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New England Conference of Music Theorists
Cambridge, MA, March 1999

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Fourteenth Annual Meeting
March 27-28, 1999 (Sat.-Sun.)

Harvard University
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Peter Westergaard, Princeton University
Keynote Speaker

Featuring a recital, Saturday, March 27, at 8:30 p.m., by
Richard Lalli, Yale School of Music, baritone
Janet Schmalfeldt, Tufts University, pianist
        performing Schubert Sechs Moments musicaux,
        a group of Schubert songs,
        and Schumann Dichterliebe.

Program Committee:

Michael Schiano (Hartt School of Music), Chair
Deborah Burton (Harvard University)
Hali Fieldman (University of Massachusetts at Amherst)
Gerald Zaritzky (New England Conservatory), ex officio

Proposal deadline: January 15, 1999

Proposals on all topics are invited from interested theorists, both
members and non-members of the Conference, whether or not they have
presented papers at NECMT in the past. 

Particularly, papers on the music of Schubert and Schumann will be
considered for a session to which performers Lalli and Schmalfeldt might
informally respond. 

Sessions provide 30 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion
of each paper.This year, a prize, consisting of a set of Music Theory
Spectrum issues, will be awarded for an outstanding student presentation. 

All who wish to propose papers should send four copies of a
three-to-five-page proposal and an abstract suitable for publication, by
January 15, 1999, to the following address (a floppy disk of the abstract
also should be provided in the mailing): 

Janet Hander-Powers
NECMT Secretary
37 Mansion Drive
Topsfield, Mass.  01983-1109

Proposals are read blind; they should contain no identification of the
author. With your proposal and abstract copies, please include a cover
letter giving your name, address, phone, email, affiliation, the title of
your proposal, and any special equipment or arrangements required. 

Proposals of session topics may be sent, signed, directly to the Program

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The New England Conference of Music Theorists is an organization serving
the music theory community in New England and the surrounding areas. Your
academic-year membership fee -- $15 professional / $7.50 student -- places
you on our mailing list and admits you to our annual meeting. To join the
conference or to renew your membership, please print out, complete, and
mail this form. 

Member name:
(please print)
Mailing address:
(please print)

                                                        ZIP+4 code:

Telephone:              work (      )                    home (      )

E-mail address:

Academic affiliation:

Membership status:      Renewal (    )  New member (    )

Dues payment       $15 professional (    ) $7.50 student/emeritus (    )

Please make checks payable to NECMT

Mail this completed form with dues to:

Janet Hander-Powers
NECMT Secretary
37 Mansion Drive
Topsfield, Mass.  01983-1109

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Fall, 1998

Dear Fellow Music Theorist:

Please join us in this fourteenth year of the New England Conference of
Music Theorists! 

With happy memories of the stimulating presentations, congenial
interactions, and gracious accommodations of our thirteenth annual meeting
last spring at the University of Connecticut, we are looking forward to
gathering at our next annual meeting, March 27-28, 1999, at Harvard
University, where we will be honored by the presence of Peter Westergaard,
Princeton University, as keynote speaker, and by SMT President Janet
Schmalfeldt, Tufts University, pianist, and her colleague, Richard Lalli,
Yale School of Music, baritone, performing music of Schubert and Schumann
(and responding to related papers). 

Meeting arrangements chair David Cohen and his colleagues are organizing
our visit, and program committee chair Michael Schiano and his committee
are organizing the program. We hope many of you will propose papers for
the meeting. (See our Call for Papers, above, and take note of its January
15th deadline.) Especially, we encourage student theorists to join and
participate. We continue our practice of charging no separate fee for the
meeting and again will offer arrangements for ride-sharing and home
hospitality. So, except for lunch and a modest fee for our Saturday
evening banquet--do plan to attend it!--your expenses should be low. Also,
this year, through a generous gift from SMT (with special thanks to
Cynthia Folio), we are able to offer a virtually-complete set of Music
Theory Spectrum as a prize for an outstanding student presentation. 

We are pleased to welcome to the executive committee our newly-elected
secretary, Janet Hander-Powers. We thank the nominating committee for its
services and particularly thank Lisa Cleveland, of St. Anselm College and
U.Mass.-Lowell, for accepting co-nomination to the ballot. Our outgoing
secretary, Hali Fieldman, has accepted an appointment as Assistant
Professor of Music Theory at the University of Missouri-Kansas City,
starting in January. I know I speak for the membership when I express my
special thanks to Hali for her many contributions to NECMT throughout her
tenure here. We will miss her, and we wish her well! 

The terms of president and treasurer expire this spring; nominations for
successors are welcome and may be directed to the secretary or to the
nominating committee chair, Allan Keiler (
Please note also the new email addresses for the secretary and president,

As you may by now know, our regional website is up and running, available
by link from the SMT Regional Societies webpage, or directly at NECMT is most grateful to
website development chair Edward Gollin, at Harvard University, for
constructing and administering the site and to Harvard University for
hosting it. The program, abstracts, and minutes from our March meeting can
be viewed there, as well as current news and selected documents from our
long and illustrious history. Please log on often, read the latest news
and comments (maybe your own!), and let us know how else our website can
serve you. 

As always, we invite you to be in touch with us--especially those of you
from areas currently under-represented in the conference. We hope still
this year to contact many of you individually. Volunteers and suggestions
for this and other activities are most welcome. 

We look forward to seeing many of you this fall in Chapel Hill--and all of
you this spring in Cambridge! 

Sincerely yours,

Gerald Zaritzky, President
For the Executive Committee

Gerald Zaritzky (New England Conservatory), President
Janet Hander-Powers (Topsfield, Mass.), Secretary
David Cohen (Harvard University), Treasurer

P.O. Box 390082
Cambridge, Massachusetts  02139

New England Conference of Music Theorists