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American Musicological Society, Annual Meeting
Boston, MA, October-November 1998

AMS ANNUAL MEETING Boston 29 October - 1 November 1998 Preliminary Program
WEDNESDAY 28 October
2:00-5:00 AMS Board of Directors Meeting 7:00-11:00 AMS Board of Directors Meeting THURSDAY 29 October 8:00-12:00 AMS Board of Directors Meeting 9:00-5:00 Registration 12:00-6:00 Job Interviews 12:45-1:45 Lieder aus der Münchener Schule Valerie Errante, soprano, and Robert Wason, piano (Eastman School of Music) (Sponsored by the AMS Performance Committee) 1:00-8:00 Exhibits THURSDAY AFTERNOON SESSIONS 2:00-5:00 Liturgical Traditions Thomas Kelly (Harvard University), Chair Daniel S. Katz (Hamburg), "Biblical Cantillation and Synagogue Chant: A Review of the Earliest Sources" Gregory Myers (Burnaby, BC), "The Ceremonial Book of Novgorod's St. Sophia Cathedral as Slavo-Byzantine Musical Source" Lori Kruckenberg (University of Iowa), "Early Sequence Traditions and the Definition of Genre" James I. Armstrong, Jr. (The College of William and Mary), "The Litany of Loreto, Devotional Worship, and Patronage in Austria and Hungary (1627-1805): A Documentary Study" Nineteenth-Century Topics Leon Plantinga (Yale University), Chair Jonathan Bellman (University of Northern Colorado), "Chopin and His Imitators: Notated Emulations of the `True Style' of Performance" Donna M. Di Grazia (Pomona College), "Rejected Traditions: Ensemble Placement in Nineteenth-Century Paris" Greg Vitercik (Middlebury College), "The Feuerbach Endings" Michael V. Pisani (Vassar College), "What Are All Those Musicians Doing in the Pit?: Music for The Duke's Motto, a British-American Melodrama (1863)" Schoenberg Mark DeVoto (Tufts University), Chair Robert R. Holzer (Yale University), "`Is Sentimentality Experiencing a New Birth?': Schoenberg and the Aesthetics of Pierrot Lunaire" Gregory S. Dubinsky (University of California, Berkeley), "A Proposed Model for the Dissemination of the Twelve-Tone Idea, 1916-1925" Joseph Auner (State University of New York, Stony Brook), "Schoenberg and his Public in 1930: The Six Pieces for Male Chorus, Op. 35" Camille Crittenden (Arnold Schoenberg Institute, Los Angeles), "Textual Sources for A Survivor from Warsaw" THURSDAY AFTERNOON SHORT SESSIONS 2:00-3:30 Fifteenth-Century Topics David Fallows (University of Manchester), Chair Wolfgang Freis (University of Chicago), "Ramos, the Putative Revolutionary, or, Music Theory for the Moderately Educated Performer" Thomas Schmidt-Beste (Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften), "Verse Meter, Word Accent, and Rhythm in the Polyphonic Hymn of the Fifteenth Century" Session Respondent: Leofranc Holford-Stevens (Oxford, England) The Politics of Music Education Lloyd Whitesell (State University of New York, Stony Brook), Chair Charles E. McGuire (Harvard University), "Temperance, Tonic Sol-Fa, and Elgar's Dream of Gerontius" Philip Brett (University of California, Riverside), "Musicology, Sexology, and the Cultural Politics of Edward J. Dent (1876-1957)" 3:30-5:00 Seventeenth-Century Counterpoint Tim Carter (Royal Holloway College, University of London), Chair Vivian S. Ramalingam (University of Minnesota), "Artusi's Rage: Fear and Loathing in the prima pratica" Stephen M. Buhler (University of Nebraska, Lincoln), "Counterpoint and Controversy: Milton, Music, and the Psalms" Latin America Gary Tomlinson (University of Pennsylvania), Chair Grayson Wagstaff (University of Alabama), "Music for the Virgin of Guadalupe in Early Colonial Mexico and the Power of the Image" Christina Magaldi (Towson University), "The Local and the Global in Nineteenth-Century Rio de Janeiro: Operettas, Parodies, Reviews, and the Politics of Representation in a New World Capital" 5:00-6:00 Society for Seventeenth-Century Music (SSCM) Board Meeting 5:00-7:00 Women and Music: A Journal of Gender and Culture: IAWM Publication Board Meeting 5:30-7:00 No-Host Reception 6:30-8:30 Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music Editorial Board Meeting 7:00-9:00 American Bach Society Editorial Board Meeting 7:00-10:00 Committee on the Status of Women, Open Meeting "`They Won't Let You Do That': Women, Minorities and Professional Choice in Teaching and Writing" Chair and Moderator: Linda Austern (The Folger Shakespeare Library) THURSDAY EVENING SESSIONS 8:00-11:00 Study Session: The Dialectics of Virtuosity Richard Leppert (University of Minnesota), Chair James Deaville (McMaster University) Lawrence Kramer (Fordham University) Susan McClary (University of California, Los Angeles) Robert Walser (University of California, Los Angeles) Study Session (Historic Brass Society): Brass at the Periphery: Brass Instruments on the Borders of the Western Art Music Tradition Jeffrey Nussbaum (President, Historic Brass Society), Chair Stewart Carter (Wake Forest University) Trevor Herbert (Open University, UK) Kenneth Kreitner (University of Memphis) Keith Polk (University of New Hampshire) Panel Session: Manuscripts and Editions: New Solutions through Image Processing Eleanor Selfridge-Field (Stanford University), Chair Philip Brett (University of California, Riverside) Dexter Edge (Louisiana State University) William Koseluk (University of California, Santa Barbara) Patricia Hall (University of California, Santa Barbara) John Howard (Harvard University) Alejandro Planchart (University of California, Santa Barbara) Jeremy Smith (State University of New York, Fredonia) 8:00-9:00 AMS Committee on Career-Related Issues, Session I: Preparing for the Twenty-First Century Roberta Marvin (University of Iowa), Moderator 8:00 Symphonies da Camera: Opera and Orchestra in the Parlor: Transcriptions by J. N. Hummel and J. P. Salomon of Symphonies and Overtures by Beethoven, Haydn, and Weber Mark Kroll, fortepiano; Carol Lieberman, classical violin; John Solum, classical flute; Joel Cohen, classical cello Boston University, Marsh Chapel (admission: $10; $5 for students, AMS members, & senior citizens) 8:00 New England Conservatory Symphony Richard Hoenich, conductor; Fenwick Smith, flute soloist Jordan Hall, New England Conservatory of Music (free admission) NEC Presidents Reception to follow 9:30-11:00 AMS Student Reception FRIDAY 30 October 7:00-9:00 AMS Committee on Career-Related Issues, Annual Breakfast Meeting 7:30-9:00 American Brahms Society Board of Directors Breakfast Meeting 7:30-9:00 AMS 50 Dissertation Fellowship Committee Meeting 7:30-9:00 AMS Committee on Cultural Diversity: Breakfast Reception for Visiting Students 7:30-9:00 American Bach Society Program Committee Meeting 7:30-9:00 Student Representatives to AMS Council, Breakfast Meeting 7:30-9:00 AMS Committee on the History of the Society, Breakfast Meeting 8:00-9:00 AMS Chapter Officers, Breakfast Meeting 8:00-9:30 Early Music America Publications Committee Meeting 8:00-5:00 Job Interviews 8:30-5:00 Registration 8:30-6:00 Exhibits 10:30/11:30/12:30 Tours of Musical Instrument Collection, Museum of Fine Arts, hosted by Darcy Kuronen (preregistration required; numbers limited) FRIDAY MORNING SESSIONS 9:00-12:00 Twentieth-Century Aesthetics Rose Rosengard Subotnik (Brown University), Chair Sharon Mirchandani (Westminster Choir College, Rider University), "Ruth Crawford's Image of the East and Her Three Chants for Women's Chorus" Gregory Reish (University of Georgia), "Nada-Brahman: Giacinto Scelsi and the Aesthetic of Sacred Sound" Friedemann Sallis (Université de Moncton), "Fragmentary Form in the Music of György Kurtág und Umberto Eco's Aesthetics of Chaosmos" Leonora Saavedra (Centro Nacional de las Artes), "Carlos Chávez and the USA: The Construction of a Strategic Otherness" Appropriations of the Folk Bruno Nettl (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Chair Deborah Lawrence (University of Chicago), "Spains `Conde Claros' Pieces: From Popular Song to Harmonic Formula" Barbara Milewski (Princeton University), "Chopin and Folk Music? The Plausibility of the Hypothesis" Michael Christoforidis (University of Melbourne), "Folksong and Flamenco through to Polyphony and Plainchant: The Transformation of Manuel de Falla's Musical Nationalism in the 1920s" David E. Schneider (Amherst College), "Peasant Music or Gypsy Music? The Implications of the Dűvô Accompaniment for Bartók's Polemics" Cage/Minimalism as History David Patterson (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Chair Leta E. Miller (University of California, Santa Cruz), "John Cage in Seattle: Cultural Intersections" David Nicholls (The College of William and Mary), "Cage and the Ultra- Modernists" Robert Fink (Eastman School of Music), "Minimalism as Cultural Practice" Kyle Gann (Bard College), "Toward a New Classic Phase: Minimalism's Aftermath" Film, Patents, and Copyright Wayne Shirley (Library of Congress), Chair Brian Currid (University of Chicago), "A Song Goes `Round the World': The German Schlager as an Organ of Experience" Stephan Prock (University of Virginia), "Voice-Over/Voice Under, or, The Not-So-Silent Star of Billy Wilder's Sunset Boulevard" Albert Cohen (Stanford University), "A Trove of Hidden Secrets: Music in the plis cachetés at the French Scientific Academy" Catrina Flint de Médicis (McGill University), "Property vs. Privilege: Igor Stravinsky, Neoclassicism, and French Copyright Law" Bach, Mozart, and Affekt Robert Marshall (Brandeis University), Chair Mary J. Greer (Columbia University), "The Identities of the Triumvirate in BWV 38/5 Revealed: The Influence of Luther's Biblical Exegesis on Bachs Compositional Choices in a Sacred Terzet" David Schulenberg (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), "Genre and Invention in Early Eighteenth-Century Instrumental Music: Sonatas and Concertos from the Bach Circle" Robert M. Cammarota (New York), "On the Performance of `Quia respexit . . . omnes generationes' from J. S. Bach's Magnificat" Laurel E. Zeiss (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), "The Orchestra Speaks for Him: The Instrumental Music in Mozarts Accompanied Recitatives" 12:00-1:00 Society for Seventeenth-Century Music, Business Meeting 12:00-1:00 Thesaurus Musicarum Latinarum: Meeting of the Project and Editorial Committees 12:00-2:00 Mozart Society of America Meeting 12:00-2:00 Cambridge Opera Journal, Editor & Associate Editors Meeting 12:15-12:45 AMS Gay and Lesbian Study Group, Business Meeting 12:15-1:15 Yamaha Demonstration 12:30-2:00 Luso-Brazilian Music Society 12:45-1:45 "William McGibbon and Niel Gow: Reflections of Tradition and Taste in Eighteenth-Century Lowland Scotland" Barbara Downie, violin, and Phillip Klockner, harpsichord (Rice University) (Sponsored by the AMS Performance Committee) 12:45-2:00 AMS Gay and Lesbian Study Group, Program Ellen T. Harris (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), "Handel as Orpheus II: The Cultural Context of a Literary Reading" 1:00-2:00 Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology, Staff Meeting 1:00-2:00 AMS Committee on Career-Related Issues Mentoring Kickoff Sandra Barnes (University of Cincinnati) and James Zychowicz (Madison, WI), Organizers 1:00/2:00/3:00/4:00 Tours of Yellow Room, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, hosted by Ralph Locke (preregistration required; numbers limited) 1:30 Boston Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Hall 2:00-4:00 AMS/MLA Joint RISM Committee Meeting FRIDAY AFTERNOON SESSIONS 2:00-5:00 After Hanslick: The Problem of Musical Meaning in German Musicology ca. 1900-1930 Glenn Stanley (University of Connecticut), Chair Glenn Stanley (University of Connecticut), "Arnold Schering's Theory of Musical Symbolism" Albrecht Riethmüller (Freie Universität Berlin), "The Tempest Sonata Controversy: Paul Bekker, August Halm, and Arnold Schering" Hans-Joachim Hinrichsen (Freie Universität Berlin), "Bedeutung (Meaning) and Inhalt (Content) in the Music Aesthetics of August Halm" Chien-Chang Yang (University of Chicago), "Disciplining Music: Hugo Riemann's Musical Aesthetics and Nineteenth-Century German Psychology" African American Music Ingrid Monson (Washington University), Chair Zbigniew Granat (Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts), "The Musical Work in Jazz: Bill Evans's Formal Concept of `Nardis'" Elliott S. Hurwitt (Graduate Center, City University of New York), The Fall of Pace and Handy, 1920-1924" Christopher Smith (Indiana University), "Whose `Blues in the Mississippi Night'?: Frame Management and the Context of the Blues" Catherine Parsons Smith (University of Nevada), "Of Scherzos and Tricksters: A Narrative for the Scherzo of William Grant Still's Afro-American Symphony" Baroque Opera Robert Shay (Lyon College), Chair James Leve (Yale University), "Comic Opera in Seventeenth-Century Florence: From the Academy to the European State" Wendy Heller (Princeton University), "Reforming Achilles: Gender, Opera Seria, and the Rhetoric of the Enlightened Hero" Andrew R. Walkling (University of Oregon), "Psyche and the Origins of English Opera" Kathryn Lowerre (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor), "Dramatick Opera and the 1698 Debate over Theatrical Reform" Conductus and Motet Craig Wright (Yale University), Chair Thomas B. Payne (Columbia University), "Aurelianis Civitas: A Conductus and Student Unrest in Medieval France" Mark Everist (University of Southampton), "Drying Rachel's Tears: The Conductus as Mixed Form" Alice V. Clark (Pennsylvania State University), "Making and Breaking Patterns in Machaut's Motets" David M. Kidger (Harvard University), "Motet-Cycle or motetti missales: A Reappraisal of Josquin Desprez's Vultum tuum deprecabuntur" Sketches Lewis Lockwood (Harvard University), Chair Jenny Kallick (Amherst College), "The Spirit of the Development: Development and Coda Sketches for the First Movement of Beethoven's Symphony no. 9, op. 125" Susan Sharkey (Manchester University), "Unravel the Riddles of the Ring: Return to the Manuscripts!" John R. Palmer (University of California, Davis), "The Compositional Genesis of the Scherzo of Mahler's Second Symphony" Marilyn L. McCoy (Arnold Schoenberg Institute, Los Angeles), "The Sketches for Gustav Mahler's `O Mensch! Gib Acht': Temporality Unbound" 5:00-6:00 AMS Committee on Career-Related Issues, Session II: Musicology and Liberal Learning: Teaching Careers at Liberal Arts Colleges Leslie Ellen Brown (Alma College), Moderator 5:00-7:00 JAMS Editorial Board Meeting 7:30-9:30 AMS Outreach Committee, Open Meeting/ Panel Discussion FRIDAY EVENING SESSIONS 8:0011:00 Sondheim Alejandro Planchart (University of California, Santa Barbara), Chair Kim H. Kowalke (University of Rochester), "I Hate Brecht!: Love Life, Sondheim, and the Concept Musical" John Andrew Johnson (Syracuse University), "Sondheim's Assassins (1991) as Show and Symbol" Heidi Owen (Eastman School of Music), "Tell Him What I See: Perspective and Voice in Pacific Overtures" Steve Swayne (University of California, Berkeley), "A Little Night Music and the Myth of the Waltz Musical" Session Respondent: Stephen Banfield (University of Birmingham) Study Session (International Hispanic Study Group): The Idea of Nationalism in Musicological Discourse: Its Impact on Iberian and Latin-American Music History Emilio Ros-Fábregas (Boston University), Chair Juan José Carreras (Universidad de Zaragoza) Emilio Casares (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) Walter Aaron Clark (University of Kansas) Malena Kuss (University of North Texas) Cristina Magaldi (University of California, Los Angeles) 8:00 Boston Baroque presents Der Stein der Weisen Jordan Hall, New England Conservatory of Music (Pre-concert lecture by David Buch at 6:30) SATURDAY 31 October 7:30-9:00 Early Music America Higher Education Committee Meeting 7:30-9:30 AMS Committee on Cultural Diversity, Breakfast Meeting 7:30-9:00 AMS Committee on the Status of Women, Breakfast Meeting 7:30-9:30 AMS Council Committee on Outreach, Breakfast Meeting 7:30-9:30 AMS Performance Committee, Breakfast Meeting 7:30-9:00 Recent Researches General Editors Meeting 7:30-9:30 AMS Publications Committee, Breakfast Meeting 7:30-9:30 Journal of Musicological Research Board Meeting 8:00-9:00 Beethoven Forum, Editorial Board Breakfast Meeting 8:00-5:00 Job Interviews 8:30-5:00 Registration 8:30-6:00 Exhibits SATURDAY MORNING SESSIONS 9:00-12:00 Sixteenth-Century Theory and Practice Herbert Kellman (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Chair Alan A. Luhring (University of Colorado, Boulder), "Dalla Casa's `Madrigali da cantar': Anacrusic Ornamentation of Poetry" Rachelle Taylor (McGill University), "Peter Philips and the Secret Service: The Composers Arrest and Imprisonment of 1593 Re-examined" Respondent: Anthony Newcomb (University of California, Berkeley) Russell E. Murray, Jr. (University of Delaware), "Toward a Stylistic Definition of Counterpoint in the Late Renaissance" Elizabeth Crownfield (New York University), "`Some Formalitie or Meaning in Your Waie': Thomas Morley's Account of Musical Coherence, 1597" Respondent: Jessie Ann Owens (Brandeis University) Women, Agency (and French Opera) M. Elizabeth C. Bartlet (Duke University), Chair Birgit Lodes (Universität München), "Women Take the Bow: Gendered Cello Music in the Nineteenth Century" Robert M. Adelson and Jacqueline Letzter (University of Utah), "French Revolutionary Opera by Women" Charles Dill (University of Wisconsin, Madison), "Pélissier, Prurience, and the Ideology of Opera" Mary Jean Speare (Washington University), "The Gypsy before Carmen: Galli-Marié and French Opéra comique" Late-Medieval Theory Thomas Mathiesen (Indiana University), Chair Stefano Mengozzi (University of Chicago), "The Ciconian Hexachord" Eleonora M. Beck (Lewis and Clark College), "Aristotle and the Pomerium of Marchetto of Padua" Mariamichela Russo (Pisa), "Musica Ficta in Thirteenth-Century Hexachordal Theory" Peter Urquhart (University of New Hampshire), "Contra mi contra fa: Challenging the Harmonic Rule of Musica Ficta" Session Respondent: Margaret Bent (All Souls College, Oxford) Mozart Discoveries Christoph Wolff (Harvard University), Chair Neal Zaslaw (Cornell University), "The Non-Canonic Status of Mozart's Canons" Daniel R. Melamed (Yale University), "Source Evidence on the Genesis of Die Entführung aus dem Serail" David J. Buch (University of Northern Iowa), "Der Stein der Weisen, Mozart, and Emanuel Schikaneder's Fairy-Tale Singspiels" Dexter Edge (Louisiana State University), "The Copy Shop of the Theater auf der Wieden and the Mozart Attributions in the Hamburg Score of Der Stein der Weisen" SATURDAY MORNING SHORT SESSIONS 9:00-10:30 Opera and the Piano Jeffrey Kallberg (University of Pennsylvania), Chair David Kasunic (Princeton University), "Chopin and Meyerbeer's Robert le diable" Isabelle Bélance-Zank (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), "Dramatic Procedure in Thalberg's Opera Fantasies" 10:30-12:00 Americans in Post-War Germany Stephen Hefling (Case Western Reserve University), Chair Peter Bloom (Smith College), "History, Memory, and the Oboe Concerto of Richard Strauss" Respondent: Bryan Gilliam (Duke University) Amy C. Beal (University of Michigan), "Negotiating Cultural Allies: American Music in Darmstadt, 1946-1956" Respondent Anne C. Shreffler (University of Basel) 12:00-2:00 American Bach Society Advisory Board, Luncheon Meeting 12:00-2:00 Seven Springs Consortium Janet L. Johnson (University of Southern California), Organizer 12:00-1:30 AMS Committee on Cultural Diversity, Seminar for Visiting Students 12:00-1:30 AMS Committee on Career-Related Issues, Session III: Open Forum on Interviewing: Issues for Future Study Barbara Coeyman (Austin, Texas), Organizer 12:00-4:00 AMS Committee on the Publication of American Music, Luncheon Meeting 12:00-4:00 American Handel Society Board Meeting 12:15-1:45 AMS Council Meeting 12:45-1:45 Music for the End of the Century: Works for Piano Solo by Women Composers Lora Deahl, piano (Texas Tech University) (Sponsored by the AMS Performance Committee) 1:00/3:00 Tours of Musical Boston, hosted by Laurie Blunsom, Steven Ledbetter, and Katrina DeBonville (preregistration required; numbers limited) SATURDAY AFTERNOON SESSIONS 2:00-5:00 Chapels in the Seicento Jeffrey Kurtzman (Washington University), Chair Edmond Strainchamps (State University of New York, Buffalo), "Marco da Gagliano in 1608: Choices, Decisions, and Consequences" Respondent: Susan Parisi (Urbana, IL) Noel O'Regan (University of Edinburgh), "Asprilio Pacelli, Lodovico Viadana, and the Origins of the Roman Concerto Ecclesiastico" Respondent: Robert Holzer (Yale University) Mary E. Frandsen (University of Notre Dame), "The Roman Solo Motet and the Transformation of the Sacred Concerto in Germany Respondent: Paul Walker (University of Virginia) Kimberlyn Montford (Rutgers University), "L'Anno Santo and Female Monastic Churches: The Politics, Business, and Music of the Holy Year in Rome (1675)" Respondent: Robert Kendrick (University of Chicago) Memory and Schubert's Instrumental Music Walter Frisch (Columbia University), Chair Beate Perrey (Christ's College, Cambridge), "The Inner Voice of Absence: Schubert's D-Minor Quartet and the Lied Der Tod und das Mädchen" Walter Frisch (Columbia University), "You Must Remember This: Memory and Structure in Schubert's G-Major Quartet, D. 887" John Daverio (Boston University), "One More Beautiful Memory of Schubert: Schumann's Critique of the Impromptus, D. 935" John M. Gingerich (Wesleyan University), "Remembrance and Consciousness in Schubert's C-Major String Quintet" Race, Ethnicity, and Popular Music Don M. Randel (Cornell University), Chair Renee Norris (University of Maryland, College Park), "Black Opera: The Antebellum Blackface Minstrel Show and European Opera" Lisa Barg (State University of New York, Stony Brook), "Black Voices/White Sounds: Race and Representation in Virgil Thomson's Four Saints in Three Acts" Albin Zak (University of Michigan), "From Reproduction to Composition: Sound Recording and the Invention of Rock and Roll" George Torres (Cornell University), "Strictly Ballroom? The Use of Rumba, Bolero, and Cha Cha Chá in Rock'n'Roll to 1963" Texts, Intertexts, and Readers in the Fourteenth Century Margaret Bent (All Souls College, Oxford), Chair Anne Hallmark (New England Conservatory), "Song and Intertextuality: Implications of a Medieval Voice" Anne W. Robertson (University of Chicago), "Machaut's Early Motets and the Medieval Mystical Tradition" Yolanda Plumley (University College, Cork), "Lyrics for Reading and Lyrics for Singing: The Relationship between the Chanson and Poetry Repertories in the Late Fourteenth Century" Antonella Puca (New York University), "Biblical Chant and Exegesis in Fauvel's Motet Aman Novi/Heu Fortuna Subdola/Heu Me" Session Respondent: Kevin Brownlee (University of Pennsylvania) Wagner's Shadow Thomas S. Grey (Stanford University), Chair Vera Micznik (University of British Columbia), "Liszt's An die Künstler: Music, Text, and the Ideology of Zukunftsmusik" Anya Suschitzky (University of California, Berkeley), "Vincent d'Indy and the Messianic Promise" David Code (University of California, Berkeley), "Hearing Debussy's Reading of Mallarmé: Recovery and Loss of Romantic Address in the Prélude ŕ l'aprčs-midi dun faune" Morten Kristiansen (Yale University), "Richard Strauss and the End of Music: Feuersnot, Metaphysics, and the Legacy of Wagner" 5:30-7:00 AMS Business Meeting SATURDAY EVENING SESSIONS 8:00-11:00 Shostakovich and Testimony Anne Shreffler (University of Basel), Chair Timothy L. Jackson (University of North Texas), "Khovanshchina and Babi Yar: Mussorgsky, Shostakovich, and the Jews" Allan B. Ho (Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville), "The Testimony Affair: An Answer to the Critics" Dmitry Feofanov (Naperville, IL), "Shostakovich the Anti-Communist: Confirming Testimony" Session Respondent: David Fanning (University of Manchester) Study Session: German Galliard Songs: Some Performance Considerations Dianne McMullen (Union College), Chair Ken Pierce (Cambridge, MA) Panel: Musical Genre and Space Adam Krims (University of Alberta), Chair Henry Klumpenhouwer (University of Alberta) Mitchell Morris (University of Alberta) Tamara Schwartzentruber (University of Alberta) Cathy Den Tandt (University of Alberta) 8:00 Boston Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Hall 8:00 Boston Early Music Festival presents Jordi Savall with Hesperion XX 9:30-12:30 Annual Ball 10:00 AMS Gay and Lesbian Study Group Party SUNDAY 1 November 7:30-9:30 AMS Joint Meeting of 1997 and 1998 Local Arrangements Committees 7:30-9:00 AMS Board of Directors Meeting 8:00-12:00 Job Interviews 8:30-12:00 Exhibits 9:00-12:30 American Musical Instrument Society Board of Governors Meeting SUNDAY MORNING SESSIONS 9:00-12:00 Music and Ideological Inscriptions in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Europe Annegret Fauser (City University, London), Chair Michael P. Steinberg (Cornell University), "The Requiem Mass and Modern National Memory" Jane F. Fulcher (Indiana University), "Both Right and Left: Ideological Inscriptions in French Inter-War Neoclassicism" Daria A. Depa (Indiana University), "Re-appropriating Wagner for the Weimar Republic: From Socialist to Fascist" Pamela M. Potter (University of Wisconsin), "The Politicization of Handel's Oratorios in Twentieth-Century Germany" Representations of Nation Michael Beckerman (University of California, Santa Barbara), Chair Graham Wood (University of Minnesota), "Reviewing Oklahoma!: Musicals, Modernity, and National Consciousness" W. Anthony Sheppard (Williams College), "Singing Sayonara: Musical Representations of Japan in 1950s Hollywood Film" Maria Chow (University of Chicago), "Representations of Nation: A Case Study Based on Four Early Chinese National Anthems" Jean Marie Hoover (Indiana University), "Constructing Ireland: Culture and Politics in Stanford's Shamus O'Brien" Verdi James Hepokoski (University of Minnesota), Chair David Rosen (Cornell University), "A Tale of Five Cities: The Peregrinations of Verdi's and Somma's Gustavo III" Gloria Staffieri (University of Rome), "Verdi and the Pergolas European Scene: From Roberto il diavolo (1840) to Macbeth (1847)" Jonathan Cheskin (University of Chicago), "Verdi's I Lombardi alla prima crociata as Catholic-Liberal Romantic Opera" Elizabeth Hudson (University of Virginia), "Toscanini and a Twentieth- Century Aesthetic of Opera Performance" Writers and Composers Ian Bent (Columbia University), Chair I: Stendhal and Rossini Janet Johnson (University of Southern California), "Stendhal, Rossini, and the Parisian Homme de Lettres: An École des Journalistes" Benjamin Walton (University of California, Berkeley), "Deciphering Hyperbole: Stendhal and Tancredi" II: Jean Paul and Schumann Erika Reiman (University of Toronto), "Vollglück in der Beschränkung/Happiness within Limits: Schumann's and Jean Paul's Idyllic Vision" Eric Jensen (Worthington, OH), "Explicating Jean Paul: Robert Schumann's Program for Papillons, Op.2" SUNDAY MORNING SHORT SESSIONS 9:00-10:30 Revisiting Ancient and Medieval Sources Thomas H. Connolly (University of Pennsylvania), Chair Alexander Lingas (University of Oxford), "H. J. W. Tillyard's Study of Byzantine Chant and the Politics of the Modern Greek Identity" Emma Dillon (Christ Church, Oxford), "Fauvel in the Nineteenth Century" 10:3012:00 Stravinsky Elliott Antokoletz (University of Texas, Austin), Chair Simon Morrison (Princeton University), "Petrushka's End" Maureen A. Carr (Pennsylvania State University), "The Two Worlds of Stravinsky's Orpheus" Session Respondent: Robert Katz (University of Texas, Austin) 3:00 Boston Baroque presents Der Stein der Weisen Jordan Hall, New England Conservatory of Music (Preconcert lecture by David Buch at 1:30)