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Medieval & Renaissance Marketplace and Society
New York, December 1998

CALL FOR PAPERS                                              CALL FOR PAPERS

                          THE SIXTEENTH BARNARD COLLEGE

                                December 5, 1998

                           "MARKETPLACE AND SOCIETY"
   Intersections of the economic sphere with politics, religion, and culture

                            Possible topics include:
 literary production; architecture and the plastic arts; university culture;
    religious life; patronage and court society; marriage and sexuality;
        social structures; political institutions and policies, etc.

                     DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: MAY 15, 1998

             Please submit abstracts (150-300 words) and c.v. to:

              Joel Kaye, Department of History, Barnard College
                   3009 Broadway, New York, NY 10027, USA

            Fax: +1-(212) 854-3024   e-mail: