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State of the Art - a colloquium on Slovak culture, 1988-98
London, October 1998

Centre for the Study of Central Europe School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University of London, Senate House, Malet St, London WC1E 7HU State of the Art - a colloquium on Slovak culture, 1988-98 Convenor: Tim Beasley-Murray 24 & 25 October 1998 School of Slavonic and East European Studies, Room 336 & 336a, Third Floor, North Block, Senate House.
The Centre wishes to thank those who have given their generous support to this colloquium: the British Council, the British Association for Central and Eastern Europe and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Saturday 24 October 10.00-10.30 am. Registration Third floor foyer, North Wing, Senate House 10.30 am. Opening - H.E. the Ambassador of the S1ovak Republic Introduction - Kieran Williams (SSEES) 10.45 am. Prose I Chair: Tim Beasley-Murray Peter Darovec (Bratislava): "Contemporary Slovak Literature: between Postmodernism and Nationalism." Ute Rassloff (Berlin): "Poetry of Coolness?: young Slovak prose since 1988." Rajendra Chitnis (SEESS): "Pulp Fiction of Pressburg: the prose of Peter Pistanek." Discussant: David Chirico 12.15 pm. Coffee/tea break 12.30 pm. Prose, Music, Theory Chair: Ester Fleischer-Brown (Cambridge) Tim Beasley-Murray: "Jacques Lacan, Ivan Kolenic and the Imaginary and the Symbolic in Mlcat." Kath1een Hayes (Prague): "Sexuality and the Crisis of Identity: the post-1989 works of Ján Johanides." Geoffrey Chew (Royal Holloway): "History, Theory and Practice in the Music of Vladimír Godár." Discussant: Robert Pynsent (SSEES) 2.00 pm. Lunch 3.00 pm. Politics and Culture Chair: Radojka Miljevic (SSEES) Robert Pynsent (SSEES): "The S1ovaks and their Past in the 1990s: a case study." Peter Zajac (Bratislava): "The Political Essay as a New Phenomenon in Slovak Culture." Stanislava Chrobáková (Bratislava): "The Politics of Literature and Criticism." Rudolf Chmel (Bratislava and Prague): "State of the Art." Discussant: Ute Rassloff. 5.00 pm. Coffee/tea break 5.15 pm. Discussion: "The Shadow of Populism: politics and culture in contemporary Slovakia." Chair: Kieran Williams Participants: Peter Darovec Dusan Mikulaj (Bratislava) Martin Sulík (Bratislava) Zuzana Ulicianska Marián Urban (Bratislava) Drinks to Follow Sunday 25 October 10.30 am. Outside the Mainstream: Jews and Roma Chair: Cathérine Servant (Paris) Ester Fleischer-Brown: "Jewropean, Its Author, The Narrator's Uncle and Juraj Spitzer." David Chirico: "Questions of Identity in the Works of Three Slovak Romani Writers." Discussant: Rajendra Chitnis 11.30 am. Coffee/tea break 11.45 am. Old and New Influences Chair: Stanislava Chrobáková Ludwig Richter (Leipzig): "Problems of the Reintegration of Exile and Dissident Literature into Slovak Literature, 1989 - 1998." Petra Bombíková (Bratislava): 'The New Feminism, 1988-98." Discussant: Kathleen Hayes 12.45 pm. Lunch 1.45 pm. The Performing Arts Chair: Ester Fleischer-Brown Jana Wild (Bratislava): "Violating the Language: Shakespeare's Hamlet in Slovak translation." Zuzana Ulicianska: "Inside the Looking Glass: narrow horizons of Slovak theatre." Discussant: Petra Bombíková 2.45 pm. Coffee/tea break 3.00 pm. Poetry Chair: Robert Pynsent (SSEES) Andrea Bokníková: "Slovak Poetry: a comparison between the 1960s and the 1990s." Cathérine Servant: "Contemporary Slovak Poetry in French: recent publications." Discussant: David Chirico 6.00 pm. Reception in the School hosted by H.E. the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic.