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The British West Indies and the Problem of Identity
Charleston, SC, March 1999

Call for Papers Society of Early Americanists Conference Charleston, South Carolina, March 4-7, 1999 The Expansion of Colonial American Studies: The British West Indies and The Problem of Identity
In the past fifteen years, scholars in history and literature--to name only two disciplines--have argued that early modern British-American culture(s) cannot be understood without including the English colonies in the West Indies in our analysis. This panel will consider writings from or about the English West Indian colonies prior to 1800. Some questions that might be considered: How does the inclusion of such material alter our understanding of British-American colonial culture? What are the conceptual consequences of including such material alongside "traditional" colonial "American" writings? How do these writers figure the English colonial community, and how might these figurations alter our sense of English identity in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries? How, in other words, do West Indian materials participate in the battles over what it meant to be a British-American colonists but also what it meant to be English itself? Prospective panelists are not limited to these topics. Scholars in history, literature, anthropology, or other disciplines are welcome. Deadline for submission is September 28, 1998. Please contact Jim Egan Department of English Box 1852 Brown University Providence, RI 02912 USA +1-(401) 863-3737