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Las Misiones de Chiquitos
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, April-May 1998


ANNOUNCEMENT 2nd International Festival of American Renaissance and Baroque Music MISIONES DE CHIQUITOS Tricentennial of San Jose de Chiquitos April 24 through May 17, 1998 SANTA CRUZ DE LA SIERRA, BOLIVIA -----------------------------
The most important process of acculturation in the history of humankind resulted in a new culture: America. It was the result of a clash of Europeans and Indians. In this process, in which there are two protagonists, music played a very important role, especially during the Baroque period. A shining example of the role of music is what took place in the territories where members of the Company of Jesus established their missions, particularly in the Jesuit Provinces of Chiquitos and Moxos in Bolivia. The musical activities were preserved in the towns of Santa Ana and San Rafael de Chiquitos and San Ignacio de Moxos. Because of the cultural importance of these towns and peoples, the UNESCO has proclaimed several of them as Cultural Patrimony of Humankind. ----------------------------- This Festival is sponsored by Secretaria Nacional de Cultura UNESCO Prefectura del Departamento de Santa Cruz Gobierno Municipal de Santa Cruz de la Sierra Arzobispado de Santa Cruz Obispados, Municipios y Subprefecturas de Nuflo de Chavez, Velasco y Chiquitos Casa Municipal de la Cultura Raul Otero Reiche ------------------------------- The Festival invites Musicologists and Performers to participate in this celebration. The Festival will take place during the following dates: April 24-26 May 1-3 May 8-10 May 15-17 1998 The main site for the Festival will be the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra and the old Missions of Chiquitos. Participation is open to soloists, instrumental and/or choral ensembles with an American repertorie (Renaissance or Baroque). Send list of members and description of the ensemble, cassette or CD, a photo, a program proposal, curriculum vitae of the soloist or ensemble. Concurrent with the Festival, there will be a Musicology Conference. For more information about submission of Papers and proposals, travel arrangements, application form, etc., contact: FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE MUSICA MISIONES DE CHIQUITOS phone (59-1) 3-32-2476 fax (59-1) 3-37-2526 fax (59-1) 3-36-2638 Casilla 3673 Santa Cruz de la Sierra BOLIVIA