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The Musical Work: Reality or Invention?
Liverpool, September 1998

LIVERPOOL MUSIC SYMPOSIUM I The Musical Work: Reality or Invention? University of Liverpool Monday 21 September 1998
This is the first of a planned series of symposia to be held at the University of Liverpool. Each Symposium will examine a broad topic relevant to several different musical traditions, including Western art music and popular music, and will lead to a published book. The present symposium will take the form of a discussion, by the contributors to the book, of draft chapters previously circulated. The participants are: Lydia Goehr, David Horn, Serge Lacasse, Richard Middleton, Catherine Moore, Reinhard Strohm, Jim Samson, Philip Tagg, Michael Talbot, John Williamson and James Wishart. Anyone interested in attending as an auditor is invited to contact Michael Talbot at the Department of Music, University of Liverpool, L69 3BX, UK. E-mail: