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Mannes College of Music Schenker Symposium
New York, March 1999

----------------------------------------------------------- The Third International Schenker Symposium will take place in New York City from Friday through Sunday, March 12-14. Joel Lester, Dean of Mannes College of Music, extends a warm welcome to everyone interested in attending. The program is given below, followed by a registration form (to print out and mail). THIRD INTERNATIONAL SCHENKER SYMPOSIUM MANNES COLLEGE OF MUSIC (A division of New School University) PROGRAM FRIDAY, MARCH 12 (at Mannes College of Music 150 West 85th Street) 8:30 am Registration coffee or tea 9:00 Opening Messages Jonathan Fanton, President, New School University Joel Lester, Dean, Mannes College of Music 9:15-12:00 The Auxiliary Cadence "Schenker's Concept of the Auxiliary Cadence" L. Poundie Burstein, Hunter College, CUNY; Mannes College of Music "'Auxiliary Cadences' Beginning on a Root-Position Local Tonic Chord: Some Preliminary Observations" Roger Kamien, Hebrew University, Jerusalem "Non-Tonic Openings in Two Beethoven Introductions" Lauri Suurpaa, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki "Notes on the Auxiliary Cadence" Edward Laufer, University of Toronto 12:00-2:00 Lunch Break 2:00-3:45 Baroque and Neo-Baroque Studies "The Early Keyboard Prelude as an Agent in the Formation of Schenkerian Background Prototypes" Panayotis Mavromatis, Eastman School of Music "Baroque Styles and the Analysis of Baroque Music" Channan Willner, New York Public Library "Settings of 'Mit Fried und Freud ich fahr dahin' in Bach's Cantata No. 83 and Brahms's Motet Op. 74, No. 1" Robert Cuckson, Mannes College of Music 4:00-5:45 Linear and Motivic Issues "Hearing Angels: Schenker's Two Organicisms" Frank Samarotto, University of Cincinnati "Schenker and Interruption: Don't Hear Everything You Believe" Nicholas Marston, St. Peter's College, Oxford "Unity in Diversity: The Retained Tone" David Gagné, Queens College & Graduate Center, CUNY; Mannes College of Music 6:00 pm Reception: wine and hors d'oeuvres SATURDAY, MARCH 13 (at Tishman Auditorium, New School University 66 West 12th Street) 8:30 am coffee or tea 9:00-12:15 Studies in the Romantic Period "Outer-Voice Conflicts: Their Analytical Challenges and Artistic Consequences" Peter H. Smith, University of Notre Dame "Motive and Motivation in Schubert's Three-Key Expositions" Deborah Kessler, New York University "'Tonal Field' and Drama: The Duet between Elisabetta and Carlo in Act II of Verdi's Don Carlo" Giorgio Sanguinetti, Potenza Conservatory; University of Calabria "Chopin's 'Funeral March' Sonata and the Influence of Beethoven" Wayne Petty, University of Michigan "'Wie Frühlingsblumen blüht es': The First Movement of Brahms's Violin Sonata, Op. 100" Eric Wen, Mannes College of Music 12:15-2:00 Lunch Break 2:00-3:45 Studies in the Classical Period "The Role of the Extended Anacrusis in Mozart's Instrumental Music" Eric McKee, Pennsylvania State University "The Large-Scale Formal Role of the Solo Entry Theme in the Eighteenth-Century Concerto" Joel Galand, Eastman School of Music "Tonal Conflicts in Haydn's Development Sections: The Role of C Major in Symphonies Nos. 93 and 102" Mark Anson-Cartwright, Hofstra University 4:00-5:45 The Development of Schenker's Ideas: New Documents "Schenkerian Jurisprudence: Echoes of Schenker's Legal Education in His Musical Thought" Wayne Alpern, Graduate Center, CUNY "Looking at the Urlinie: Schenker and the Visual Arts" Hedi Siegel, Hunter College, CUNY; Mannes College of Music "Schenker as Composition Teacher: The Correspondence with Reinhard Oppel" Timothy Jackson, University of North Texas 8:00 pm Concert Part of the Chopin at Mannes Festival, a year-long chronological presentation of Chopin's complete works commemorating the 150th anniversary of his death Mannes College of Music Concert Hall, 150 West 85th Street SUNDAY, MARCH 14 (at Mannes College of Music 150 West 85th Street) 8:30 am coffee or tea 9:00-10:10 Toward the Twentieth Century "Projections of Post-Triadic Harmonies in Debussy" Olli Vaisala, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki "The Structural Bass in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Music" James Baker, Brown University 10:15-12:00 Harmonic Issues "Structural Levels and Harmonic Theory: Toward a Reconciliation" Eytan Agmon, Bar-Ilan University "Corelli's Cadences" William Rothstein, Queens College & Graduate Center, CUNY "Che Inganno! The Analysis of Deceptive Cadences" Carl Schachter, Mannes College of Music; Juilliard School 12:00-1:15 Lunch Break 1:15-3:00 Outside Schenker's Purview "The Analysis of East Asian Music" David Loeb, Mannes College of Music; Curtis Institute "Gershwin's Surface Motivic Repetitions with Hidden Sources" Arthur Maisel, New York City "Displacement in the Music of Bill Evans" Steve Larson, University of Oregon 3:00-5:00 Panel Discussion: Philosophy and Criticism Frank Samarotto, Moderator "Forms and Uses of Musical Memory" Robert Snarrenberg, Washington University, St. Louis "Schenker's Theory and Virgil's Construction of the World" William Benjamin, University of British Columbia "Detail and Difference in the Writings of Schenker" Nicholas Cook, University of Southampton "Communicating with Schenker's Adversaries" Kevin Korsyn, University of Michigan "Music and Life: Some Lessons" William Pastille, St. John's College ------------------------------------------------------------ REGISTRATION FORM Third International Schenker Symposium March 12-14, 1999 Name____________________________________________________ Address_________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ City____________________________________________________ State___________________________________Zip_____________ ________________________________________________________ Telephone (Day)_________________________________________ (Evening)_____________________________________ Fax_____________________________________________________ E-mail__________________________________________________ Academic Affiliation____________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ____ I shall attend the Symposium. $45 (students $20) Enclosed is my check/money order for a total of $_________ payable to Mannes College of Music. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please print out this form and send it along with your payment to: Mannes College of Music 150 West 85th Street New York, New York 10024 USA (Telephone: +1-212-580-0210, ext. 336) Please reply by February 20, 1999 It is recommended that registrants make hotel reservations at their earliest convenience. E-mail inquiries may be addressed to Hedi Siegel at For information about hotels in the area, please contact Poundie Burstein at the above address or via e-mail at Conference and hotel information is also available at