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Sonneck Society for American Music, 24th National Conference
Kansas City, February 1998


The Sonneck Society for American Music                    Call for Proposals
Twenty-fourth National Conference          Kansas City, February 18-22, 1998

   The Sonneck Society for American Music will hold its twenty-fourth
national conference in Kansas City, Missouri on February 18-22, 1998 hosted
by the conservatory of music at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. 
The conference will be held jointly with the North Central And Southwest
Regions of the College Band Directors National Association.  Proposals for
papers, sessions, and performances involving any aspect of music in Canada,
the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean are welcome.

   The Program Committee invites proposals in all areas of interest.  In
particular, we welcome submissions on bands and band music, jazz, and music
education, including multicultural perspectives.  Topics highlighting the
geographical centrality of Kansas City and the Western gateway region are
especially appropriate.  Proposals suited to church presentation will allow
the conference to use the nearby Grace and Holy Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
and its 67-rank Gabriel Kney organ.  Finally, we welcome proposals on
comparative and interdisciplinary topics and on links between cultural
theory and American musics.

   Individual or joint papers should last no longer than twenty minutes.  A
paper submission should include seven copies each of a proposal (up to 500
words) and an abstract suitable for publication in the conference program
(100 words maximum).  Your name(s), address(es), email address(es), and
telephone number(s) should appear on one copy only.  Include a list of
needed audiovisual equipment (one copy only) and two stamped, self-addresses

   Performances should last no longer than thirty minutes and may include a
lecture component.  Lecture-recital proposals should conform to the paper
requirements above.  Proposals for performance without lecture need include
only the 100-word abstract.  In both cases, proposals should include five
copies of an audio cassette tape, five copies of a program, an equipment
list (one copy), and two stamped, self-addressed envelopes.  Proposals for
complete sessions are welcome.  For a session on a single topic, follow the
guidelines for individual papers above, add a session title, and sent the
material in one envelope.  For alternative formats (panels, position papers
with respondents, workshops, etc.), the chair should submit seven copies
each of a session proposal outlining the rationale for the session (up to
500 words) and an abstract (100 words).  Send all material together.  One
copy of each document should include the name, address, email address, and
phone number of the presented.  Also send an equipment list (one copy) and
two stamped, self-addressed envelopes for each participant.  Proposals from
presenters at the 1997 conference in Seattle will receive lower priority but
will not be rejected outright.

   The due date for submissions is July 15, 1997.  Send all proposals to:
     Karen Ahlquist                                202-994-6270
     Program Chair        
     Sonneck Society Conference
     Department of Music
     George Washington University
     Washington, DC 20052

Program Committee members (to date):
     Adrienne Fried Block         Gary Hill (liaison with CBDNA) 
     Kay Norton (ex officio)      Karen Pegley
     Marta Robertson              Jeffrey Taylor