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Charles Ives, the New Yorker
Bloomfield, NJ, February 1999


         			Charles Ives, the New Yorker

         I am seeking people interested in planning and/or participating in 
         a conference for February, 1999 (to be held in Bloomfield New 
         Jersey) specifically to celebrate Ives's centennial as organist 
         for the Bloomfield Presbyterian Church (198-1899), and generally 
         to celebrate Ives's association with the New York metropolitan 
         area ("Poverty Flat" buddies, frenetic schedule as inssurance 
         agent/composer, etc.).
         If you know of an Ives conference already planned for 1999, please 
         let me know of it (perhaps it can be held in Bloomfield).
         I can be reached at (717) 372-4290 (Susquehanna University) or by 
         I look forward to responses and would appreciate your forwarding 
         this to any colleague or list potentially interested in performing, 
         speaking, administering, etc.
         				Jennifer Sacher Wiley