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The Sites of Culture, 1450-1850
Chapel Hill, December 1997


Call for Papers Group For Early Modern Cultural Studies Early Modern Culture 1450-1850 December 4-7, 1997 Chapel Hill, North Carolina The Sites of Culture
GEMCS provides a forum for innovative, experimental, and alternative inquiries into all aspects of early modern culture and society. We solicit abstracts for papers, panels, discussion groups or workshops that engage a variety of disciplines, approaches and formats. We encourage alternative formats such as workshops and discussion groups. To promote discussion we ask that formal papers be limited to 10 minutes. We particularly invite proposals on Pedagogy and for workshops on Political Activism and Community/Academic Relations. Abstracts (250 words) for papers, workshops and sessions, must be submitted by Wednesday, April 9, 1997. Those interested in forming or joining panels can send their topics and proposals to the GEMCS list to solicit other panel members; further Information on the conference will appear on the list. Session Organizers: Please submit a single abstract with the names, full addresses, paper titles, and brief descriptions of the all the papers for each of the session participants. GEMCS complies with ADA Guidelines, and interpreters can be provided upon request. Please send abstracts to: James Thompson and Mary Sheriff, Department of English, 200 Greenlaw Hall CB #3520, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 27599-3520