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African American Culture at the Millennium
Washington, DC, October 1998

African American Culture at the Millennium "The Ground Together: An Interdisciplinary Conference Assessing the Cultural Ground On Which We Stand As We Approach the Millennium" Howard University, Washington, DC October 10, 1998
The year 2000 is less than two years away; the millennium is upon us! Critically and commercially acclaimed playwright August Wilson is doing his part to position black theatre for its arrival. His now-famous speech "The Gound On Which I Stand," delivered at the June 1996 annual conference of the Theatre Communications Group, has virtually set the stage for a rigorous examination of the broad spectrum of African American culture in light of various global changes anticipated during the next millennium. Although Wilson's poignant comments were grounded in very legitimate concerns about the future of black theatre, the issues he raised here also create a convenient platform for assessing the conditions of other forms of African American thought and cultural expression. These include topics as varied as literature, music, film, art, linguistics, medicine, dance, as well as roles that must be played by administrators, faculty, and staff who serve as guardians and as conveyors of cultural information. Abstracts or completed papers that focus upon any of the disciplines listed above or that address any of the following topics (within the context of the conference theme) are invited: Determining what we should do with our cultural legacy Determining who is in control of our culture Determining the need for cultural nationalism in the next millennium Bridging cultural and generational gaps Assessing the continuing relevance and impact of pursuing degrees at historically black colleges and universities Mastering the politics of funding for culturally diverse projects Plotting new directions for black art forms Discovering new roles for the arts and entertainment industries Modifying pedagogical strategies and curricular designs to suit the culturally diverse student population Assessing new directions for languages Spearheading new forms of cultural scholarship Abstracts of no more than two pages or papers that can be read in the span of twenty minutes must be postmarked by August 15, 1998. Send submissions to Dr. Sandra G. Shannon; Department of English; Howard University; Washington, DC 20059 or to Sponsored by The Provost's Fund for Academic Excellence