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International Conference on Women Composers of Our Time
Cologne, October 1998

International Conference on Women Composers of Our Time 
COLOGNE, 28 - 30 October 1998

In association with "Frau Musica (nova)", an international festival of
women composers scheduled for next year in Cologne (30 Oct. - 1 Nov.
1998), we are planning a three-day international musicological conference,
to be held just before the festival, e.g. 28th, 29th and 30th of October
at the Cologne Music Academy. More detailed information about the Music
Festival will follow, a Homepage is in preparation. 

For this event we are soliciting proposals from one of the following main
thematic areas: 

Feminist perspectives
	- presentation / discussion of recent musicological research;
	  problems of reception
Geographical perspectives 
	- a discussion on the situation of women composers in specific
Individual perspectives 
	- portraits of individual contemporary women composers 
Stylistic perspectives and genre 
	- stage, multi-media etc.

Other perspectives, including interdisciplinary aspects, and individual
proposals for different approaches will also be considered. 

There will be morning and afternoon sessions. Most of the papers will be
no longer than 30 minutes (including discussion), some presentations may
last up to 45 minutes, if the author so desires. During the evenings women
composers, whose music will be performed at the festival following the
symposium, will talk about themselves, present their work and participate
in general discussions (open form to be defined later: round table,
lecture-recital, discussion, workshop, or similar forms). 

Proposals should include an abstract of up to 400 words, a short
professional curriculum, informations about the necessary technical
requirements and should be sent

	by 5 March 1998


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