair: Irmline Veit-Brause (Deakin Univ., Australia) Principal Paper, 30 minutes, Helwig Schmidt-Glintzer (Wolfenbüttel and Göttingen) Commentators (ten minutes each): Masayuki Sato (Yamanashi); Rolf Torstendahl (Uppsala); Attila Pk (Budapest). Discussion: 50 minutes Session B: Saturday, July 5, 9:00 to 11:00 "New and Old Approaches to Periodization" Chair: Fernando Sanchez Marcos (Barcelona) Three papers of 20 minutes each: Masaki Miyake (Tokyo), "Eschatology and Periodization in Western and Non-Western Thought from the Book of Daniel to Karl Marx" Ewa Domanska (Poznan), "Periodization from Postmodern Perspectives" Richard Vann (Wesleyan University), "Periodization from the Perspective of Women's History" Comments of ten minutes each: Hans Schleier (Leipzig) and Aviezer Tucker (Olomouc) Discussion: 40 mimutes Session C: 11:30 to 13:30 "Crises and Transitions and their Impact on Periodization" Chair: Martin Siegel (Kean College of New Jersey)) Three papers of 20 minutes each: Thomas Howard (Univ. of Virginia): "Jacob Burckhardt and the Rhetoric of the MDUL Übergangsperiode MDNM" Achim Mittag (Leiden, Bielefeld): "The Capture of the Unicorn and Other Periodization Concepts in Pre-Modern Chinese Historiography". Qingjia Edward Wang (Rowan University, USA; formerly Shanghai): "Changing Periodizations in the Face of the Modernization of Chinese Historiography) Comment (ten minutes each): Steven Collins (Babson College, USA); one more commentator, Charles DeMotte (Syracuse, N.Y.). Session D: 15:30 to 18:00 "Periodization in the Face of Political Cataclysms" Chair: Ferenc Glatz (Budapest) Four papers of 20 minutes each Emil Niederhauser (Budapest): "The Dissolution of the Habsburg Monarchy and the Periodization of East European Historiographies." Sang-woo Lim (Seoul): "The Periodization of Korean History in the Face of Colonialism and Independence." Stanislao Pugliese (Hofstra Univ., USA): "The Periodization of Italian History in the Face of Fascism and After." Bianca Valota-Cavalotti (Milan): "The Periodization of East Central European History in the Face of the 1989 Revolutions." Comments (ten minutes each): Zdenka Gredel Manuele (Niagara University, USA; formerly Croatia and Germany); Nina Witoczek (Florence, formerly Poland) Discussion: 40 minutes Session E: Sunday, 9:00 to 11:00 "The Relevance of Western including Marxist Concepts of Periodization for Non-Western Histories." Chair: Peter Novick (Chicago) Three papers of 20 minutes each: Liang-kai Chou (Taichung, Taiwan): "The Concept of 'Middle Ages' in Modern Chinese Historiography" Frank Trombley (Cardiff), "Different Views of Historical Time in Byzantine and Islamic Sources" Hebe Pelosi (Buenos Aires): "The Relevance of European Models of Periodization for Latin-American History and New Paradigms." Comments (ten minutes each): Wolfgang Küttler (Berlin); Thomas H. C. Lee (City College of New York), specialist in Chinese historiography originally from China. Session F: Sunday, 11:30 to 1:00 "Periodization and the Creation of a Coherent Narrative. Concluding Discussion." Chair: Wolfgang Mommsen (Düsseldorf). Introduction to the problems: Irmline Veit Brause (Deakin University, Australia) Discussion group: Frank Ankersmit (Groningen), Hayden White (Santa Cruz, USA) Jerzy Topolski (Poznan), Irmline Veit Brause (Deakin Univ., Australia), Bo Strath (Florence, formerly Sweden)