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Death and the Hope of Life in the Middle Ages
Princeton, March 1999


Death and the Hope of Life in the Middle Ages

Princeton, March 1999

The Medieval Studies Program, the Shelby Cullom Davis Center for
Historical Studies, and the Department of History at Princeton University
announce an interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference on March 27,
1999, entitled: 


Death was a constant presence in medieval society.  Individuals and
communities took part in ritual activities both to keep it at bay and to
find comfort and consolation in the hope of life beyond the grave. This
conference will explore experiences, representations, and customs
surrounding death and the hope of life in northern Europe and the
Mediterranean World from the Carolingian period to the Black Death.
Possible topics could include: 

-- cultural conceptions and understandings of death and its meaning
-- the social meaning of artistic and literary represenations of death and
   renewal (funerary art and architecture, death scene narratives,
   epitaphs, and eulogies)
-- corporate and individual memory and commemoration of the dead
-- ghosts and the afterlife
-- resurrection and regeneration

Professor Frederick S. Paxton (Connecticut College and Visiting Fellow at
the Institute for Advanced Study) will deliver the keynote lecture. 

Graduate students of all disciplines (history, art and archaeology,
medieval literature, music, etc.) are encouraged to submit a one page
abstract by January 10, 1999.  Papers should be no longer than 15 minutes
in length.  Final papers must be made avaliable for session respondents by
March 1, 1999.  Abstracts and queries can be sent to: 

Scott G. Bruce --
Jarbel Rodriguez -- or

Medieval Studies Graduate History Conference
207 Dickinson Hall
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ  08544-1017