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Nineteenth-Century Spectacles
Philadelphia, March 1999

NCSA, an interdisciplinary association for the study of nineteenth-century cultures, announces the theme of its 18th annual conference, "Nineteenth-Century Spectacles," to be hosted by Rutgers University, March 18-20, 1999, in Philadelphia, PA. As the great age of the world's fair and of an emerging consumerist ideology, the nineteenth century fostered the spectacle in all realms of life and cultural production. We invite papers of panels from multiple disciplines that consider any manner of nineteenth-century permutations, materials, expressions, or interpretations of, as well as reactions against, the world of spectacle. Papers or panels might consider: world's fairs, international exhibitions, historical commemorations, sanitary fairs, national art academies, salons and salons des refuses, theatrical events, literary experiments, historical novels, operas, music halls, circuses, traveling shows, sporting events; epic ambitions, imperialist adventures, military exploits, revolutionary uprisings, riots, terrorist acts, show trials, crimes and criminals, public pageantry, parades, funerals, religious ceremonies; artistic, literary, musical, and theatrical personalities, kings and queens, politicians, scientists, inventors, explorers, evangelists, outcasts, exotics, and others who made spectacles of themselves whether in fiction or in real life; the technology and artistry of spectacles—battleships, balloons, dynamos, mansions, palaces, resorts, amusement parks, architectural bravura of all kinds, feats of engineering, developments in communications and advertizing, photography, stereography, etc. Proposals of one to two pages for twenty-minute papers should be accompanied by a brief curriculum vitae and a 50-75 word abstract. Proposals for 1˝ hour panels should include format, issues to be discussed, participants' statements (and a cv for each), as well as a short abstract. Proposals on other topics for open sessions are also welcome. All materials should reach the Program Director by mail no later than October 1, 1998. You may e-mail queries, but NOT proposals. Decisions will be announced in December 1998. Submit proposals to: Suzanne Johnson Flynn Program Director Department of English Gettysburg College Gettysburg, PA 17325 USA e-mail: Direct other inquiries to: Robert M. Ryan Locations Director Department of English Rutgers University Camden, NJ 08102 USA e-mail: