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Cultural History after Foucault II
Aberdeen, June 1998


Cultural History after Foucault 1997 / 1998 A double international conference AMSTERDAM JUNE 6-8 1997 ABERDEEN JUNE 26-28 1998 ____________________________________________________
The Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis and the Institute for Cultural History at the University of Amsterdam and the Thomas Reid Institute and the English Department at the University of Aberdeen announce two interrelated conferences. They are premised on the view that cultural studies, however much they may have gained from Foucault, are now moving further ahead by overcoming their Foucaldian heritage and seeking answers to the question where do we go now? The 1997 Amsterdam conference will focus primarily, though not exclusively, on theoretical issues, the Aberdeen on specific historical problems, brought forward in light of the previous year's theoretical discussions. Each conference will have five plenary speakers whose talks are open to the public. The conference will also hold group sessions closed to the public, in which the plenary speakers will be joined by twenty-five additional participants. In these group sessions shorter papers of approximately 20 minutes will be presented and general discussions will be held. This conference is of considerable interest to 18th Century scholars. For more information, please visit the Thomas Reid Institute website at :