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Inside the Kaleidoscope: Interpreting Interdisciplinarity
Vancouver, February 1998



Submission deadline: 	January 16, 1998

Conference date: 	February 27 & 28, 1998 
at Green College, University of British Columbia

The Second Annual Graduate Student Symposium hosted by the Individual
Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program and Green College, UBC, for
examining the conceptualization and practice of interdisciplinarity. We
welcome abstracts of current research from graduate students in any
discipline, at UBC and at graduate institutions other than UBC. 

Please submit abstracts for papers, panels, posters and performances about
interpreting interdisciplinarity. Creative submissions are particularly
welcome. Trajectories, Themes, Topics: 

	- Science, Technology & Society
	- Weaving Theory & Practice
	- Methods & Configuration
	- Culture & Ideology
	- Identities & Identifications
	- Ethics & Aesthetics
	- Health: Input, Output & Impact

Submission Guidelines

1.      Please type your abstract (max.300 words, single spaced, not smaller
	than 12 point type).

2.      Include Contact Information: name, institution, address, telephone &
	fax numbers, email address.

3.	State what form your abstract will take (paper, poster, panel,
	performance, other).

4.	Complete and return this to:

	Symposium Committee
	IISGP Office, Green College   	Phone:  +1-(604) 822-0954
	6201 Cecil Green Park Road   	Fax:    +1-(604) 822-8742
	Vancouver, B.C., V6T 1Z1       	E-mail:

5. 	Submissions must be received by 4:30 pm, Friday, January 16, 1998. By 
	fax or email.

6.      The symposium programme will be finalized by Friday, February 6, 

Leah Postman, Graduate Secretary
Individual Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program, UBC
6201 Cecil Green Park Road
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6T 1Z1

Tel: +1-604.822.0954
Fax: +1-604.822.8742