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Chinese Buddhist Music: Research, Propagation, Characteristics
Taipei, February 1998

Chinese Buddhist music: research, propagation, characteristics 16-17 February 1998 Central Library of Taipei, Taiwan, R. O. C.
Aims: 1.To reveal the innate qualities of Buddhist music through academic research and performance. 2.To encourage a wider perspective on and creativity in Buddhist music through raising awareness of the aesthetics of Buddhist arts, and to enhance international exchange in Buddhist music. Sponsors: Fokuang University Nanhua Management College, and FKS Foundation of Buddhist Culture and Education Organisers: Ven. TZU Huei, Prof. LIN Gufeng Ways of attendance: 1. Paper presenters: a) Deadline for paper abstracts: 15 November b) Paper length: ca. 6,000 Chinese characters or 3,000 English words c) Languages: primarily Chinese, secondarily English N.B. Several Chinese scholars have already been invited, so the number of remaining places for papers is small. 2. Audience members: a) Members of the sangha, and anyone else interested in research on Buddhist music b) Maximum attendance: 300 persons c) Fees: - Attendance at lectures: NT$100 per person (for groups of 10 or more, 3 may participate free of charge) - Attendance at performances: from NT$300 to NT$1,000 - Transportation, room and board at own cost - Deadline for registration: 30 November 1997 - Deadline for payment: 30 December 1997 Address for information, registration etc.: Ven. Yung Ban FKS Foundation of Buddhist Culture and Education Fokuangshan Monastery Ta Shu Kaohsiung 84010 TAIWAN, R. O. C. Tel. +886-7-656 1921 ext. 1119; fax 656 1573 Dr. David W. Hughes, Senior Lecturer in Ethnomusicology Centre of Music Studies School of Oriental and African Studies (Univ. of London) Thornhaugh Street, London WC1H 0XG, England tel. +44-171-637-6182 (Centre) / 323-6286 (direct) fax +44-171-436-3844; e-mail