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18th-Century Revolutions in Print
Tampa, February 1999

13th Annual DeBartolo Conference on 18th-Century Studies "Revolutions in Print" University of South Florida, Tampa Feb. 18-20, 1999 Call for Papers
Plenary Speakers: Robert DeMaria (Vassar College), Jeremy Popkin (U of Kentucky) and Pat Rogers (U of South Florida) We look for papers that examine aspects of the changes in technology and forms of print in 18th-century studies. Topics might include history of the book, illustrations, print-making and typography, but they also might explore the effect such revolutions had on the reception of information, the transmission of literary, artistic, religious or political texts. We are interested in studies of particular works, such as Pope's translation of Homer or the variorum editions of Shakespeare, as well as studies in genre, such as the role of poetry in the periodical press. Papers might pursue social questions such as how the availability of new forums in print affected the writing of women and other previously under-represented authors. Or, they might pursue specific revolutionaries who exploit print-matter in a conspicuous way. We are also very interested in hearing from people who are studying contemporary revolutions in print in various electronic forms as they relate to the dissemination and scholarship of 18th-century texts. Regina Hewitt, Conference Director Dept. of English University of South Florida 4202 E. Fowler Ave., CPR 107 Tampa, FL 33620-5550 USA Fax: +1-(813) 974-2270 E-Mail: Abstracts must be received by Sept. 10, 1998. Transmission by e-mail is encouraged. Laura L. Runge ************** Department of English University of South Florida-St. Petersburg