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Ivilikou: Papua New Guinea Music Conference and Festival
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, September 1997


CALL FOR PAPERS Ivilikou: Papua New Guinea Music Conference and Festival 17-21 September 1997, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea Organised by the Faculty of Creative Arts (University of Papua New Guinea) and the Institute of Papua New Guinea Studies
Themes for conference: * Music and religion. The role of music in traditional religion; the types of music in Christian worship in Papua New Guinea * Papua New Guinea popular music. The history, development, and future of popular music in PNG and internationally; including, a roundtable discussion with past and present musicians involved in popular music * Traditional music and changing contexts. Ways in which traditional music has been modified to meet the new demands of regional or school shows; the effect of new contexts on solo performances or music for smaller ensembles * Traditional ownership and copyright. The conflict between traditional ownership and the global market; unauthorised usage of traditional music recordings; what kind of copyright does PNG need While the conference themes focus on Papua New Guinea music, papers will also be accepted on these topics concerning other Pacific states. A number of concerts are also planned, in particular, one demonstrating the diversity of Christian worship through music and one illustrating music performed by individuals or small groups. Those wishing to participate in the conference should send copies of their abstracts to the organisers, along with any audio-visual requirements (for example, cassette player, slide projector, overhead projector, etc.). Participants requiring accommodation should contact the organisers for advice on hotels and rates. Organisers: Denis Crowdy Music Section, Faculty of Creative Arts University of Papua New Guinea Box 113 University Post Office NCD 134 PAPUA NEW GUINEA (fax: [675] 326-0214] (email: Don Niles Music Department Institute of PNG Studies Box 1432 Boroko 111 PAPUA NEW GUINEA (fax: [675] 325-0531) (email: