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Making and Unmaking History:
The Annual Interdisciplinary English Graduate Conference
Los Angeles, February 1998


'Making And Unmaking History' The Annual Interdisciplinary English Graduate Conference The University of Southern California February 27-28, 1998
What is history? What does it do? What do we do with it? What does it do to us? This conference welcomes papers and presentations, in traditional and nontraditional formats, on the general subject of history and culture from graduate students, faculty and independent scholars. The view of history as a universal, objective, progressive force has come under attack from a variety of perspectives suspicious of foundationalist claims for history as truth. Certain strands of post-structuralist, feminist, postcolonial, post-marxist scholarship (amongst others) have been in the forefront of countering the monolithic conception of history, seeing it instead as always contested, contingent and fragmentary. These objections have themselves been criticised as relativist and methodologically unable to engage with larger issues of power, resistance and change. While this debate, represented schematically here, and the understandings that have emerged from it are of some interest to this conference, papers and presentations are invited on any and all fields of historical/cultural study, from all theoretical and methodological standpoints, and from all disciplines. Possible panel topics include (but are not limited to): Writing and Rewriting History Alternative Histories History as Tragedy History as Farce Subaltern Studies Area Studies The Idea of Periods Museum Culture Collective Memory The History Channel Nostalgia Oliver Stone Period Pieces and Costume Dramas Nietzsche Documentary The End of History Biography and Autobiography Psychohistory Evidence and Archive History at the Margins "“Women’s History Month"”Photography The Bridge to the Future "“BlackHistory Month"” Foucault Disciplining History The Teaching of History The Uses of History The End of Teleology Oral History Memory and Forgetting The Victims of History New Historicism The Ideology of the News History as Narrative Historical Readings of Culture Cultural Readings of History Paranoia Reason in History The Language of History 1-2 page abstracts are due by November 30, 1997 at the following address: Arnab Chakladar Dept. of English Taper Hall Of Humanities USC University Park Los Angeles CA 90089 USA or by email (in text-only format) to: or fax to: +1-310-392-3722 For more information contact the above address. For news and updates on the web check ""