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13th International Symposium for Balkan Folklore
Ohrid, July 1997


Call for Papers 13th International Symposium for Balkan Folklore Ohrid, 7-8 July 1997
The symposium will coincide with the Balkan Festival of Folk Songs and Dances, and conveniently precedes the 1997 ballad conference in nearby Slovenia. The meeting takes place every three years. Papers should concern Macedonian folklore OR comparative work on two or more Balkan nations/countries (Albania, Austria, Bosnia & Herzogovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey, FR Yugoslavia) OR theoretical aspects of common significance. Official languages are English, French, German, Russian & Macedonian. To obtain details, contact: Symposium Organising Committee, INSTITUTE OF FOLKLORE "Marko Cepenko", Ruzvetlova 3, PO Box 319, 91000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia fax: (389) (91) 121-163 (or tel. +122-339) Application forms have to be returned by mid-February 1997. Those who attended the Swansea ballad conference have copies of draft papers by two people from the Marko Cepenko: Tatjana Kalichanin & Vesna Matijasevic. Details from: DR T CHEESMAN (