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The Fair Sex? Women & the Arts 1660-1830
Daytona Beach, FL, October 1998

CALL FOR PAPERS ANNUAL MEETING OF THE APHRA BEHN SOCIETY 1998 "The Fair Sex?" Women in the Arts: 1660-1830 El Caribe Hotel and Conference Center Oceanfront Daytona Beach, Florida October 29-31, 1998
The conference welcomes papers on the theme "The Fair Sex?" that address: * general investigation of women in the arts throughout the long eighteenth century * specific examinations of issues of beauty and justice as they relate to gender * visual representations of women--in theatre, painting, prints, and literature * as well as questions of what it means to be "the fair sex" Who determines what is fair? What values are imputed to women in the century and through what means? How is justice meted out to women--in courts, in novels, in poetry, in allegory? What role do women play in the construction of notions of justice and beauty? How do concepts of "the fair sex" enter larger cultural questions of education, law, virtue, family, employment? How do women respond to expectations of fairness, especially when other cultural prescriptions--like race or class--dictate their conspicuous unfairness? Send one-page proposals to: Dr. Phoebe Smith Department of English Stetson University DeLand, FL 32720 USA PROPOSAL DEADLINE: APRIL 15, 1998 Laura L. Runge ************** Department of English University of South Florida-St. Petersburg