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Symposium on Music and Computers
Corfu, October 1998

The 1st Symposium on Music and Computers will be held at the island of Corfu in Greece. The symposium is organized by the Music Department of the Ionian University and the General Secretariat for Research and Technology. Its main objective is to foster investigation of the impact of technology on musical thought and musical creativity. Computation and technology extend the boundaries of music creation and give rise to a multitude of new exciting possibilities; however, the interaction of such new methods with theoretical and aesthetic aspects of musical understanding seems to receive little attention. The aim of this symposium is to stimulate the exchange of ideas on the merits and also difficulties of bringing together musical creativity and computer-based technology. Special attention will be given to the presentation of current directions in computer music research (theory and applications) to students, young composers and musicians. Additionally, special events dedicated to Greek pioneers of computer music will be hosted. Researchers from any relevant discipline are invited to submit papers relating to the areas of interest presented below; the presentations of papers will be followed by extended discussions. Composers are invited to submit electroacoustic and/or interactive compositions. MAIN AREAS OF INTEREST Any combination of topics from BOTH of the two sections below: Section 1 - Aesthetics - Criticism - Music Theory - Creativity and Composition Section 2 - Sound Analysis, Synthesis and Processing - Computer-Assisted Composition - Artificial Intelligence and Music - Psychoacoustics and Cognitive Models of Music - Interactive Musical Systems KEYNOTE SPEAKERS - Jean-Claude Risset (Laboratoire de Mechanique et d'Acoustique, Marseilles, France) - Gerard Assayag (Ircam, France) - Luc Ferrari (France) - Emilios Cambouropoulos (King's College London) PROGRAMME COMMITTEE - Gerard Assayag (Ircam, France) - Emilios Cambouropoulos (King's College London) - Anastasia Georgaki (Ionian University, Corfu) - Andreas Mniestris (Ionian University, Corfu) - Jean-Claude Risset (Laboratoire de Mechanique et d'Acoustique, Marseilles, France) - Haris Xanthoudakis (Ionian University, Corfu) SUBMISSION OF PAPERS Extended abstracts not less than 1000 words (or full papers) should be sent by post (3 copies) or by e-mail to the address below; all paper submissions should be in English. DEADLINES 1 September 1998: Submissions of extended abstracts and compositions 10 September 1998: Notification of acceptance 1 October 1998: Submission of final paper. Participation to the symposium is free (no registration fee is required). Send submissions of papers to: Anastasia Georgaki Music Department/Ionian University 16, Derpfeld St. Villa Bernier 49100 Corfu Greece email: Send submissions of music to: Andreas Mniestris Music Department/Ionian University 16, Derpfeld St. Villa Bernier 49100 Corfu Greece email: