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Society for Ethnomusicology, Mid-Atlantic Chapter
Williamsburg, April 1998

THE SOCIETY FOR ETHNOMUSICOLOGY MID-ATLANTIC CHAPTER 1998 Annual Meeting, 3-4 April College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia CALL FOR PAPERS
The Program Committee invites all MACSEM members and others to submit proposals for papers, panels, roundtable discussions, workshops, audio-visual presentations and performances to: Andrew L. Kaye MACSEM 98 Program Chair 901 High Street, Bethlehem, PA 18018 USA or, simply, via e-mail: This year's conference theme is Ethnomusicology and the Cinema. Graduate students and faculty are encouraged to submit abstracts reflecting original research on the following possible topics related to this theme: 1) relationships between ethno/musicological and visual theory; 2) ethno/musicological analyses of the soundtrack: case studies of individual films or regional cinemas; 3) ethnicity, nationalism, politics, and film scores; 4) the role of cinema in the cross-cultural dissemination of musical information; 5) composers and performers in the world of film music; 6) music in ethnographic and documentary films; 7) film music and film audiences: directors' goals and public responses. Presentations on other topics are also welcome. All papers must be 20 minutes in length. Those wishing to read papers or give presentations should send an abstract, following the guidelines specified on the reverse side of this sheet. Those proposing panels should submit an abstract for each panelist as well as for the session as a whole. ALL MATERIALS MUST ARRIVE BY JANUARY 19, 1998 Registration, travel and accommodation information and a preliminary program will appear in the MACSEM Newsletter MACSEM '98 GUIDELINES FOR SUBMISSION OF ABSTRACTS The Program Committee offers the following guidelines for preparation of all written abstracts. This guidelines form should be submitted with the abstract proposal. 1. Include precise statement of problem, analytic framework, findings, and implications for the field of ethnomusicology. 2. Abstracts must be 150-200 words, and typed single-space on one side of 8 X 11 inch paper. We are also requesting that you send in a copy in electronic form (on IBM or MAC diskette), or by e-mail to (EMAIL ENTRIES ARE SUFFICIENT). 3. Abstracts should begin with the name of the presenter, followed by the presenter's affiliation. The heading must then state the title of the paper and the title of the planned session, if any. 4. Students are encouraged to submit their presentations for consideration for the Hewitt Pantaleoni Prize, awarded annually to the best student paper. The chapter award carries a cash prize of $50. The paper will be published in the MACSEM newsletter at the option of the prize winner. Submissions are judged by members of the Program Committee on the basis of quality of topic or research and on how effectively this is communicated in written and oral forms. To be considered for the prize, please check appropriate slot on abstract form and submit four copies of your written paper to the conference registration desk. The written paper should be clean, legible and for all intents and purposes identical to the presented version. 5. Deadline for submissions is Monday, January 19, 1998. 6. Please supply all information requested below and mail to Program Chair with abstract: Name(s): Institutional or Other Affiliation: Contact Address: Business Phone: Home Phone: Email: Title of Paper/Panel: Format (Circle one): Paper Panel Roundtable Workshop Audiovisual Presentation Performance Audiovisual Equipment Required: Students only: Please consider my paper for the Pantaleoni Prize: Yes ___ No ___