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23rd Annual Byzantine Studies Conference
Madison, WI, September 1997


The Twenty-third Annual Byzantine Studies Conference will be held at the University of Wisconsin in Madison from Thursday evening, September 25, through Sunday early afternoon, September 28, 1997. The conference is the annual forum for the presentation and discussion of papers on every aspect of Byzantine studies, and is open to all, regardless of nationality or academic status. To have a paper considered for the program, please submit an abstract following these guidelines: 1. All proposed papers must be substantially original and never have been published or presented previously in a public forum. Only one paper can be delivered by each contributor. 2. All abstracts must be typed and single-spaced. Please include your name, address, any academic affiliation, phone and fax numbers and e-mail address, the paper's title, a preferred session (if any), the time desired (15 or 20 minutes), and any projection or other special facilities required. Graduate students: please indicate your status. The abstracts should be no more than 500 words in length and should indicate the paper's original contribution in sufficient detail with some indication of the contributor's conclusions so that the Program Committee may fairly assess its merits. 3. It is possible to submit abstracts for a specific session. Proposals for several sessions have been received with the expectation that many will be interdisciplinary, including: New Discoveries and their Interpretation: Documents and Art Objects; Relations between Visual Art and Literature; The Byzantine Landscape in Literature and Art; The Nature of "Models" and "Copying" in Byzantine Art; The Patronage of Artistic and Literary Production; Mosaics; Archaeology: Material Culture and Everyday Life; Archaeology, Economic History and Trade; Archaeology of Urban Settlements: Issues, Methods and Results; Domestic Architecture; Navigation, Ships, and Harbors; Byzantium and China; Iconoclasm; The Byzantine Monastery; Pilgrimage and Theoretical Approaches in the East and West; Cathedral Church: East and West; "Mother" and "Father" in Byzantium: Literary, Artistic and Historical Perspectives; Romance and Hagiography in the Middle Byzantine Period; Byzantine Theory and Practice of Music; Hymnography; Liturgy and Devotion; Manuscript Studies; Constructions of Queenship in the East and West; Capital and Provinces; Canon Law and Jurisprudence; Byzantine Medicine: Texts and Culture; Byzantium and the East: Political, Economic and Cultural Relations; The Invention of Byzantium in Byzantine Scholarship: Old Approaches and New Directions. We are particularly encouraging submissions in Late Byzantine history, art and culture. Proposals for other panels with suggested chairs and commentators as well as proposals for entire panels (with abstracts) are welcome. 4. ANNUAL DUES REQUIREMENT. Those submitting proposals for presentation must be members in good standing (i.e., current dues paid) to have an abstract considered by the Program Committee. An exception will be granted to non-U.S. scholars who do not have immediate access to U.S. funds; they will be expected to pay the full fee for conference registration. Dues: $20.00 for regular members and $10.00 for associate members (students or scholars who have retired or are not currently employed). Checks payable to "Byzantine Studies Conference" must be sent separately to the Treasurer (see separate enclosure). 5. Abstracts must be postmarked no later than March 15, 1997 or March 1st, 1997, if submitted from abroad, and sent to Helen Saradi, Program Chair, Department of Languages and Literatures, Classics, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, N1G 2W1, Canada (tel. 519-824-4120 # 2885). 6. Notice of acceptance or rejection will be mailed by early May. If accepted, the abstract must be revised and retyped (according to guidelines mailed with the acceptance notice) for inclusion in the BSC's Abstracts of Papers; failure to do so by June 30, 1997 will be considered a withdrawal of the paper. 7. The submission of an abstract and its acceptance represents a commitment from the contributor to read the paper in person at the Conference. Those who cannot attend must withdraw their papers no later than June 30, 1997. 8. All abstracts will be reviewed by each member of the Program Committee: Annemarie Weyl Carr (Fine Art, Southern Methodist University, Dallas), Derek Krueger (Dept. of Religious Studies, University of North Carolina Greensboro), George Majeska (Dept. of History, University of Maryland), Helen Saradi (Classics, University of Guelph), Ronald Weber (Dept. of History, University of Texas at El Paso), Stephen Zwirn (Dumbarton Oaks). Questions concerning local arrangements in Madison may be directed to the local Arrangements Committee: John W. Barker and Frank M. Clover, Department of History, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI 53706, tel.608-263-1823. Participants should note that the BSC is funded only by registration fees and dues which must be paid by all participants, and that the Conference has no funding to defray the costs of travel or lodging. Graduate Students may be eligible for a travel subsidy and should declare their status when submitting their abstracts. The current officers of the Byzantine Studies Conference are Ralph W. Mathisen, President (University of South Carolina), Thelma Thomas, Vice-president (University of Michigan), Alice Christ, Secretary, (University of Kentucky), Alice-Mary Talbot, Treasurer (Dumbarton Oaks).
Copies of the Byzantine Studies Conference Abstracts of Papers may be ordered from the Byzantine Studies Conference, c/o Dumbarton Oaks, 1703 32nd Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20007 (ATTN.: John Nesbitt). The cost is $45 for 1995-99 (nos 21-25); $30.00 for 1990- 94 (nos 16-20; no. 18 out-of-print and no. 19 almost so); $30.00 for 1985-89 (nos 11-15); $20.00 for 1980-84 (nos. 6-10). Individual copies available: nos. 3-10, $6.50; nos. 11-20, $7.50 (postage included). Checks payable to the Byzantine Studies Conference.