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24th Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference
York, July 1998


24th Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference 1998 15-18 July 1998 University of York, UK
The Music Department of the University of York will be hosting the 24th conference on Medieval and Renaissance Music from 15 to 18 July 1998. Accommodation (single and double rooms, some en-suite) has been reserved on campus from Tuesday to Friday nights and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Early booking is advisable for residential attendance, as space is limited. Wednesday 15 July Registration: 8.30-9.30am Session 1A: Music, Religion, Politics, and the Press in the 16th Century (9.30-12.50) 9.30-9.40: Introduction to the session 9.15-9.40: Royston Gustavson: THE FIRST PUBLISHED PROTESTANT MOTET ANTHOLOGY: HANS OTT'S NOVUM ET INSIGNE OPUS MUSICUM (NUREMBERG: FORMSCHNEIDER, 1537-1538) 9.50-10.25: Bartlett R. Butler: THE NUREMBERG CHORALIS CONSTANTINUS: POOR LATIN OR POLITICAL DAMAGE CONTROL? 10.35-11.00: Rebecca Wagner Oettinger: "BEHUET EUCH GOT VORM INTERIM": SONG AS RESISTANCE IN THE AUGSBURG INTERIM 11.45-12.10: Susan Jackson: THE LAMENTATIONS OF JEREMIAH, MUSIC PRINTING, AND POLITICS IN RENAISSANCE NUREMBERG 12.15-12.40: Richard Freedman: PRINTING, PIETY, AND MUSIC: THE LASSUS CHANSONNIER IN PARIS AND GENEVA Session 1B: Theory (9.30-11.15) 9.30-9.55: Wolfgang Freis: THE PUTATIVE REVOLUTIONARY OR MUSIC THEORY FOR THE MODERATELY EDUCATED PERFORMER 10.05-10.30: Peter Urquhart: CONTRA "MI CONTRA FA": CHALLENGING THE HARMONIC "RULE OF MUSICA FICTA" 10.40-11.10: Jonathan Walker: LETTERS, SYLLABLES AND NUMBERS: THE ARS NOVA'S THREE-TIERED CONCEPTION OF PITCH RELATIONS Session 1C: Tudor Music (11.45-12.50) 11.45-12.10: Ian Darbyshire: METHODS OF LARGE SCALE STRUCTURAL PLANNING IN THE EARLY TUDOR FESTAL MASS 12.20-12.45: James MacKay: BYRD AND THE DOUBLE POINT OF IMITATION Session 1D: Reception Topics (2.15-4.15) 2.15-2.40: Bennett Zon: Title to follow 2.50-3.15: Philip Weller: Title to follow 3.25-3.50: Elizabeth Aubrey: MEDIEVAL MELODIES IN THE HANDS OF BIBLIOPHILES OF THE ANCIEN RÉGIME Session 1E: 15th-century Polyphony (2.15-4.15) 2.15-2.40: Jeffrey Dean: "WHAT THE DEVIL HAS THE MASS TO DO WITH PHILOMENA?" ALLEGORICAL UNDERSTANDING OF PROFANE SONGS IN SACRED MUSIC 2.50-3.15: Jaap van Bentham: OUT OF THE BLUE? THE ANONYMOUS MISSA [MI MI] IN MS. JENA 32 3.25-3.50: Thomas Schmidt-Beste: VERSE METER, WORD ACCENT AND RHYTHM IN THE POLYPHONIC HYMN OF THE FIFTEENTH CENTURY Session 1F (plenary): "Tuis ut placeat circumdatis psallere." Papers on music in the Scottish church dedicated to the memory of Isobel Woods-Preece (1956-1997) (4.45pm-6.15pm) Warwick Edwards: SINGING THE INCHCOLM ST COLUMBA CHANTS Jonathan King: DIRECTIONS IN CARVOR RESEARCH Gordon Munro: THE USAGE AND DEVELOPMENT OF SCOTTISH CHURCH MUSIC, 1560-1635 8.00pm Concert: Spanish 16th-century music THE ORCHESTRA OF THE RENAISSANCE Thursday 16 July Session 2A: Philip II of Spain (9.00-12.50) 9.00-9.10: Introduction to the Session 9.10-9.35: Michael Noone: 9.45-10.10: Tess Knighton: FENCING WITH CANDLES 10.20-10.45: Martin Ham: YOUNG AND LUSTY AS AN EAGLE: WORKS FOR A ROYAL MARRIAGE 11.30-11.55: Richard Cheetham: MINISTRILES EN EL CORO: CONCERTED MASSES IN SIXTEENTH-CENTURY CORDOBA 12.05-12.30: Bruno Turner: PLAIN AND FANCY: ASPECTS OF LITURGICAL CHANT IN THE SPANISH DOMAINS OF PHILIP II 12.40-1.05: Owen Rees: A SPANISH MAESTRO OF THE LISBON CAPELA REAL: THE POLYCHORAL WORKS OF FRANCISCO GARRO Session 2B: Institutions (9.00-10.45) 9.00-9.25: Noel O'Regan: MUSICAL PERFORMANCE AT THE ROMAN ARCHCONFRATERNITY OF SS. CROCEFISSO IN THE LATER SIXTEENTH CENTURY 9.35-10.00: Susan Forscher Weiss: MUSICAL SCHOOLING IN THE RENAISSANCE 10.10-10.35: Magnus Williamson: THE MUSICAL ACTIVITIES OF MARIAN GUILDS IN ENGLAND, C.1470-1545, IN NOTTINGHAM, BOSTON AND LOUTH, AND OTHER NORTHERLY ENGLISH COMMERCIAL TOWNS Session 2C: Imagery and Emblem in English Renaissance Music (11.30am-12.40pm) 11.30-11.55: Christopher Wilson: SHAKESPEARE'S OPPOSING MUSICS; MUSICAL IMAGERY IN SHAKESPEARE'S WORKS 12.05-12.30: Peter Holman: ELIZABETHAN MELANCHOLY AND JOHN DOWLAND'S LACHRIMAE OR SEAVEN TEARES Session 2D: Polyphony in the 16th-century Spanish-Speaking World (2.15-6.00) 2.15-2.40: Todd Borgerding: THE VIRGIN, HER CONCEPTIONS, AND MUSIC IN EARLY MODERN SPAIN 2.50-3.15: David Kidger: COMPOSITIONAL PROCESS AND COMPOSITIONAL PLANNING IN A COMPLEX OF IMITATION MASSES: AN EXAMINATION OF MASS SETTINGS ON JEAN MOUTON'S MOTET QUAERAMUS CUM PASTORIBUS 3.25-3.50: Alison McFarland: CRISTOBAL MORALES AND THE IMITATION OF THE PAST 4.30-4.55: Bernadette Nelson: THE TRANSMISSION AND INFLUENCE OF FRANCO-FLEMISH MUSIC IN SIXTEENTH-CENTURY SPAIN: MUSIC AT TOLEDO CATHEDRAL AND THE FORS SEULEMENT TRADITION 5.05-5.30: Louise Stein: Title to follow Session 2E: Hildegard von Bingen (2.15-4.15pm) 2.15-2.40: Barbara Finlay: SOURCES OF AUTHORITY IN THE WORK OF HILDEGARD OF BINGEN: IMPLICATIONS FOR THE THEORY OF CHARISMA 2.50-3.15: William T. Flynn: RECONSTRUCTING HILDEGARD'S "LAUDS" OF ST. URSULA 3.25-3.50:: Honey Meconi: HILDEGARD'S LINGUA IGNOTA AND MUSIC Session 2F: Free Papers (4.30pm-5.45pm) 4.30-4.55: Suzannah Clark: UNICA AND THE IDEA OF REFRAIN IN THE THIRTEENTH CENTURY 5.05-5.30: Emma Kempson: AVE SANCTISSIMA MARIA: A NEWLY-IDENTIFIED CHANT SOURCE 5.35-6.00: Ronald Woodley: THE MUSICAL PROVERBS OF LECONFIELD MANOR 8.00pm Concert: Barbireau and Josquin THE CLERKS' GROUP (Dir. EDWARD WICKHAM) Friday July 17th Session 3A: Medieval Monody, Chant and Liturgy (9.00-12.50) 9.00-9.25: Susan Boynton: THE LITURGICAL ROLE OF CHILDREN IN MONASTIC CUSTOMARIES 9.35-10.00: David Hiley: HYMNS IN BRITISH PLAINCHANT SOURCES 10.10-10.35: Emma Hornby: THE ORIGINS OF THE EIGHTH MODE TRACTS: QUESTIONS OF CHRONOLOGY 11.15-11.40 Alexander Lingas: MUSIC FOR A LATE BYZANTINE PATRONAL FEAST: MATINS FOR THE EXALTATION OF THE HOLY CROSS AT HAGIA SOPHIA, THESSALONICA 11.50-12.15: Gerardo V. Huseby: RHETORICAL STRATEGIES IN THE MUSIC OF THE CANTIGAS DE SANTA MARÍA Session 3B: 16th-century topics (9am-11am) 9.00-9.25: Kate van Orden: TERPSICHORE AND MARS: PYRRHIC DANCE AS MILITARY EXERCISE DURING THE FRENCH WARS OF RELIGION 9.35-10.00: Laurie Stras: GUESS WHO'S NOT COMING TO DINNER? A MISSED OPPORTUNITY IN 1574 10.10-10.35: Paul Wiebe: "TO ADORN THEM WITH CHASTE DELIGHTS:" MUSIC AT THE WEDDING OF DUKE LUDWIG OF WUERTTEMBERG 2pm-3pm Concert: Virtuoso Late Renaissance Italian Solo Bass Songs Richard Wistreich and Elizabeth Kenny Session 3E: Solo Song in 16th-century Italy (3pm-4.15pm) 3.00-3.25: Anne MacNeil: WEEPING AT THE WATER'S EDGE 3.35-4..00: Tim Carter: LAMENTING ARIADNE? 4.45-5.10: Leofranc Holford-Strevens: "HER EYES BECAME TWO SPOUTS": THE ADAPTATION OF CLASSICAL LAMENT 5.20-5.45: Richard Wistreich: HEARING A LOST VOICE: —MONTEVERDI'S OGNI AMANTE E GUERRIER (1638) AND A VETERAN WARRIOR-SINGER 5.55-6.20: Jeanice Brooks: LAMENTS AND THE ELOQUENCE OF WOMEN Session 3F:14th-century polyphony (3pm-4.15pm) 3.00-3.25: William J. Summers: "TO TROPE, OR NOT TO TROPE," HOW WAS THAT GLORIA PERFORMED? 3.35-4..00: Yolanda Plumley: LYRICS FOR READING AND LYRICS FOR SINGING: THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE CHANSON AND POETRY REPERTORIES IN THE LATE FOURTEENTH CENTURY 4.45-5.10: Alice V. Clark: MAKING AND BREAKING PATTERNS IN MACHAUT'S MOTETS Session 3G: Machaut (4.45-6.30pm) 5.20-5.45: Jane Flynn: THE INTABULATION OF DE TOUT FLORS IN THE CODEX FAENZA AS ANALYTICAL MODEL 5.55-6.20: Virginia Newes: DEFINING MUSICAL SPACE IN MACHAUT'S FOUR-VOICE CHANSONS 8.30: Sight-singing with Margaret Bent Saturday July 18th Session 4A (plenary): Papers in memory of Adelyn Leverett (9am-10.20am) Obit Andrew Kirkman: A CLOISTERED ART: MUSIC CONNOISSEURSHIP AND PRIVATE MUSIC-MAKING IN A LATE MEDIEVAL RELIGIOUS FOUNDATION Sean Gallagher: FROM BORDEAUX TO TRENT: ROYAL COMMEMORATION AND SCRIBAL INTERVENTION IN A MOTET FOR CHARLES VII After coffee, space is available in the Music Department for groups to meet until the conference closes at 12.30 Conference fee (includes 3 concerts, excludes accommodation and meals): a) 40 pounds sterling before 1st June. b) 50 pounds after 1st June. c) 50 pounds for foreign currency payments before 1st June. d) 60 pounds for foreign currency payments after 1st June. Daily rate: a) 12 pounds b) 15 pounds c) 15 pounds d) 20 pounds Full conference package (conference fee, bed, breakfast, all meals from Tuesday night to Saturday mid-morning coffee) BEFORE 1ST JUNE and paid in pounds for standard bedroom accommodation: 170.73 BEFORE 1ST JUNE and paid in pounds for en-suite bedroom accommodation: 206.73 BEFORE 1ST JUNE and paid in foreign currency for standard bedroom accommodation: 180.73 BEFORE 1ST JUNE and paid in foreign currency for en-suite bedroom accommodation: 216.73 After 1st June, add ten pounds to the above figures. ITEMISED BOOKINGS Note: standard bedrooms have washbasins. All rooms have tea and coffee making facilities. Dinner (self-service) 8.33 includes a glass of wine Daily rate a) 12.00 Daily rate b) 15.00 Daily rate c) 15.00 Daily rate d) 20.00 TUESDAY 14 JULY Bed and Breakfast standard bedroom 20.70 ensuite bedroom 29.70 double bedroom 19.80 WEDNESDAY 15 JULY coffee/biscuits 0.77 lunch 5.85 tea/biscuits 0.77 dinner w/ wine 8.33 B and B standard 20.70 B and B ensuite 29.70 B and B double 19.80 24 hour package: standard room 36.42 en-suite room 45.42 THURSDAY 16 JULY coffee/biscuits 0.77 lunch 5.85 tea/biscuits 0.77 dinner w/ wine 8.33 B and B standard 20.70 B and B ensuite 29.70 B and B double 19.80 24 hour package: standard room 36.42 en-suite room 45.42 FRIDAY 17 JULY coffee/biscuits 0.77 lunch 5.85 tea/biscuits 0.77 dinner w/ wine 8.33 B and B standard 20.70 B and B ensuite 29.70 B and B double 19.80 24 hour package: standard room 36.42 en-suite room 45.42 SATURDAY 18 JULY coffee/biscuits 0.77 Please return this form with 10 per cent deposit or payment in full. Cheques should be made payable to 'Med and Ren '98.' I'm afraid we can't accept credit card bookings. Send to: Dr Nicky Losseff Music Department University of York York UK YO1 5DD Tel: 01904 43 24 43 [+44 - 1904 43 24 43] E-mail: