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Society for Music Theory, 21st Annual Meeting
Chapel Hill, December 1998

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2 MEETINGS 6:00-8:00 SMT Committee on Networking Operations 7:00-10:00 SMT Corninittee on the Status of Women 7:00-11:00 SMT Awards Committee Meeting 7:00-11:00 SMT Publications Committee Meeting THURSDAY, DECEMBER 3 MEETINGS, REGISTRATION, EXHIBITS, JOB INTERVIEWS 8:00-12:00 SMT Executive Board Meeting 9:00-5:00 Registration 12:00-2:00 SMT Officers' Luncheon 1:00-6:00 Job Interviews 1:00-6:00 Exhibits AFTERNOON SESSIONS 2:00-5:00 TIME AND SPACE Lawrence Zbikowski (University of Chicago), chair Charles Morrison (Wilfrid Laurier University) "McTaggart's Time Series and Music Perception: The ABCs of the Rehearing Experience" John Roeder (University of British Columbia) "The Coordination of lnterstream Groups and Intrastream Pulses in Bartok's `With Drums and Pipes'" Amie Cox (University of Oregon) "As Time Goes By: The Past, Present, and Future of Musical Motion" Robert Morris (Eastman School of Music) "Sets, Scales, and Rhythmic Cycles: A Classification of Talas in Indian Music" 2:00-5:00 LATE NINETEENTH-CENTURY MUSIC Roger Graybill (University of Texas at Austin), chair Robert Gauldin (Eastman School of Music) "Further Manifestation of the DOUTH2 Relation in Tristan and Wagner's Other Music Dramas" Warren Darcy (Oberlin Conservatory of Music) "Rotational Form, Teleological Genesis, and Fantasy-Projection in the Slow Movement of Mahler's Sixth Symphony" Peter Smith (University of Notre Dame) "Brahms and Subject/Answer Rhetoric" Robert C Cook (University of Chicago) "Voice-Leading, a Non-Commutative Group, and the Double Reprise in Franck's Piano Quintet" 5:15-6:3O NO HOST RECEPTION EVENING SESSIONS 7:00-10:00 SPECIAL SESSION: COMMITTEE ON THE STATUS OF WOMEN 7:00-10:00 AFTER BEBOP: OUTSIDE AND IN Henry Martin (Rutgers University at Newark), moderator Steven Block (University of New Mexico) "Free Jazz in a Tonal/Modal Framework: Origins of Style in John Coltrane's `Offering'" David Morgan (Oberlin College) "Superimposition in the Improvisations of Herbie Hancock" Keith Waters (University of Colorado at Boulder) "Outside Forces: `Autumn Leaves' in the Mid-Sixties" Patricia Julien (University of Maryland at College Park) "Wayne Shorter: `Sincerely, Diana'" Steven Strunk (Catholic University of America) "Harmony in Selected Compositions of Wayne Shorter, 1964-70" Richmond Browne (University of Michigan), respondent MEETING 8:00-10:00 Perspectives of New Music, Editorial Board FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4 MEETINGS, REGISTRATION, EXHIBITS, JOB INTERVIEWS 7:30-9:00 Journal of Music Theory Pedagogy, Editorial Board 9:00-5:00 Registration 9:00-5:00 Job Interviews 9:00-6:00 Exhibits MORNING SESSIONS 9:00-12:00 POSTER SESSIONS Thomas Baker (University of Washington) "Music, Architecture, and Space-Time" Fusako Hamao (Irvington, New York) "Schoenberg's `Lehre vom musikalischen Zusammenhang' and His Unfinished Manuscripts" Nico Schuler (Michigan State University) "The Role of American Dissertations Within a History and Classification of Computer-Assisted Music Analysis" 9:00-12:00 TIMBRE Wayne Slawson, chair Gary Don (University of Washington) "Brilliant Colors Provocatively Mixed: Overtone Structures in the Music of Debussy" Alfred Cramer (Pomona College) "Klang and Klangfarbenmelodie: Toward a Revised Understanding of Atonal Polyphony" Thomas Licata (University of Maryland at College Park) "Luigi Nono's `Omaggia a Emilio Vedova' for Tape Alone: An Analysis of its Spectral, Density, and Amplitude Design" Scott Spiegelberg (Eastman School of Music) "Instrument Identification and Acoustical Analysis: A New Model of Attack-Transients" 9:00-12:00 FROM ZARLINO TO RAMEAU Benito Rivera (Indiana University), chair Jairo Moreno (Duke University) "The Complicity of the Imaginary: The Case of Rameau's Implied Dissonances" Alan Gosman (Harvard University) "Rameau and Zarlino: Polemics in the Traité de l'Harmonie" Linda Ciacchi (Michigan State University) "The Integration of Pacing, Phrasing, and Proportion in Monteverdi's Late Madrigals" Timothy R. McKinney (University of Texas at Arlington) "On Zarlino, Vicentino, Willaert, and Consecutive Imperfect Consonances" 9:00-10:15 TAKEMITSU Steven M. Bruns (University of Colorado at Boulder), chair Yayoi Uno (University of Colorado at Boulder) "Reflecting on Two Cultural `Mirrors': The Roles of Shakuhachi and Biwa in Two Orchestral Works by Toru Takemitsu" JoAnn Hwee Been Koh (Brighton, MA) "Toru Takemitsu and the Japanese Garden: Temporal Continuity and Formal Processes in Fantasma/Cantos (1991)" 10:15-12:00 MUSIC AND HEGEMONY Matthew Brown (Eastman School of Music), chair Martin Scherzinger (Columbia University): "Whose White Man Sleeps? Analyzing the Music of Kevin Volans by Speculating on African Connections to the World on the Terrain of Culture" David Loberg Code (Western Michigan University) "Dr. Seuss and the Politics of Pianos" NOONTIME SESSIONS 12:15-1:45 JOURNAL PUBLICATION IN THE FIELD OF MUSIC THEORY: SMT COMMITTEE ON PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Mary Wennerstrom (Indiana University), chair Session participants: Marianne Kielian-Gilbert (Indiana University), Perspectives of New Music; J. Philip Lambert (Baruch College/The Graduate Center-City University of New York), Music Theory Spectrum; Justin London (Carleton College), Music Theory Online; Miguel Roig-Francoli (Eastman School of Music), Intégral; Jocelyn Neal (Eastman School of Music), Intégral PRESENTATION 12:15-1:45 Steven Nuss (Colby College) "The Dance of a Mad Woman and the Rhythm of Traditional Japanese Noh." LUNCHEONS, MEETINGS 12:15-1:45 SMT Music Theory and Philosophy Group, Luncheon Meeting 12:15-1:45 Jazz Theory and Analysis Group, Luncheon Meeting AFTERNOON SESSIONS 2:00-5:00 TWENTIETH-CENTURY MUSIC Maureen Carr (Pennsylvania State University), chair Joseph N. Straus (Queens College/The Graduate Center, City University of New York) "Stravinsky's `Construction of Twelve Verticals': An Aspect of Harmony in the Serial Music" Daniel Zimmerman (University of Chicago) "Collections Without Clusters in Prokofiev's Etude, Op. 2, No. 1" John K. Novak (Northern Illinois University) "What's Folk About Janacek? The Transformation of Folk Music Concepts in Janacek's Mature Style as Evidenced in His Orchestral Works" Matthew Santa (The Graduate Center, City University of New York) "Defining Modular Transformations" 2:00-5:00 COGNITION William Lake (Bowling Green State University), chair Paul von Hippel (Stanford University) and David Huron (Ohio State University) "Are Melodic Skips Elastic? Unsettling Results from an Analysis of Vocal Monophony" Ian Quinn (Eastman School of Music) "The Perceptual Relevance of the Combinatorial Model of Contour" Glen Ethier (McGill University) "A Model for Timepoint Analysis in Renaissance Music Based on Melodic Accent Interaction" Eric Isaacson (Indiana University) "SIMNET: A Neural Network Model for Post-Tonal Segmentation" SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS 5:00-6:00 Gay and Lesbian Discussion Group 5:00-6:00 Formation of Theory Pedagogy Group 5:00-6:00 Formation of Popular Music Group EVENING SESSIONS 7:00-10:00 CONFLUENCE OF AFRICAN RHYTHMS AND CONTEMPORARY WESTERN ART MUSIC IN THEORY AND PRACTICE: SMT COMMITTEE ON DIVERSITY Kristin Wendland (Morris Brown College) and Yayoi Uno (University of Colorado at Boulder), co-chairs John K. Galm (University of Colorado at Boulder) "The Traditional Musical Ensembles of West Africa" Amy Ruhin (Fairleigh Dickinson University) "West African Rhythm Meets Western Art Music and Theory". -Sara Laimon, pianist Karlton Hester (Cornell University) "African Retentions in African-American Music" 7:00-10:00 JERROLD LEVINSON'S MUSIC IN THE MOMENT: SMT MUSIC THEORY AND PHILOSOPHY GROUP Justin London (Carleton College), moderator Arnie Cox (University of Oregon) "Imagined Meaning in Immediate and Reflective Musical Experience" Fred Maus (University of Virginia) "Hearing Large-scale Form in the Moment" Charles Morrison (Wilfrid Laurier University) "Musical Perceptions and Musical Conceptions: The `Pers' and `Cons' of the Listening Experience" Eleanor Stubley (McGill University) "Musical Listening as Bodily Experience: A Response to Music in the Moment" Jerrold Levinson, respondent SATURDAY, 5 DECEMBER MEETINGS, EXHIBITS, JOB INTERVIEWS 7:30-9:00 Representatives of the Regional Societies, Breakfast Meeting 7:30-9:00 Committee on Professional Development, Breakfast Meeting 8:30-12:00 Job Interviews 8:30-12:00 Exhibits MORNING SESSIONS 9:00-11:15 LIGETI Jane Clendinning (Florida State University), chair John D. Cuciurean (Florida International University) "Rhythmic Complexity in the Late Works of György Ligeti" Amy Bauer (University of Missouri, Kansas City) "Canon as Secret Rule: Science and Chaotic System in the Music of Ligeti" Eric A. Drott (Yale University) "Process and Allusion in Ligeti's Selbstportrait mit Reich und Riley (und Chopin ist auch dabei)" 9:00-11:15 POPULAR MUSIC Jonathan Bernard (University of Washington), chair Mark S. Spicer (Yale University) "Cumulative Form in Recent British Popular Music" Lori Burns (University of Ottawa) "Analytic Methodologies for Rock Music: Harmonic and Voice-Leading Strategies in Tori Amos's `Crucify'" David Carson Berry (Yale University) "Dynamic Introductions: The Structural Role of the Verse in Selected Songs of Irving Berlin" 9:00-10:15 TONAL THEORY David Gagné (Queens College, City University of New York), chair Eugenij Kosiakin (Eastman School of Music) "Passing Dominant in Sonata Form: An Alternative to Schenkerian Sonata-Form Analysis" Mark Anson-Cartwright (Hofstra University) "Chromatic Features of E-flat Major Works of the Classic Period" LUNCHEON, MEETING 11:30-12:30 SMT Committee on the Status of Women, Affiliates' Luncheon 11:30-12:30 Committee on Diversity, Luncheon Meeting AFTERNOON SESSION 1:00-2:00 SMT BUSINESS MEETING 2:00-2:15 SMT Awards Ceremony 2:15-5:15 PLENARY SESSION "SMT Celebrates Birthday Composers: Recent Works by Carter, Druckman, Mamlok, Rzewski, and Tower" (The Plenary Concert at 8:00 will feature complete performances of these works) Allen Anderson (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Session Coordinator; Andrew Mead (University of Michigan), moderator and respondent Invited Participants: David Epstein (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); Michael Friedmann (Yale University); Jonathan Kramer (Columbia University); Rose Rosengard Subotnik (Brown University); Speculum Musicae (Columbia University) DINNER MEETING 6:00-7:30 Schenker Group Dinner with Reverend Kurt Oppel 8:00-10:00 PLENARY CONCERT: SPECULUM MUSICAE Elliott Carter, Duo for Violin and Piano Jacob Druckman, Glint Ursula Mamlok, Polarities Frederic Rzewski, Spots Joan Tower, Amazon SUNDAY, 6 DECEMBER MEETING 7:30-9:00 SMT Joint Breakfast Meeting of the 1998 and 1999 Program Committees MORNING SESSIONS 9:00-12:00 RIEMANN STUDIES Daniel Harrison (University of Rochester), chair Stephen C. Brown (Yale University) "Dual Interval Space in Twentieth-Century Music" Kevin Mooney (University of Western Ontario) "Musical Syntax, the Tonnetz, and Schubert's Impromptu in G-flat Major" Adrian P. Childs (University of Chicago) "Symmetric Family Values: Notions of Closeness in Transformational Systems" Alexander Rehding (Queen's College, Cambridge University) "Major Thirds and German Nationhood: Riemann's `Myth of Ethnic Election'" 9:00-12:00 "HEINRICH SCHENKER AND REINHARD OPPEL: AN ANALYTICAL AND COMPOSITIONAL DIALOGUE" Timothy Jackson (University of North Texas), moderator Rev. Kurt Oppel (Heidelberg, Germany) "Reminiscences of Heinrich Schenker's Friendship with My Father" Timothy Jackson (University of North Texas) "The Schenker-Oppel Analyses of the Bach Cantatas" Edward Laufer (University of Toronto) "Schenker's Analyses of Bach's E-minor Sinfonia and C-minor Little Prelude"