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Sonneck Society for American Music, 25th Conference
Fort Worth, March 1999


The Sonneck Society for American Music will hold its twenty-fifth National
Conference in Fort Worth, Texas, on March 10-14, 1999.  Proposals for
papers, sessions, and performances involving any aspect of music in
Canada, the United States, and all of Latin America are welcome.  Given
the rich musical heritage of Texas in many types of music, the Program
Committee would like to encourage in particular papers, programs or
presentations relating to the music of Texas and the Southwest as well as
those that involve interdisciplinary links. Individual or joint papers
should be no longer than twenty minutes.  Performances should be no longer
than thirty minutes, and may include a lecture component.  In addition to
papers and performances, the Committee would like to encourage imaginative
formats, such as panels, position papers with respondents, workshops,
mixed performance/discussion sessions, and complete sessions involving
particular themes or issues. 

Submissions should include six copies of a proposal, up to 500 words, and
an abstract not to exceed 100 words suitable for publication in the
conference program.  One copy only should include name(s), address(es),
phone number(s), e-mail address(es), and a list of audio-visual
requirements.  Proposals for performances without lecture need include
only the 100-word abstract but should include a tape.  Performances, it
should be noted, are unremunerated. 

Please include two stamped, self-addressed envelopes in the submission.
For complete sessions, or proposals involving unusual formats, the
proposer should include an additional statement explaining the format and
the rational for the session.  Individual papers or performances in such
as session should follow the guidelines for individual submissions, but
all should be included in one envelop.  Proposals from presenters at the
1998 meeting will be given lower priority but will be considered. 

All materials should be received on or before August 15, 1998, and should
be sent to

Michael Broyles
School of Music
Penn State University
University Park, PA 16802

Other members of the Program Committee are J. Peter Burkholder, Pamela Fox,
Paul Machlin, and Paul Wells.