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Josquin Symposium
Durham, NC, February 1999

Duke University, Feb. 19 and 20, 1999

Friday, February 19

2-5 p.m.  019 Biddle Music Bldg.
Elizabeth Cason, "The Dating of MS Munich 3154 Revisited"
Alexander Blachly:  "The Cantus Firmus of Missa Hercules Dux Ferrarie"
Sean Gallagher: "Josquin, Petrucci, and the Five-Voice Motet ca. 1500"
Joshua Rifkin,  "Masses and Evidence: Notes on Petrucci's Josquin"

8:00 Duke Chapel
Collegium musicum, Duke University, directed by Timothy Dickey,  performing
"Missa D'ung autre amer" plus keyboard arrangements from the sixteenth
century of music by Josquin
Saturday, February 20

10:30-11:30 a.m. 069 Biddle Music Bldg.
Open seminar, conducted by Alexander Silbiger,  "Accidentals and other
performance issues in keyboard intabulations of Josquin's vocal works."

2-5 p.m.  019 Biddle Music Bldg.
Jennifer Bloxam: "Who Borrowed What from Whom? The Masses on Fortuna
desperata by Josquin and Obrecht"
Lora Matthews and Paul Merkley, "Josquin Desprez's Early Biography and
Service in the Court of King Rene: Some new Documentary Evidence"
David Fallows: "Hints Towards a New Chronology for Josquin"

8:00 Duke Chapel
Pomerium, conducted by Alexander Blachley, performing "Missa Hercules dux
Ferrarie" plus motets by Josquin

Sponsors for these events include the Duke University Institute of the
Arts, Early Music at Duke, The Office of the Vice Provost for Academic and
International Affairs, The Mary Duke Biddle Foundation, Duke-University of
North Carolina Center for European Studies, and the Duke Center for
Medieval and Renaissance Studies