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Royal Musical Association Annual Conference
Oxford, March 1998


Royal Musical Association Annual Conference Music and Theatre New College, Oxford, United Kingdom 27, 28 and 29 March 1998
Friday 27 March 11.00-> Registration (Old Bursary) [Lecture Room 6] 11.30 Session: Musicals 11.30 Stephen Banfield (University of Birmingham): '"American" musicals an "English" construct' 12.00 John Snelson (New Grove Dictionary) 'Ivor Novello's King's Rhapsody and Gay's the Word' 12.30 Jonathan Burston (Goldsmiths' College, London), 'Atonality and notions of community and difference in the megamusical: Phantom of the Opera and Disney's Beauty and the Beast' [Lecture Room 4] 11.30 Session: Characters and Characterisation 11.30 Wendy Heller (Columbia University, USA): '"Venus sings": constructing the courtesan in Seventeenth-century Venetian Opera' 12.00 Patricia Debly (Brock University, Canada): 'The transformation of the servant class in Joseph Haydn's comic operas' 12.30 Derek B. Scott (University of Salford): 'Replication and Relexivity on the Music Hall Stage' 1.00 - Lunch (Hall, New College) [Lecture Room 6] 2.00 Session: Incidental Music for Plays and Melodramas 2.00 Ian Spink (Royal Holloway College, University of London): 'The Libertine: Purcell and others (but not Mozart)' 2.30 Julia Wood (Wells): 'Music in the Cockpit-in-Court' 3.00 Michael Pisani (Vassar College): 'What are all those musicians doing in the pit?: Music for The Duke's Motto, a British-American Melodrama (1863)' 3.30 Amanda Eubanks (University of Michigan): '"Speak Sister speak": music, politics and gender in the Restoration revivals of Macbeth' [Lecture Room 4] 2.00 Session: Opera's Realities: setting the scene in the early 19th century 2.00 Heather Hadlock (Stanford University): 'Giuditta Pasta as man and woman' 2.30 Cormac Newark (Christ Church, Oxford): 'The mirror stage of Giacomo Meyerbeer' 3.00 Maribeth Clark (University of Pennsylvania): 'Having a Ball at the Opéra' 3.30 James Treadwell (Christ Chruch, Oxford): 'Wagner's Magic Theatre in the 1840s' 4.00 - Tea (Long Room) [Lecture Room 6] 4.30 Session: Genesis and Dramaturgy in Italian Opera 4.30 Helen Greenwald (New England Conservatory): 'Beyond Exoticism: Cio-Cio San's Screen and the "Uses of Convention"' 5.00 Roberta Marvin (University of Iowa): 'Schiller's Die Räuber and Verdi's I masnaderi: Andrea's Maffei's "Ugly Sin"' 5.30 Denise Gallo (The Johns Hopkins University): 'Giovanni Pacini's Carmelita and Don Diego di Mendoza: a case of recycling' [Lecture Room 4] 4.30 Session: Aspects of Opera Reception in London, 1800-1850 4.30 Rachel Cowgill (University of Huddersfield): 'Whose Mozart?: Individuals v. Institutions in the early Reception of Don Giovanni' 5.00 Gabriella Dideriksen (London): 'The Production of Foreign Opera at Covent Garden: Adaptation or Mutilation?' 5.30 Jennifer Hall-Witt (Denison University): 'Musical Ideology and Audience Behaviour at the Italian Opera' 6.00 Oxford University Press Drinks Party (Founder's Library, New College) 7.15 - Dinner (Hall, New College) 8.30 New College Chapel The Band of Instruments with members of New Chamber Opera Marcello Il Pianto e il riso delle quattro stagiono Saturday 28 March [Holywell Music Room] 9.00 Session: Shakespeare in Music 9.00 Bryan Gooch (University of Victoria, Canada): 'Music for Hamlet: Theatre Music and the Realm of the Ephemeral' 9.30 Irena Cholij (New Grove Dictionary, London): '"In sweet music is such art": music and spectacle in 18th-century performances of Shakespeare's Henry VIII' 10.00 Christopher R Wilson (University of Reading): 'Shakespeare and Musical Imagery; A Dictionary in Progress' [Lecture Room 6] 9.00 Session: Dance in French and English Opera c1670-1730 9.00 Rebecca Harris-Warrick (Cornell University): 'Do Nymphs and Demons Dance to the Same Beat? Examining the Phrase Structures of Lully's Dance Music' 9.30 Sarah McCleave (University of Wales at Cardiff): 'Defining the grotesque: furies, demons and dreams in Purcell and Handel' 10.00 Jennifer Thorp (Regent's Park College, Oxford): 'Serious, Comic and Grotesque: notated dances of the early eighteenth century' 10.30 - Coffee (Long Room, New College) [Holywell Music Room] 11.00 Session: Shakespeare... (continued) 11.00 Claire Van Kampen (New Globe Theatre, London): 'Harmonia Mundi: Music at the Globe'. 11.30 Chantal Miller-Schutz (University of Reading and New Globe Theatre, London): 'Music and Authenticity at Shakespeare's Globe' [Lecture Room 6] 11.00 Session: Stravinsky on the Operatic Stage 11.00 Barbara Kelly (University of Keele): 'Stravinsky's piece of propaganda: Mavra's reception in Paris' 11.30 Christopher Wintle (King's College, London): 'Matron, Madonna, Whore: Auden, Stravinsky and The Rake's Progress' [Holywell Music Room] 12.05 Session: Opera Funding as History (or Hysteria?) Chair: Julian Rushton 12.05 Andrew Pinnock (London): 'But let these affairs end how Thy will, the Management of them hath, without doubt, been exceedingly ridiculous, if not worse...' 12.30 Royal Musical Association Business Meeting 1.00 - Lunch (Hall, New College) [Holywell Music Room] 2.00 Session: Music and Drama before 1450 2.00 Margaret Bent (All Souls College, Oxford) and Kevin Brownlee (University of Pennsylvania): 'The Motet as Theater: Textual Polyphony in Machaut's Motets' 3.00 Alexander Lingas (European Humanities Research Centre, Oxford): 'Drama and Music in the Byzantine Play of the Three Children in the Fiery Furnace' 3.30 Susan Rankin (Emmanuel College, Cambridge): 'Ottonian Epiphanies: Liturgical Drama as Political Allegory?' [Lecture Room 6] 2.00 Session: Metastasio's Creative Conformity 2.00 Nicholas Salwey (St Anne's College, Oxford): 'Artaserse, the Favoured Child' 2.30 Andrea Sommer-Mathis (Kommission für Theatergeschichte Österreichs, Vienna): 'Pietro Metastasio's conquest of Spain' 3.00 Donald Neville (University of Western Ontario): 'Didactic Drama, Poetic Preaching' 3.30 Catherine Atherton (New College, Oxford): 'Classicism Renewed and Recreated' 4.30 - Tea, Long Room, New College [Holywell Music Room] 5.00 Keynote Paper: Opera on the Stage Chair: Julian Rushton (University of Leeds) Tom Sutcliffe (London): 'The Production of Opera' 6.00 Round Table Chair: Lionel Sawkins (London) 'The Production of Baroque Opera' Panelists: Michael Burden, Roger Savage, Tom Sutcliffe, Jennifer Thorp 7.15 - Bursar's Drinks, Founder's Library, New College 8.00 - Conference Dinner, Hall, New College Sunday 29 March [Lecture Room 6] 9.00 Session: Film Music 9.00 Paul Fryer (Rose Bruford College): 'The Opera Singer on Silent Film' 9.30 Kate Daubney (University of Leeds): 'Max Steiner and the musical representation of Bette Davis' 10.00 Annette Davison (University of Sheffield): 'Playing in "The Garden": sound, performance, and images of persecution' [Lecture Room 4] 9.00 Session: Opera and Ballet in Paris 1910-1924 9.00 Caroline Potter (Roehampton Institute, London): 'Boulanger, Pugno and d'Annunzio's La Ville Morte' 9.30 James William Sobaskie (University of Wisconsin): 'Interiority, allusion, and Gabriel Faure's Pénélope' 10.00 Robert Orledge (University of Liverpool): 'Erik Satie's ballet Mercure (1924): from Mount Etna to Montmartre' 10.30 - Coffee (Long Room, New College) [Lecture Room 6] 11.00 Session: Film Music... (continued) 11.00 David Cooper (University of Leeds): 'Lynch's Ear' 11.30 Robynn Stilwell (University of Southampton): 'Adolescents and Angels: Girls' voices in the underscore' [Lecture Room 4] 11.00 Session: Wagner Text and performance 11.00 Susan Sharkey (University of Manchester): 'Unravel the riddles of the Ring; return to the manuscripts!' 11.30 Roger Allen (Wolfson College, Oxford): 'Beecham, Furtwängler and operatic practice at Covent Garden 1936-1938' 12.00 Session: Transmitting Opera and Reading Dance in 17th Century Europe 12.00 Louise K. Stein (University of Michigan/Universidad Complutense): 'De la contera del mundo: opera navigating between two worlds and four cultures c1700' 12.30 Rose A. Pruiksma (Ann Arbor): 'The Fabrication of noblesse in Louis XIV's court ballets' 12.00 Session: Text, reform and drama in 17th Italian Opera 12.00 Bojan Bujic (Magdalen College, Oxford): 'Rinuccini the Craftsman - a view of his L'Arianna' 12.30 Melania Bucciarelli (King's College, London): 'Italian tragedy and dramma per musica; attempts at a reform of Italian theatre (1694-1715)' 1.00 - Lunch (Hall, New College) End of Conference -- Dr Michael Burden New College OXFORD, OX1 3BN Telephone: +44-(0)1865-271 976 or 279 526 Fax: +44-(0)1865-279 590 E-mail: