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Media on the Border
San Diego, April 1998


The Society for Cinema Studies invites proposals for the 1998 conference (April 4-7, 1998, in San Diego) on the special topic of "Media on the Border." How have changing border relations in the Americas, Asia/Pacific Rim, Africa, and Europe affected the forms of media being produced and the ways media are distributed? What role are the media playing in the emerging discourses around immigration, nationalism and border relations? The conference would showcase media on Latin American and the U.S.-Mexican border, but would also involve questions such as the impact of the EC on the national cinemas of Europe, the impact of new media flows such as Star TV on Asia, and comparisons of the representation of globalism, nationalisms and border/immigration issues across media. The second meaning of the conference theme would be the ways that the traditional borders between cinema, television, video, and digital technologies such as the Internet and CD-ROMs are transforming media studies. Proposals on other film and media-related issues are also welcome. Full information on SCS and the conference, a listing of preconstituted panels seeking papers on a wide variety of subjects, and a proposal submission form are available on our web site: (To participate in the conference, you must be a member of SCS) ---------------------- Robert Kolker Department of English University of Maryland, College Park 20742 or