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International Society for the History of Rhetoric
Saskatoon, July 1997


International Society for the History of Rhetoric Eleventh Biennial Conference Saskatoon, Canada, 21-26 July 1997 The Greco-Roman Rhetorical Tradition
The program and registration materials of the Eleventh Biennial Conference of the International Society for the History of Rhetoric in Saskatoon, Canada, July 21-26, 1997, have now been published in the fall issue of Rhetoric Newsletter and on the Conference website: Almost 200 presentations are planned on the theme "The Greco-Roman Rhetorical Tradition: Alterations, Adaptations, Alternatives." The plenary speakers will be Professors Thomas Conley of Urbana, Laurent Pernot of Strasbourg, Marijke Spies of Amsterdam, and Christine Sutherland of Calgary. The Canadian Society for the Study of Rhetoric (program to be announced) will meet in conjunction with the International Society on July 21. Sessions of 2-7 seminars each will be running concurrently on the University of Saskatchewan campus from Tuesday through Friday. The session topics are: 1. Classical, Biblical, Patristic, and Byzantine Rhetoric 2. Medieval and Renaissance Rhetoric 3. Early Modern Rhetoric 4. Late Eighteenth- to Nineteenth-Century Rhetoric 5. Rhetoric in Asia 6. Queer Rhetoric 7. Twentieth-Century Approaches to Rhetoric 8. Rhetoric and the Fine Arts 9. Rhetoric in Education 10. Women and the Rhetorical Tradition On Wednesday afternoon, the conference will take place at Wanuskewin Heritage Park, where University archaeologists have found evidence of 6000 years of human habitation. Guided tours of the Park (in English and French) will provide historical background for two seminars on native American discourse. Other special events have been planned to show international visitors the history and cultures of the Canadian prairies. A reception at the Western Development Museum will feature costumed guides on the main street "Boomtown 1910" and a multicultural dance show. Saskatoon's historic Delta Bessborough Hotel (built by the Canadian National Railways on the west bank of the South Saskatchewan River) will host the conference banquet on Friday night. For visitors staying in Saskatoon through Saturday night, a guided coach tour (in English or French) of the Old North West (Batoche and Fort Carlton Historic Parks) will be followed by dinner and entertainment at The Barn Playhouse on a typical prairie farm. The conference organizer is: Professor Judith Rice Henderson President, ISHR Department of English 9 Campus Drive University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon SK S7N 5A5 Canada Telephone: (306) 966-5497 Fax: (306) 966-5951 Email: To register and reserve University residence accommodation, contact: Conference and Catering Services University of Saskatchewan 131 Saskatchewan Hall Saskatoon SK S7N 5E8 Canada Fax: (306) 966-8599 Tel: (306) 966-8600 Email: Special conference rates on three international airlines serving Saskatoon (Air Canada, Canadian Airlines International, Northwest Airlines) and other assistance with travel plans and reservations can be obtained from Sinfonia Travel, Saskatoon: Email: Toll Free: 1-800-667-6961 (Canada only) Collect: 306-652-1272 (U.S.A.) Reference: Julie Telephone: 306-934-5314 Reference: Julie Facsimile: 306-652-0990 The Conference is hosted by the Department of English and the Humanities Research Unit, University of Saskatchewan. The organizers gratefully acknowledge financial assistance from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.
Schedule Except as noted, all events will take place on the campus of the University of Saskatchewan. Monday, July 21 9-5 Conference, Canadian Society for the Study of Rhetoric (Program T.B.A.) 3-6 ISHR Council Meeting 7-10 Reception, Geology Building Hosted by College Deans and Department Heads ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tuesday, July 22 9-9:30 Opening Ceremonies 9:30-10:30 Panel of Founders and Past Presidents: "From the Past into the Future: The International Society for the History of Rhetoric, 1977-1997" 10:30-11 Coffee or Tea 11-12 Plenary: Laurent Pernot, "La rhetorique de l'Empire: ou comment la rhetorique grecque a invente l'Empire romain" 12-1:30 Time for Lunch 1:30-3:30 Concurrent Sessions 1 3:30-4 Coffee or Tea 4-6 Concurrent Sessions 2 6-7:30 Time for Dinner 7:30 Bus to Western Development Museum, Saskatoon 8-10 Reception, Exhibits with Costumed Guides, Show Hosted by University of Saskatchewan 10 Bus to Hotels and Residences ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wednesday, July 23 8:30-10:30 Concurrent Sessions 1 10:30-11 Coffee or Tea 11-12 Plenary: Christine Sutherland, "Women and the Rhetorical Tradition" 12-1 Time for Lunch 1 Bus to Wanuskewin Heritage Park (Space is limited to 175 registrants) 1:30-3:30 Guided Tours (English or French): Audio-Visual Shows, Museum, Trail Walks, Demonstrations, Shopping 3:30-4 Muskeg Punch and Bannock 4-6 Concurrent Sessions 2, at Wanuskewin Heritage Park 6-7:30 Northern Plains Barbecue (Buffet: Buffalo or White Fish Burgers) 7:30-8 Hoop Dancing Show 8 Bus to Hotels and Residences ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thursday, July 24 8:30-10:30 Concurrent Sessions 1 10:30-11 Coffee or Tea 11-12 Plenary: Thomas M. Conley, "Rhetoric 'Wars' in 16th Century Central Europe" 12-1:30 Time for Lunch 1:30-3:30 Concurrent Sessions 2 3:45-5:45 Roger Graves and Lewis Ulman, "Ariadne's Threads: Resources for Studying the History of Rhetoric on the World Wide Web" Preregistration Required for Either of Two Computer Workshops: 1: IBM PC Version, Main Library 2: Mac Version, Arts Building Evening Free to Explore Saskatoon ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Friday, July 25 8:30-10:30 Concurrent Sessions 1 10:30-11 Coffee or Tea 11-12 Plenary: Marijke Spies, "Rhetoric and the Formation of the Middle-Class Dutch 'Burgher' in the Seventeenth Century" 12-1:30 Time for Lunch 1:30-3:30 Concurrent Sessions 2 3:30-4 Coffee or Tea 4-6 General Meeting 6:30 Bus from Campus and Parktown Hotel to Delta Bessborough Hotel 7 Banquet, Delta Bessborough Hotel 10 Bus to Parktown Hotel and Campus Residences ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Saturday, July 26 Guided Coach Tour of the Old Northwest (English or French) 8:30 Leave Saskatoon Groups 1A and 1B (English) 10 Batoche National Historic Park (Site of Northwest Rebellion) 1:30 Lunch at Duck Lake 3 Fort Carlton Provincial Historic Park (Fur Trading Fort) Group 2A (English) and 2B (French): 10 Fort Carlton Provincial Historic Park 12:30 Lunch at Bellevue 2 Batoche National Historic Park All Groups: 5:30 Barn Playhouse (Farm Supper, Entertainment, Crafts Shop) 8 Arrive in Saskatoon
================================================ ================================================ SESSIONS AND PAPERS
Please note: Sessions will be held on the University of Saskatchewan campus except on the afternoon of Wednesday July 23, when they will be held at Wanuskewin Heritage Park. CONCURRENT SESSIONS ON UNIVERSITY OF SASKATCHEWAN CAMPUS Session I. Classical, Biblical, Patristic, and Byzantine Rhetoric - Room A Tuesday Seminar 1. Exploring Origins Mirhady, D.C. "The Philosophical Intersections of Aristotle's Rhetoric" Schiappa, E. "Aristotle's Genre of Epideictic and the Athenian Epitaphios" Chiron, P. "La Rhetorique a Alexandre et l'eloquence du IVe s." Calboli, G. "The Figures of Thought and the Progymnasmata: At the Beginning of the Doctrine of Figures" Seminar 2. Exploring Contexts: Greek Oratory Andrews, J.A. "Audience and Ideology in Fifth-Century Athens" Rose, P. W. "Theorizing Athenian Imperialism from Its Rhetoric: The Case of Mytilene" Edwards, M.J. "Andocides the 'Gentleman' Orator" Vallozza, M. "Kalliste dorea: Isocrate e il suo committente" Wednesday Seminar 1. Adapting Theory to Context Gaines, R.N. "Philodemus and the Ethical Theory of Delivery" Schenkeveld, D. M. "The Stasis Theory Applied to Some Orations of Demosthenes" Papillon, T. L. "Isocrates, Dissociation, and Goodwill" Montefusco, L. "Aristotle's Rhetoric: The Speaker and His Audience" Thursday Seminar 1. Exploring Contexts: Roman Republic and Empire Pennacini, A. "Rhetoric and Politics. Apollodorus, Teacher of Octavianus, and Theodorus, Teacher of Tiberius: An Attempt in the History of Rhetoric" Fogel, J. "Rebuking Your Public in Athens and Rome: Roman Adaptation of a Figure of Thought" Wisse, J. "Rhetorical History? Cicero's 'Theory of Historiography' Re-examined" Sullivan, R. "Quintilian and the Genera causarum" Seminar 2. Literary Origins and Adaptations Varwig, F.R. "'Two golden talents lay amidst...' (Pope/Homer, I1.) - The Two-fold Representation of Rhetoric in Homer" Faber, R. A. "The Adaptation of Apostrophe in Lucan's Bellum civile" Celentano, M.S. "Il fascino della parola: persuasione e seduzione nell'Ars amatoria di Ovidio" Granatelli, R. "Ta eschematismena e controversiae figuratae: somiglianze, differenze, derivazioni" Friday Seminar 1. Biblical and Patristic Rhetoric Selby, G.S. "Blameless at his Coming: The Rhetorical Function of Paul's Apocalyptic Language in 1 Thessalonians" Quick, C.S. "Gospel Rhetoric and Oral Tradition Ethos" Henderson, I.H. "'Salted with Fire' (Mark 9:42-50): Stylistics and Oracular Rhetoric in Gospel Criticism" Astell, Ann W. "The Rhetoric and Poetics of Concessio: Cassiodorus's Commentary on the Psalms" Seminar 2. Byzantine East and Latin West Perria, L. "L'interpunzione in funzione retorica nella prassi dei manoscritti bizantini (secc. IX-X)" Metodieva, L. "La tradition greco-byzantine dans le manuscrit de Agapy Rilski" Alexandrova, D. "Cyril and Methodius and Slavonic Rhetorical Tradition" Session II. Medieval and Renaissance Rhetoric - Room B Tuesday Seminar 1. The Ars dictaminis and the Ars arengandi (Polak: Organizer) Polak, E.J. [Introduction] Coffey, T.F. "The Stormy History of the Rediscovery of Alberic of Monte Cassino" Hinojosa, D. "The Transmission of the ars arengandi in Court Propositions" Richardson, M. "Rhetoric and Power in the Late Medieval Epistle" Camargo, M.J. "The Ars dictaminis in Context: Oxford in the Late Middle Ages" Seminar 2. Rhetoric in England Dobyns, A. "The Canterbury Tales and Forensic Rhetoric" Mack, P. "Elizabethan Parliamentary Oratory" Calder, C. "Royal Rhetoric: Varieties of Oratorical Effect in Q and F Henry V" Stanivukovic, G.V. "Prospero Without Books: The Tempest and Memoria" Wednesday Seminar 1. Rhetoric and the Comic in Sixteenth-Century Humanism (Bowen: Organizer) Chatlos, K. "Rhetorical Strategies and Ludic Theology in Erasmus's 'Concerning the Eating of Fish'" Mehl, J. "Rhetorical Shifts in the Characterization of the 'Obscure Men' in the Epistolae obscurorum virorum (1515-17) and the Ex obscurorum virorum salibus cribratus dialogus (c. 1519)" Bowen, B. "Cicero's Jokes Recycled (1528-1598)" Thursday Seminar 1. Rhetoric in the Reformation DeCoursey, M. "Erasmus' Ecclesiastes and his Model of Rhetoric" Leroux, N.R. "Luther's Invocavit Sermons: The Rhetor's Perceived Situation" Lares, J.A. "Scriptural Defences in Early Modern England" McClintock, M.R. "Rhetoric and Reformation in Mid-Sixteenth Century England" Seminar 2. Revising Rhetoric: From Agricola to the Jesuits van der Poel, M. "Topics in the Rhetorical Theory and Practice of Desiderus Erasmus (1469-1536)" Moss, J..D. "Antistrophic Rhetoric: Aristotelian Rhetoric in Renaissance Rome and Padua" Green, L. D. "Aristotle's Rhetoric Made Methodical" Lichanski, Z.J. "Rhetoric and Philosophy in Jesuit Teaching: Assertiones Rhetoricae, Poznan 1577" Friday Seminar 1. Rhetoric in French Literature Vaillancourt, L. "La lettre familiere francaise a la Renaissance: Tradition rhetorique et novation epistolographique" Beaulieu, J-P. "Rhetorique et pratique de l'epitre en prose: le cas de Marie Dentiere et d'Helisenne de Crenne" Desrosiers-Bonin, D. "La rhetorique deliberative dans l'Epistre de Marie Dentiere" Duche-Gavet, V. "L'Amant Resuscite de la mort d'amour: une rhapsodie de Nicolas Denisot" Seminar 2. Rhetoric in Spain Gomez-Alonso, J.-C. "Adaptaciones de la retorica eclesiastica: Fray Luis de Granada y Fray Diego Valades" Arribas, J. "Alterations and Adaptations of the Sweet Style in the Spanish Renaissance: The Case of Antonio Lulio" Fryer, C. A. "Alterations and Adaptations of the Figure of Evidence in the Spanish Golden Age" Session III. Early Modern Rhetoric (16th-18th Centuries) - Room C Tuesday Seminar 1. Rhetoric in Late Renaissance English and Dutch Literature Vavra, L. "Renaissance Vernacular Rhetorics and the Devotions of John Donne" Collins, S. "The Near Omnipotence of Peacham's Orator: Articulating the Correspondences of the Elizabethan World View" Wu, H. "Betraying Utopia: Gender Separation in Margaret Cavendish's Orations of Divers Sorts Accommodated to Divers Places" Jansen, J. "Perspicuity as Decorum in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Drama Theory" Seminar 2. Continental Rhetoric of the Late Renaissance Jomphe, C. "Eloge de la dispositio et structure de deux arts poetiques de la Renaissance" Fruteau de Laclos, H. "Les progymnasmata au XVIe siecle: restauration et adaptation d'une tradition scolaire" Guillot, R. "Rhetorique et poesie dans 'Le Mespris de la Vie et la Consolation contre la mort' de J. B. Chassignet" Zoberman, P. "De l'antiquite a la rhetorique francaise: d'une technique de la persuasion a un artisanat du beau texte" Wednesday Seminar 1. Rhetoric, Science, and Modernity Cragg, G. W. "Paradoxes in the Conflict over 'Res et Verba'" Cunningham. R. "Rhetorical or Scientific Inconsistency? A Gap Between Programme and Practice in Early Modern Science" North, S. G. "Logic/Anti-Logic in the Marketplace of Ideas: Sir Francis Bacon's Adaptation of Classical Discourse to an Enlightenment Rhetoric" Hobbs, C.L. "Vico, Condillac, Monboddo: An Inquiry into Issues of 'Modernity' and Rhetoric" Thursday Seminar 1. New Concepts of Rhetoric: Self, Psyche, and Society Boswell, G.M. "Language and Emotion in 17th-Century Rhetorics" Harrington, D.K. "Rhetoric, Ethics, and Cartesian Epistemology" Parmentier, B. "L'eloquence du livre: Critique de l'autorite rhetorique dans les Caracteres de La Bruyere" van Ingen, F.J. "Rhetorik und literarische Konversation" Seminar 2. New Directions in Rhetoric Ben Messaoud, S. "Balthazar Gibert, precurseur de la pragmatique" Gaillet, L.L. "Michel le Faucheur: The Continental Authority Behind the Eighteenth-Century English Elocutionary Movement" Lynn, S.W. "Locke's Impact on Eighteenth-Century Rhetoric" Johannes, G-J. "Rhetorics in Holland around 1800: The Painful Discoveries of a Small Language Community" Friday Seminar 1. Enlightenment Rhetoric Skolnik, C.M. "Rhetorics of the Sublime" Sloane, S. "Borrowing Longinus: Visible Traces of On the Sublime in the Primary Authors of the Scottish Enlightenment, 1757-1809" Agnew, L.P. "Common Sense as Epistemic: George Campbell's Rhetorical Process" Gellis, M.D. "The Concept of Error in the Sermons of Blair and Campbell" Seminar 2. The Rhetoric of Translation France, P. "The Rhetoric of Translation" Miller, S.L. "Adapting 'Inke Horne Termes': The Problem of Terminology in English Translations and Adaptations of Renaissance Humanist Rhetorical Theory" Crogiez, M. "Rousseau face a la periode: rythme rhetorique et scansion melodique" Hamilton, J. "Plastik und Musik: Wilhelm von Humboldt's Revivification of Pindar" Session IV. Late Eighteenth- to Nineteenth-Century Rhetoric - Room D Tuesday Seminar 1. New Rhetoric for a New Republic: U.S.A. Goodwin, J. "The Rhetorical Force of Glory, from Cicero to his Republican Posterity" Morrow, T.S. "John Witherspoon and Creation of the United States Constitution: The Interplay of Ciceronian Eloquence and Decorum and Scottish Moral Philosophy" O'Rourke, S.P. "'To Fill the Fountains of Eloquence': Rhetorical Handbooks and the Formation of the Republican Orator" Seminar 2. American National Rhetoric of Place and Race Clark, G., and Halloran, M. "Land, Landscape, and National Identity in the United States" Trapp, J. S. "'The Cloudy Pillar of Inspiration': Oratory and the Making of Uncle Tom's Cabin" Wilson, K. W. "Decorum and the Civil Rights Act of 1875: A Study in Cultural and Discursive Transformation" Wednesday Seminar 1. Rhetoric in Nineteenth-Century Europe Wuelfing, W. "Simulatio und dissimulatio: Rhetorische Strategien deutschsprachiger Literaten des 19. Jahrhunderts als Adaptationsformen griechisch-lateinischer Traditionen" Schanze, H. "The Concept of 'Festspiel' and the Transformations of Rhetoric in the 19th Century" Robling, F-H. "The Force of Plasticity: Some Reflections on the Concept of Rhetorical Subjectivity in F. Nietzsche" Bashford, B. "Oscar Wilde on the Art of Rhetoric" Session V. Rhetoric in Asia - Room D Thursday Seminar 1. Classical Rhetorical Traditions in China and Japan (Garrett: Organizer) Xing Lu. "The Conceptualization of Ming (naming) by Ancient Chinese Thinkers" Heping Zhao. "Speaking, Persuasion, and Self-Preservation: Rhetorical Appeals in Han Fei Zi" LuMing Mao. "A Skeptical Engagement with Language: Chuang Tzu's View on Words" Farnsley, K.W. "Classical Japanese Rhetoric: Neo-Confucianism" Seminar 2. New Directions in the Study of Chinese Rhetoric Yameng Liu. "From Chen Kui's Wen Ze (The Principles of Composition) to Chen Yizeng's Wen Shuo (A Treatise on Writing): The Systematization of Classical Chinese Rhetoric during the Song-Yuan Period" Xiaosui Xiao. "The Chinese Organic Views and a Rhetorical Mission to Liberate the Mind" Garrett, M. "Women and the Chinese Rhetorical Tradition" Xu, G.Q. "A Comparative Study of the Rhetorics of Ancient Greece and Pre-Ch'in China" Session VI. Queer Rhetoric (Salazar: Organizer) - Room D Friday Seminar 1. Contemporary Studies of Queer Rhetoric Leap, W. "Story Telling and the Discourse of the American Gay City" Spurlin, W. "Queer Desire and Psychoanalysis as Cultural and Rhetorical Interventions in Film" Champagne, J. "Is There a Transnational Queer Rhetoric?" Seminar 2. Past Rhetoric of Identity Seifert, L. "Rhetoric of Bi-sexual Innuendo in Seventeenth-Century Anti-Royalist Pamphlets" Goodkin, R. "Orgon and the Rhetoric of Censored Desire" Salazar, P-J. "Rhetorical Modes in Male Academia in 17th-Century Europe: Towards a Gay Savant Discourse" Session VII. Twentieth-Century Approaches to Rhetoric - Room E Tuesday Seminar 1. Approaches to Rhetoric: Alternative, Comparative, Interdisciplinary Spina, L. "It Isn't Difficult to Praise the Athenians in Athens..." Douay, F. "Rhetorique 'alternative' ou rhetorique 'comparee'?" Saim, M. "Alternatives, Alterations and Patterns of Adaptation in the New French Rhetoric of Modernity" Wiegmann, H. "Entwurf einer interdisziplinaren Rhetorik" Seminar 2. Rhetoric and Contemporary Theories Albaladejo, T. "'Rhetorica recepta' as Basis of Modern Rhetoric: Persistence and Renewal of Greco-Roman Tradition" Robbins, V.K. "Socio-Rhetorical Criticism as an Adaptation of Greco-Roman Rhetoric" Abbott, D.P. "Semiotics and the End of Rhetoric" Plett, H.F. "Modernizing Classical Rhetoric: A Critique and a Concept" Wednesday Seminar 1. The Ancients and the Postmoderns" (Mailloux: Organizer) Mailloux, S. "Postmoderns Read the Ancients" Jarratt, S. C. "Ekphrasis and Postmodern Theory" Vitanza, V.J. "Harriet Grote, The Personal Life of George Grote, and the Return of 'Third Sophistics'" Worsham, L. "Pathetic Postmodernism" Thursday Seminar 1. Rhetoric and Logic Purcell, W.M., and Chamberlain, R. G. "The Limits of Discourse: A Rhetorical Analysis of Plato's Gorgias and Phaedrus" Hansen, H.V. "Rhetoric and Logic: A Common History?" Kraus, M. "Rhetoric and Pragmatism: Charles S. Peirce's Theory of Abduction and the Aristotelian Enthymeme from Signs" Apostolova, G. "Towards an Argumentative Approach to English Language Learning" Seminar 2. Political Rhetoric in the Contemporary World Dronzina, T. "The Classical Sense of Dialogue and the Sense of Social Dialogue in the East European Countries" Okechukwu, C.M. "Rhetoric in Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart" Duffy, J. "From Oral Narratives to a Literacy of Dissent: Laotian Hmong Refugees and a New American Rhetoric" Friday Seminar 1. New Approaches to Ancient Rhetoric Eades, T. W. "The Subject of Rhetoric in Classical Athens" Leidl, C. "The Shaping of Metaphor" Wiethoff, W. "Rhetorical Theories of Humor in the Greco-Roman Tradition: A Poverty of Adaptations" ParaIso, I. "Los Precedimientos de lo Risible en Ciceron, Quintiliano, Freud y Bergson" Seminar 2. Studying Women in Ancient Rhetoric Welch, K.E. "Feminist Historiographies of Rhetoric and Plato's Diotima" Rankine, P. "The Politics of Identity: Othering and Women's Rhetoric in Euripides' Hecuba" Galaz, M. "Rhetorical Strategies of Feminine Speech in the V-IV Century Orators" Coyne, P.A. "Praise of Roman Imperial Women: Plus fecit quam quod sexus concesserat illi" Session VIII. Rhetoric and The Fine Arts - Room F Tuesday Seminar 1. Rhetoric and Art van Eck, C.A. "Vicenzo Scamozzi on the Role of Rhetoric in Architectural Theory: The Persuasive Presentation of Architecture in the Idea dell'Architettura (1615)" Blom, H.W. "Boxhornius's Emblemata and Neoclassicist Political Thought in the Dutch Republic" Cockcroft, R. "Pathos and Painting: Franciscus Junius and the Uses of Art" Nativel, C.J. "Le decus: convenance ou bienseance" Seminar 2. Ecphrasis Crescenzo, R. "De l'ecphrasis a la constitution d'un discours sur l'art: les Images de Philostrate et leur adaptation a la Renaissance." Dubel, S. "L'apostrophe au lecteur, ou comment une figure peu generer un personnage (Philostrate, Imagines)" Smoliarova, T.I. "Le role de l'ecphrasis dans l'histoire culturelle de France a la limite des XVI-XVII siecles" Shaffer, D.L. "Ekphrasis and the Rhetoric of Viewing in Philostratus' Imaginary Museum" Session IX. Rhetoric in Education - Room F Wednesday Seminar 1. Classical and Neoclassical Pedagogical Practices Nienkamp, J. "Isocrates' Philosophical Logon Paideia: Wisdom in Kairos" Smith, M. D. [Cornelia: Letters to Her Sons] Friend, C. "The Declamation Exercises: Connecting Rhetorical, Ethical, and Political Education in the Roman Schools" Poster, C. "Porphyry and the Rhetorization of Neoplatonic Mysticism" Thursday Seminar 1. Education from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance Knappe, G. "The Rhetorical Aspect of Grammar Teaching in Anglo-Saxon England (700-1100 A.D.)" Lawand, J.T. "El Ars conficiendi epistolas de Jacobo Publicio" Pendergrass, J.N. "The Practice of Copia verborum in the Letters of Germain Maciot" Burton, G. O. "A Rhetorical Analysis of Erasmian Amplification: Tuae literae me magnopere delectarunt" Seminar 2. Rhetoric in the Early Modern Curriculum Christiansen, N.L. "Competing Decorums in 16th-Century British Rhetorics: Alternatives and Adaptations within a Tradition" Deitch, J. "'Should a philosopher take a wife?' The Topic of Women and the Renaissance Education of Boys" Mitchell, L.C. "The Use of Rhetoric to Tame the Moral and Linguistic Nature of Children" Scott, B.T. "Jesuit Rhetoric in Seventeenth-Century France" Friday Seminar 1. Rhetorical Training for Professionals Sullivan, C. "Credit as Commodity, in Early Modern Business Texts" Locker, K.O. "Adaptations of the Rhetorical Tradition in Letter-Writers' Commercial Correspondence, 1589-1900" Perry, L.A. "The Legal Rhetorical Treatise Tradition in Early-Modern England" Hill, K. "The Rhetoric of Utility: Negotiating the Role of Mathematical Practitioners in Early Modern England" Seminar 2. Education Since the Enlightenment Ferreira-Buckley, L. "The Influence of Classical Rhetorical Texts in Eighteenth-Century Scottish Education" Sjoer, E. "Nineteenth-Century Rhetoric in the Netherlands" Hewett, B.L. "Samuel P. Newman and Nathaniel Hawthorne: A Case Study of Rhetorical Theory in Practice" Schnakenberg, K.R. "Adaptations of Aristotelian Rhetoric in American Writing Textbooks 1950-1965" Session X. Women and The Rhetorical Tradition (Sutherland: Organizer) - Room Tuesday Seminar 1. The Setting: Women's Exclusion, Why and How? Swearingen, J. "Plato's Women: Alternative Embodiments of Rhetoric" Pullman, G. L. "Mincing Words and Prancing Feet: Why Ancient Rhetoricians Feared the Curling Iron" Enders, J. "Cutting Off the Memory of Women" Seminar 2. Finding Alternatives 1 Collins, V. "The Account of Hester Rogers: The Rhetoric of an Early Methodist Mystic" Ward, J. O. "Women and Latin Rhetoric from Hrostvit to Hildegard" Husby Scheelar, M. M. [The Ethos of St. Catherine of Siena.] Wednesday Seminar 1. Finding Alternatives 2 Wertheimer, M. M. "Breaking the Hold: Strategies of Extrication in Women's Bible Criticism" Bensel-Meyers, L.D. "English Emblem Book Reception Theory and the Meditations of Renaissance Women" Cazes, H. "Repeter pour comprendre" Thursday Seminar 1. Finding a Feminine Voice Johnson, N. "Gender and Ideology in Nineteenth-Century Parlor Rhetoric" Herberg, E. "Mary Astell and the Creation of a Woman's Rhetoric" Graves, H. "Metaphors, Analogies, and the Rhetorical Construction of Gendered Science" Spoel, P. "Re-envisioning Rhetorical Epistemology: Donna Haraway's and Nicole Brossard's Embodied Visions" Seminar 2. Challenges to the Tradition Skretkowicz, V. "Lady Mary Wroth's Urania and the Rhetoric of Female Abuse" King, R. L. "From Voice to Ethos: Women in the Public Arena" Hunter, L. "Feminist Thoughts on Rhetoric" Janack, M., and Adams, J. C. "Feminist Epistemologies, Rhetorical Traditions, and the Ad Hominem" Friday Seminar 1. Emerging into the Tradition Mral, B. "The Public Woman. Women Speakers in Sweden at the Turn of the Century" Williams, A. "Nineteenth Century Canadian Women and the Rhetoric of Advocacy" Bordelon, S. "Democracy as the Ethical Ideal: Gertrude Buck's Social Theory of Rhetoric" Seminar 2. Ede, L.; Glenn, C.; Lunsford, A. Panel: "Roots for New Feminist Theories of Rhetoric" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONCURRENT SESSIONS AT WANUSKEWIN HERITAGE PARK (Wednesday, July 23 only) Seminar 1: Celebrating Living Cree Oratory (Organizers: W. Stevenson and M. Campbell) Winona Stevenson, "Historical Misunderstandings of Aboriginal Oratory" Cree Orators Panel: Marius Iron (Cree), translated into English by Maria Campbell Harold Cardinal (Cree) Maria Campbell (Cree-Metis) Open Forum Panel Discussion Seminar 2: Encounters Between Europe and America Gerardo Ramirez Vidal, "Retorica y colonialismo en las cronicas de la conquista de Mexico" Gary Hatch, "Representations of Native American Discourse in Scottish Rhetorics" Carl Johnson, "Law of Place and Ethnicity in Ptolemaic Egypt and Modern Canada: An Examination of Conflict of Laws"