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Synaesthesia: Communities, Identities, Technologies
Vancouver, January 1998


CALL FOR PAPERS Synaesthesia: Communities, Identities, Technologies 7th Annual University of British Columbia Graduate Students' Conference Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada January 19 - January 22, 1998
The University of British Columbia's 7th Annual Graduate Students' Conference invites submissions that interrogate traditional ways of knowing and venture beyond the conventional. Submissions may interpret the theme of synaesthesia and the subthemes of communities, indentities and technologies as widely or narrowly as desired. Papers or creative writing addressing the conference theme may do so in either English or French and are encouraged to explore a wide variety of subjects, theoretical perspectives and genres. Participation from all disciplines in the arts and humanities is encouraged. Topics may include but are not limited to the following or combinations of the following: -text/hypertext -landscape and memory -narratives/metanarratives -nations and nationhood -bodies and bodyscapes -imagined communities -communications theory -information technology -translation -creative writing -architecture and space -postmodern/postcolonial theories and literatures -performity and orality -popular culture -gender and sexuality -politics of poetic discourse SUBMISSIONS MUST BE POSTMARKED OR E-MAILED BY NOVEMBER 17TH, 1997. Submit three copies of a 1-2 page abstract for a 20 minute presentation. on a separate cover page include your name, proposal title, and university of affiliation. As screening of submissions will be blind, do not place your name on the abstract. Mail submissions to: c/o Sean Lawrence Department of English #397-1873 East Mall Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1 Canada FAX: +1-604-874-1838 Address queries to Anna Cooper: See our web page at