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Marsilio Ficino in Central Europe
Budapest, May 1998

International Conference Marsilio Ficino in Central Europe 3-5 May 1998
Peter Pazmany Catholic University Budapest Faculty of Humanities in cooperation with Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Literary Studies Istituto Italiano di Cultura per l'Ungheria Collegium Budapest Egyetem u. 1 H-2081 Piliscsaba, Hungary Telephone +36-26-375375 Fax: +36-26-374570 Programme Sunday May 3, 1998 14.00 Chair: Jozsef Jankovics, Budapest Opening Allen Michael J. B., Los Angeles: Ingenium aureum: the conversion of the intellectual Pal Jozsef, Roma: La poetica dell'immortalita dell'anima Kuczynska Alicja, Warszawa: The figure of Platonic chora in Ficino's Philosophy Gereby Gyoergy, Budapest: Avatars of mediaeval Platonism from Eriugena to Ficino 19.00 Dinner at the University's Restaurant During dinner: 15th century music, presented by Grandley McDonald (Melbourne/Berlin) Monday, May 4, 1998 9.00 Chair: Marianna D. Birnbaum, Los Angeles Pajorin Klara, Budapest: La polemica fra Varadi Janos (Johannes Pannonius) e Marsilio Ficino Ebbersmeyer Sabrina, Muenchen: Psychologische Analysen der Liebe von Ficino zu Patrizi Szoenyi Gyoergy E., Szeged: Ficino's Talismanic Magic and John Dee's Hieroglyphic Monad Blum Paul Richard, Piliscsaba: Neuplatonischer Synkretismus bei Antonio Zara in Istrien 12.30 Lunch at the University's Restaurant 15.00 Chair: Gabor Hajnoczi, Piliscsaba Tarabochia Canvero Alessandra, Milano: Ficino's De vita and Pimander in the libraries of Central Europe Domokos Gyoergy, Piliscsaba: Incunaboli di Ficino in Ungheria Kiraly Erzsebet, Budapest: Amore e processo conoscitivo nei ,Dialoghi' di Leone Ebreo Imregh Monika, Budapest: I commenti di Ficino e la ,Primavera' di Botticelli 18.00 Pause 19.00 Nadas Peter, Budapest: "On Earthly and Heavenly Love", Lecture by the author from his book (in Hungarian and translation) Dinner after the lecture Tuesday May 5, 1998 9.00 at Collegium Budapest (Szentharomshag u. 2) Chair: Laszlo Szoerenyi, Budapest Rees Valery, Northwood UK: 'Ad vitam felicitatemque' - Marsilio Ficino to his friends in Hungary Hajnoczi Gabor, Piliscsaba: A pupil Ficino's in the court of Matthias Corvinus: Francesco Bandini Russell Paul Albert, USA: Ficino's 1481 - "Consiglio alle pestilenzie" and the European tradition Patrizi Giorgio, Roma: Marsilio Ficino e la letteratura contemporanea 12.30 Lunch 15.00 at Istituto Italiano di Cultura per l'Ungheria (Budapest, Brody Sandor utca 8) Chair: Giorgio Patrizi, Roma Facca Danilo, Warszawa: Un commento al Timeo nel primo '600 in Polonia Fulinska Agnieszka and Grazyna Urban, Krakow: Neoplatonic influences on Polish poetics Gorshkovoz Olga, Minsk: Neoplatonism in Polish baroque art Vasoli Cesare, Firenze: La 'rete' europea di Marsilio Ficino e la nuova figura del filosofo 18.00 Reception Conference fees: Thanks to various supports we are able to offer you rather modest conference fees. The full conference fee, including accommodation and meals, will be 14.000 Hungarian Forint (HUF) or 140 DEM The fee without room but including meals will be 7.500 HUF (75 DEM) The conference fee without accommodation and without meals will be 5.000 HUF (50 DEM) These contributions can be paid at the beginning of the conference. We are able to accommodate the participants in guest rooms of the University and in a hotel in walking distance from the university. If you need to arrive earlier than the 3rd May, or have to stay longer, a proportionate allowance is possible. How to get to Peter Pazmany University? The Philosophical Faculty of Peter Pazmany University Budapest is on a Campus in the village Piliscsaba 25 km north of Budapest on the road and railroad to Esztergom. - If you arrive by aeroplane you can hire a shuttle bus from the airport Ferihegy to the University. The price is at present 3.600 HUF (ca. 36 DEM). You can also take a shuttle bus to downtown Budapest (1.200 HUF), and proceed by train. - If you arrive by train, you probably will arrive at Budapest Keleti (East) Station. From there you can take the red metro to Deak ter, changing to the blue metro line and go to Budapest Nyugati (West) Station. There you take a train to the direction of Esztergom (roughly every hour). The university has its own train station named 'Pazmaneum' (it is the first stop after a tunnel, travel time ca. 1 h). You can also take a bus from 'rpad hid' (=Arpad Bridge) bus station (blue metro line stop 'rpad hid') to Pazmaneum. For further Information please contact Prof. Dr. Paul Richard Blum Pazmany Peter Katolikus Egyetem, Budapest Egyetem u. 1 H-2081 Piliscsaba Hungary Tel.: +36-26-375375 Fax: +36-26-374570 e-mail: