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Nation, Myth and Reality: Music in the 1930s
London, October 1998

8888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 Nation, Myth and Reality: Music in the 1930s Friday 23 October and Saturday 24 October, 1998 Institute of Romance Studies University of London Senate House (3rd Floor) Malet Street, London WC1
Organiser: Erik Levi, Department of Music, Royal Holloway, University of London
Provisional Programme
Friday 8.45 Registration 9.15 Welcome to conference 9.30 Music in the USA/Great Britain Harvey Cohen (University of Maryland) "The Mass-Marketing of a Black Maestro: Duke Ellington and the Mills Organization 1926-1939" Carol Oja (College of William and Mary, Virginia) "Neo-classicism and Nationalism in the Music of Aaron Copland" David Nicholls (University of Keele) "Myths and Realities of American Music in the 1930s" Suzanne Robinson (University of Melbourne) "Tippett and the Auden Generation" 11.30 Coffee 12.00 Music in the Soviet Union David Fanning (University of Manchester) "Shostakovich in C" Pauline Fairclough (University of Manchester) "The Socialist Realist Symphony: Wishful Thinking?" Jesse Rosenberg (Northwestern University) "Eisler versus Prokofiev/Eisenstein: a new look at an old polemic" l3.30 Lunch 14.30 Music in Germany/Austria [I] Michael Walter (Ruhr University, Bochum) "What is `German Music'?" Albrecht Dümling (Berlin) "The Cultural Politics of Gustav Havemann" Christa Brüstle (Berlin) "J. S. Bach: German icon 1933-45" 16.00 Tea 16.30 Round table discussion Saturday 8.45 Registration 9.10 Music in Germany/Austria [II] Michael G. Werner (Ruhr University of Bochum, Germany) "Music and Musicology and the Shaping of National Identities" Tim Jackson (University of North Texas, USA) "Nazi Semiotics, Karajan's Pathetique, and Walter's Mahler Ninth" Peter Tregear (University of Cambridge) "The search for legitimate authority: The composition of Krenek's Karl V" 10.30 Coffee 11.00 Music in France Caroline Rae (University of Cardiff) "Myth and Mysticism in Jolivet: Musical `Magic realism'?" Jann Pasler (University of California, San Diego) "Bleu-horizon and beyond: The politics of l'initiation à la musique (1935)" Nigel Simeone (University of Bangor) "Messiaen 1936-1937: La Jeune France and the Paris Exposition" Edward Forman (University of Bristol) "The Myths and Realities of Frenchness: Claudel and Honegger's Jeanne d'Arc au bûcher" 13.00 Lunch 14.30 Music in Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal and Finland [I]. Michael M. Christoforidis (University of Melbourne) "Constructions of Manuel de Falla's political identity and musical nationalism in Republican Spain" Gemma Perez Zalduando (University of Granada) "Republican Policy: Spanish Music in the 1930s" David Osmond-Smith (University of Sussex): "Luigi Dallapiccola and the construction of Italianità" 16.00 Tea 16.30 Music in Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal and Finland [II]. Ben Earle (University of Cambridge) "The modern artist as superman: Dallapiccola's Volo di notte" Anastasia Siopsi (University of Corfu) "`Hellenism' in Manolis Kalomiris's music: Myth and Germanic tradition in his opera The Mother's Ring" Dalwyn Henshall (Christ Church, Canterbury) "National Identity in Finnish Opera" Teresa Cascudo (Museum of Portuguese Music) "Music and Nationalism during the 30s: The Portuguese case" END OF CONFERENCE Conference registration: Lara Bell, Institute of Romance Studies, Senate House (3rd floor) Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU, UK Tel: +44-171 862 8675 Fax: +44-171 862 8672 E-mail: Fees for conference attenders: £23 per day (including Lunch)