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Vienna 1897: Cultural and Historical Profiles of Early Viennese Modernism
Vienna, November 1997

From: cornelia szabo-knotik <>

I was asked to forward this call for papers - but PLEASE use the e-mail
address below for your personal requests.
C. Szabo-Knotik

Institut fur Musikgeschichte Wien
Schubertring 14
A-1010 Wien

Vienna, January 28, 1997

Call for papers

We invite you to submit proposals for

Vienna 1897 - Cultural and Historical Profiles of Early Viennese Modernism

which will take place in Vienna, November 13 - November 15 1997.

The meeting is intended to provide a varied approach to Viennese culture,
as exemplified by different events and phenomena which took place in 1897.
This year shows impulses toward the development of early modernity (such
as the establishment of the "Secession", Mahler's appointment to Vienna's
Hofoper) as well as manifestations of growing social and political decay
in Austrian society, which are connected to the rise of anti-liberal,
nationalist and populist political and cultural concepts. The meeting
attempts to give a picture of those various and often contradictory
phenomena, combining and discussing results of current historical,
sociological and cultural research.

If you can contribute to the following general issues, we would be very
glad to consider your proposal (note the enclosed format). The papers
should be at most 45 minutes in length, in order to allow for subsequent
general discussion. The papers will be published; therefore we need a
computer-disc contining your paper (please give informations concerning
your software). If your paper is not in German or English, please send it
by September, so that a translation can be made and provided to the
meeting's participants.

Deadline for submission of proposals: March 31, 1997
We will answer definitely by May 1, 1997

General issues:
- Viennese modernity in relation to international modernity
- anti-modernism in politics, society and the arts
- the public for Viennese modernity
- the financing of Viennese modernity: economic and structural backgrounds
- modernity in Vienna's popular culture
- the reception of modernity in documentary sources
- modernity in relation to Wagnerism
- modernity in daily life
- Austria's cultural bureaucracy in relation to modernity
- reforming religion
- reforming science
- the audiences: structures and interests

The meeting will take place at
1037 Wien, Rennweg 8, Abteilung Musikpädagogik, Konzertsaal

For further information please contact
Institut fur Musikgeschichte
Schubertring 14
A-1010 Wien

Tel. + 43 1 5137600/29 (Fax:/42)