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Music in Eighteenth-Century Italy
Cardiff, July 1998

Sunday 12 July 4:00 Registration and tea in Aberdare Hall 7:00 DINNER 8:00 Pierluigi Petrobelli: Keynote Address (Aberdare Hall, Library) Monday 13 July 8:00 BREAKFAST Session 1: Archival Studies 9:00 Sarah McCleave: "Italian music in the Mackworth and Aylward collections" 9:40 Antonio Del Donna: "An archival study of production practices in Neapolitan opera seria of the late 18th century" 10:20 Dascia Delpero: "Milano e la musica alla fine dell'Ancien Regime" 11:00 COFFEE Session 2: Comic Opera 11:40 Saskia Willaert: "Singers of comic opera in the second half of the eighteenth century" 12:20 John A. Rice: "Sacchini's La contadina in corte and the Roman intermezzo, 1740-90" 1:00 LUNCH 2:15 Peter Williams HARPSICHORD CONCERT Session 3: Violins and their Music 3:15 Simon McVeigh: "Giovanni Battista Somis and the Piedmontese violin repertory" 4:00 Enrico Careri: "After Opus 5: stylistic evolution in the post-Corellian Italian violin sonata (1700-1750)" 4:45 TEA Session 4: Metastasio 5:30 Kurt Markstrom: "The eventual premiere of Porpora's Issipile, ossia how Porpora wrecked an opera season, an opera company and an impresario' 6:10 Hiroko Nakamaki: "Castrato roles in opera seria based on the investigation of Metastasian librettos" 6:50 Ugo Piovano: "Al suon di barbari stromenti: spectacular musical effects in Metastasio's booklets: texts, scores and practical performances" 8:00 DINNER Tuesday 14 July 8:00 BREAKFAST Session 5: Opera Studies 9:00 Malcolm Boyd: "`Li fratelli' perduti e `riconosciuti': a `lost' opera in Cardiff" 9:40 Melania Bucciarelli: "Representation of nature in early 18th-century Italian opera: Tommaso Albinoni-Francesco Gasparini's Engelberta (1709) and the `birdsong' aria" 10:20 Teresa Chirico: "L'amore eroico fra pastori e altri libretti: nuove fonti dell'Arcadia" 11:00 COFFEE Session 6: Vivaldi 11:30 Bella Brover-Lubovsky: "Tonal schemes in Vivaldi's concerto movements and Venetian music theory" 12:10 Eric Cross: "I'm sorry, I'll sing that again: Vivaldi's revisions to his opera, Arsilda, regina di Ponto" 12:50 LUNCH Session 7: Opera reform 2:00 Marita McClymonds: "Opera reform in Italy 1750-1780" 2:50 Robert Ketterer: "Roman republicanism and operatic heroines in Napoleonic Italy: Cimarosa's Gli orazi e i curiazi and Tarchi's La congiura pisoniana" 3:30 Biancamaria Brumana: "`Les ru´nes des plus beaux monuments de la GrŔce': sulla rilettura dei miti classici nell'opera italiana della seconda metÓ del Settecento" 4:10 TEA Session 8: Church Music 4:45 Mauricio Dottori: "Jommelli, Perez and the Lateran in Rome" 5:30 Mariateresa Dellaborra: "La musica sacra del XVIII secolo in ambito lombardo. Aspetti e stili" 6:30 DINNER 8:00 CHAMBER MUSIC CONCERT, featuring music from the Mackworth Collection Wednesday 15 July 8:00 BREAKFAST Session 9: Italian music outside Italy 9:00 Lowell Lindgren: "Italian cellists and their violoncello solos in 18th-century Britain" 9:45 Samantha Owens: "Conflict at court: Italian musicians in early 18th-century WŘrttemberg" 10:30 COFFEE Session 10: Institutions and Patrons 11:00 Rainer Heyink: "The Habsburg court and the music at the imperial church S. Maria dell'Anima in Rome" 11:40 Nicolo Maccavino: "AttivitÓ e peculiaritÓ istituzionali di tre capelle musicale nella Sicilia del Settecento: Acireale, Caltagirone e Piazza Armerina" 12:20 Stephen Shearon: "Musical activity in early 18th-century Naples: the memoires of Bonfacio Pecarone" 1:15 LUNCH CONFERENCE ENDS For further information, contact: Dr Sarah McCleave Music Department Cardiff University of Wales Corbett Road Cardiff CF1 3EB UK Tel: +44 (0) 1222 874000 ext. 6226 Fax: +44 (0) 1222 874379 E-Mail:
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