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Iowa Seashore Symposium
Iowa City, October 1997


The forthcoming Iowa Seashore Symposium is dedicated to the work 
and legacy of Carl Seashore, who taught at the University of Iowa for 
some thirty years.  Paper topics, however, are by no means limited to 
the subject of Seashore;  all areas of research touching on questions of 
musicality and its nature, measurement, and development are welcome.  
This will be a large, inter-disciplinary conference.  All music theorists 
and psychologists whose work might relate to the theme of the conference 
are invited to submit paper proposals and attend.
Iowa Seashore Symposium School of Music UNIVERSITY OF IOWA October 16-18, 1997 Call for Papers
The Iowa Seashore Symposium will be held at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, October 16-18, 1997. Carl Seashore's research on musicality stimulated lively debate and differing paradigms on the nature of musicality and its measurement. This symposium offers an interdisciplinary perspective on the nature of musicality, its measurement, and pedagogical issues regarding its development. We encourage all types of research representing perspectives such as music perception and cognition, philosophy, education, ethnomusicology, history, testing and measurement, neurosciences, and other disciplines relating to this topic. The symposium will include several invited presentations in addition to the papers solicited in this announcement. Papers selected will be considered for reading presentations, panel discussions, and posters. Four copies of the complete paper must be postmarked by May 1, 1997. Papers should be a maximum length of 20 double-spaced pages, and written and presented in English. A separate cover page should include author's name, institutional affiliation, and full contact information (address, telephone, fax, and e-mail if available). There will be an emphasis on panel and poster presentations, so please indicate all of the formats that would be acceptable to you: read paper, panel discussion, or poster session. Paper selection will be completed by June 1, 1997, and authors will be promptly notified. Send submissions and inquiries to: Kate Gfeller, Symposium Chair School of Music University of Iowa Iowa City, Iowa 52242 USA (319) 356-2014 e-mail: Symposium Information Contact Person: Carlos Rodriguez School of Music University of Iowa Iowa City, IA 52242 (319) 335-3030 e-mail: Symposium Submission Form Name and address of presenting author for correspondence _____________________________________________________ Author name Last First ______________________________________________________ Profession/title Affiliation ______________________________________________________ Mailing Address _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ Country ______________________________________ Telephone FAX Presentation format: Check all those formats acceptable to you: Read Paper ____ Poster _____ Panel Please mark the focus area of your paper: The nature of musicality ____ The testing and measurement of musicality _____ The development of musicality ______ Other related topic ______________________________________ Thomas Christensen School of Music University of Iowa Iowa City, IA 52242 e-mail: