The University of Milan - The Marco Fodella Foundation
The Francesco da Milano International Symposium
23 - 24 October, 1997
Milan, Italy

The international symposium in honor of the 500th anniversary of the birth of Francesco Canova da Milano is being organized by the University of Milan in collaboration with the Marco Fodella Foundation and will be held on Thursday the 23rd and Friday the 24th of October, 1997, at the ancient monastery attached to the church of Sant'Antonio Abate, Via Sant'Antonio 5, Milan. Those who would like to participate should contact:   The secretary of the symposium is  
Thursday, 23 October 1997. Aula Magna of the University of Milan 
entrance at the cortile d'onore, Via Festa del Perdono.  
10:30-11:00  Registration of participants 
11:00-11:30  Introduction: Prof. Paolo Mantegazza, Rector of the University of Milan. 
Opening of the Symposium:  Prof. Francesco Degrada, director of the Institute of Musicology and Performing arts of  the University of Milan. 
11:30-13:00  Session I. 
13:00-15:00  Lunch. 
15:00-17:00  Session II. 
17:00-17:30  Tea. 
17:30-19:30  Session III. 
21:00-22:00  Concert of lute music by Francesco da Milano, to be held in the Basilica dei Santi Apostoli e Nazaro Maggiore (San Nazaro in Brolio). Lutenist: Paul Beier 
Friday, 24 October 1997. 
09:30-11:00  Session IV. 
11:00-11:30  Coffee. 
11:30-13:00  Session V. 
13:00  Closing of the symposium. 

Provisional list, in alphabetical order, of participants of the symposium (lecture titles are subject to further revision):  

Mariagrazia Carlone, Chiavenna, Italy  
(musicologist and musical iconographer, author of studies on musical iconography in Piedmont)  
Images of Francesco da Milano.  

Victor Coelho, University of Calgary, Canada / Villa I Tatti, Italy 
(musicologist, author of studies on the sources of lute music in Italy)   
The Reputation of Francesco da Milano: Historiography, Revival, and 'La Compagna' 

Dinko Fabris, Conservatorio di Bari, Italy  
(musicologist, author of studies on Italian lutenists and lute music)  
The influence of  Francesco in Naples and on Neapolitan lute music.  

Arthur J. Ness, Boston, Massachusetts, USA  
(musicologist, author of the first critical edition of the complete works of Francesco da Milano)  
The sources of Francesco da Milano's music and the presentation of a new edition of the complete lute works.  
(The second edition of the works of Francesco da Milano may be published in appendix to the acts of the symposium).  

Franco Pavan, Milan, Italy  
(lutenist and musicologist, author of studies on the biography of Francesco da Milano)  
The state of Francesco studies and biographical update in the light of newly discovered documents.  

William F. Prizer, University of California at Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, USA   
(musicologist, author of studies on sixteenth-century secular vocal music)   
Secular Music at Milan in the Early Cinquecento: A Study of Florence, Biblioteca del Conservatorio, Ms Basevi 2441 

Jean-Michel Vaccaro, Tours, France. Centre d'Etudes Superieurs de la Renaissance, Université F. Rabelais  
(musicologist, author of the critical edition of the complete works of Alberto da Mantova and of studies on renaissance and baroque French lute music)  
The music of Alberto da Mantova.  

The international symposium, which will host the leading scholars of Francesco from around the world, will also provide an opportunity in which to enjoy his music. It will be performed by lutenist Paul Beier at the church of San Nazaro in Brolio, where Francesco himself was a Canon, on October 23rd at 9 p.m., in conclusion of the third series of concerts sponsored by The Marco Fodella Foundation. The series will open with a concert of the music of Francesco's time for voice and lute (Emanuela Galli soprano, Gabriele Palomba lute) on October 2nd, to be followed by concerts on the 9th (Nigel North) and the 16th of October (Ensemble La Venexiana). These concerts will be held at the Basilica of San Marco (Sacrestia Monumentale) in Milan.  

Symposium participants will stay at the Atlantic Hotel **** (Fax +39-2-670 6533; tel +39-2-669-1941), Via Napo Torriani 24, 20124 Milan. Other participants may take advantage of the special rates offered by the Atlantic Hotel by writing to them, to the attention of Signora Margherita Locatelli.